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Course Description

My Dear Students,

With Me You can learn follows.

First I will teach you to how to hold Guitar Properly.

How to hold Plactrum properly.

Then how to put your fingers on Fret Board.

Practice with Metronome.

Then you will be asked to do finger exercise.

After this I will teach you Scales

Then as everybody now want to play some songs. So I will teach you to play songs based on the Scales I have taught you before.

 Suppose I have taught You C Major Scale. Then I will so you that How to play a Song which is bases on that Scale.

Now you will be able to play song.

Now I will teach you Chords. This is again very Important thing to learn. Learning Chord is not easy task. But I will make this lesson joyfull.

I will teach you to sing as song with chord.

This is not the end of Music.

So now I will teach you to How to find the notes of a song. So after this lesson you may start finding notes of any song.

Then the most Important thing is to find the Scales of any song and then Set of Chords which can be used for the song.

This is not easy task to find the Notes and the Chords of any song. So now you need to practice many lessons to get this idea in your

mind and fingers. After getting the idea about this you will be in a position to play any song.

The final lesson is to play Music part of any song. So this is again not easy. According to me this is the last difficult thing you have to learn. So I will also teach you to know how to find and play music part of any song.

And now you can make your own music also. So this is the full idea about my course.

Thank you!

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