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The Teaching and Academics section in TeacherDada hosts various online academic teaching courses ranging from Maths courses, Languages courses, Science courses, Social Science courses to Competitive Exam preparations. The language courses include topics ranging from Learn Sanskrit, German course for beginners to Aksharlekhan (handwriting skills). The TeacherDada Maths section includes Vedic Maths for Beginners, Polynomial Mathematics, AFCAT Maths Test Paper Solution, Master the Square and Square Roots, Financial Planning to various other Math fundamental lessons like Polynomial, Real & Rational Numbers, Factorisation of Polynomials, Compound Interests, Banking Solutions, Matrices, Trigonometry, and others. The Social Science section includes Body Language and Posture training courses, Basic Psychology online courses for beginners, Geography class 6 syllabus CBSE and others. The science section includes lessons on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology fundamentals. Competitive Exam Preparations section includes Maths for Sainik School Entrance, Tips for Banking Exam preparations, Preparatory course for NEET, and so on. Various kinds of online education courses in India are covered under this category.

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