Hello Everyone! Psychology is a subject that gives a lot of information about ourselves. It's Human Specific. Isn't it interesting to know about ourselves at our deepest level? We all are aware about many things such as How does the mobile work? Or what are its features? and what are the societal norms? But are we aware about What is Human Mind? and How does it function?and How it enables us to function in our day to day activities. Psychology is the study of Human Mind, Human Behavior, Human Emotions and Human Intelligence . It gives us a very different perspective of looking at the World.

  • One will understand the crux and the essence of the subject.

  • One will understand how psychology adds value and meaning to our life as it is a science based on reasoning and experimentation.

  • One's self awareness increases.

  • First Year Students(FYBA) and anyone who is passionate to learn about the human mind.

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                                 Eesha Savla
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Eesha Savla

I am specializing in psychology and aspire to be a psychologist. Psychology is very close to my heart. Learning something new about yourself is always interesting and entertaining. Understanding the psychology behind the way we behave, treat others and express ourselves can be even more appealing.

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