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These interactive lessons on Indian vocal music are designed to offer simple tips and techniques to help anyone build a strong voice in order to sing film songs with great confidence. Practicing these vocal singing excersies on regular basis can bring immense benefit to a student. 

Have a happy singing!

AB Madhav

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  • Improved voice to sing your favourite songs

Expert Review

While taking this course you will require a few tips to improve your singing and enhance your quality singing.

Vocal exercises are important for a number of reasons.

1) To extend the range of the voice, it warms up the voice

2) To make singing wide intervals easy

3) As well as correcting vocal errors

4) Influencing effective breathing

5) It increases the flexibility of your speech organs

6) And allows your voice to be more expressive

7) It allows you to control volume according to the context of your presentation

8) Vowel pronunciation is greatly aided by it

What is the best way to maintain the quality of your voice?

1) Breath control

2) The control of breath leads to clarity, steadiness, and confident phonation. When singing lower notes, it is recommended to use abdominal breathing to make the base swaras heavier. The intensity of the voice is determined by the amount of force given to the breath while singing.

3) This is the key to controlling the volume when singing. When singing, the diaphragm under the lungs helps control how much air is exhaled.

4) Understanding how to produce tones across the spectrum.

5) Using the tongue effectively for correct pronunciation.

6) Maintaining fitness regularly in order to be able to hold onto swaras and phrases for longer periods of time without shaking them.

7) Choosing the appropriate shruti/pitch for the voice. So as to avoid long-term strain on the vocal cords, this plays an important role in vocal health.

8) An open and free form of voice production is suitable for delivering effective renditions and affecting the listener emotionally.

9) When a singer uses the right vocal technique, the abdominal muscles around the navel are strained instead of the vocal chords.

10) Voice modulation reduces the strain on the vocal chords. Modulation does not mean using a false voice. Reduce the stress by softening the voice. False voices may be helpful in effortless singing but will not have the desired effect on listeners.

The 5 Most Effective Tips For Starting Hindustani Classical Vocal Riyaz


Choose your scale first. You have the best range both ways - over Sa' in Taara and below Sa in Kharaj. Generally, Lower Madhyam to Taara Madham is considered a good range.


To achieve the best results, do your Riyaz in Kharaj in the early morning hours and your Taara Riyaz in the evening hours.


 Be sure to train your voice according to your strengths and weaknesses. Identify specific techniques if you have NASAL TONES, VOICE CRACKING, or pitching issues. You can learn vocal chord management techniques from your my course.


Learn to control your voice by practicing Alankars at 8 speeds.


Learn your voice with the help of your Guru and practice with the right Techniques and Alankars to get best and fast results. Make sure you ask as many questions as you need to have a complete understanding of what you're learning.

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