In this course where are you learning proper basics of Indian classical music. Yes basically we are not only learning basics of Indian classical vocal but we are learning basics of Indian classical music as well . this is what making this course more more beneficial for learners that you are not only learning the basics but you are also getting practical knowledge and basics of Indian classical vocal as well. Here you are learning one primary Raga of Indian classical music and you are also learning half Ban dish that is Sargam geet in the Raga. You are getting theoretical knowledge as well that's how you will get of basic concepts of Indian classical music.  this course includes practical practice sessions which making you more and more perfect to perform.

  • We will understand proper basics of music vocal music and specially of Indian classical music. From here you will be e prepared to learn Indian classical music and any type of music. basically you will be prepared to explore all Musical.

  • Student must have basic tanpura app in mobile ( itabla pro of ios or any .), If there is a constant and tanpura that is well and good. One notebook is required to note down all definitions and details. If there is harmonium or any type of keyboard it will be more easy to understand.

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                                 Velvet arts

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    Course Features

  • Lectures 8
  • Duration 02 Hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language Hindi