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The Performing Arts section of Teacherdada hosts various kinds of courses including online musical courses for beginners, online arts and crafts courses among many others. This category is divided into subcategories which are online Dance courses, online musical instrument courses, online vocal training courses, and online music production courses. Online Performing arts courses are gaining popularity within today's audiences and Teacherdada hosts courses across various musical, dance, and arts categories like How to play flute for beginners, Indian Classical Music (Hindustani Vocal) online training, Indian Music Voice training online, Basic Dance Choreography, Little Tutting and Semi-Classical dance choreography online courses, Beginners online course in Kathak, learn how to play Guitar online, FL Studio Mobile online course – Complete Music Production in Android/ IOS in Hindi, etc. Most of our courses and authors are local performers and Masters and their teachings and videos will be most relevant for you. Teacherdada online courses on Various Performing Arts are interesting, locally relevant, and competitively priced.