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Correct Seating Posture, Chords, Strumming, Scales, Left & Right Hand Combination Singing with Guitar, Accompany with others, Find out tune & chords of any song, Stage Performance and many more...


  • course Duration: 3 months 1 day


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Course Description

You Will Get PDF File For :

  • How to Hold Guitar (Correct Seating Posture)
  • How to hold Pick/Plectrum (Alternate Picking,Ringing technique) 
  • How to Play Like Mandolin Technique on Guitar 
  • Multiple Left Hand Finger Exercise for Speed & Dexterity (Upward,Downward,Diagonal,Spider) 
  • Left and Right Hand Combination (Muscle Memory)
  • Get to know about types of Guitar ( Acoustic/Electric/lassical/Semi Acoustic)
  • Guitar Body Parts Name & its Must Accessories
  • How to change Strings If it breaks
  • How to Learn Notes easily on Fretboard
  • Standard Tuning (How to Tune Guitar) with Tuner & without Tuner 
  • What is Lead& Rythm
  • Chords (Open/Barr Chord/Power) its frequently Shifting & Techniques
  • Strumming of Multiple BEATS (3,4,6,7,8 Beats )etc.
  • How to use Chord Combination in any Song
  • Chord Combination & Progression Of Major & Minor Scale 
  • Finger Picking,Mute Strumming,Chuck Strumming
  • Ear Training (trying to find out tune & notes on Fretboard)
  • How to SING with correct Pitch while Strumming
  • Use Of Metronome, How to Read Tabs, what is BPM and its use
  • Chords & Scales (Major/Minor)
  • Hindustani Classical sargam (Sa Re Ga Ma) & Taal (Dadra,Rupak,Keharwa) etc.
  • How to Use Capo And Transpose Song in Any Keys
  • Introduction to Moveable Chord Shapes
  • Leading Techniques (Hammer On/Pull Off/Bending/Slide/Trill)
  • Fun Finger Exercise (Cater Pillar/Spider/Ladder/ Square/Rectangle/Triangle)
  • Rock Song Riffs 
  • Rythm Sub- Division & Create your own Rythm Pattern
  • Chord & Scale Formulae 
  • Borrowed & Accidental Chords 
  • Extended Chord & Chord Substitution
  • CAGED System & Arpeggios A
  • Improvisation with Rythm and Scales 
  • Warm Up Exercise Before Stage And How to do Performance 
  • How to tackle Stage Fear 
  • How to Accompany with Musician & Non Musicians

What you'll learn

  • You will be able to Play any Song anytime anywhere .
  • Increases Your Confidence & Self Esteem
  • improve coordination, agility, and flexibility


  • Good Quality Guitar
  • Good Network
  • Perfect Lighting
  • Separate Notebook.
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