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In this course, we discuss all concepts towards exponents.


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Course Description

Hello friends,

What are exponents? And how can we solve the questions about that?

"A symbol is written above and to the right of a mathematical expression to indicate the operation of raising to a power." We can also say that the mathematical operation of raising a quantity to a power --is called also involution or exponents.

If we talking about that Why is exponentiation used then we will say that exponents are important in maths because they allow us to abbreviate something that would otherwise be tedious to write. If we want to express in mathematics the product of x multiplied by itself 7 times, without exponents we would only be able to write that as xxxxxxx, x multiplied by itself 7 times in a row.

Now if we want to discuss the symbol of exponents that the caret (^) is used as the exponential operator.

Or we can say that "The term is equal to the base number multiplied by itself the number of times indicated by the exponent."

In this course, I m explain all possible concepts about exponents. We have already learned that 2*2*2*2 can be written in the exponential form as 2^4, where 2 is the base and 4 is the exponent. This was what we already read in the 7th standard.

Exponentiation is used heavily in many areas, including chemistry, economics, biology, physics, and computer science. It has practical applications with compound interest, population growth, chemical reactions, wave behavior, and cryptography.

There are a few basic rules that you need to remember when you are dealing with exponents. As stated before, if the base (x) is any real number, and the exponent (n) is a positive integer, then x^n corresponds to repeated multiplication.

In the following examples, students will use their knowledge of exponentiation and rules of exponents to evaluate or simplify various expressions. Students will also compare the graph of a linear function and an exponential function to emphasize how quickly exponentiation can make a value grow.

One of the most common real-world applications of exponents involves taking measurements and calculating multi-dimensional quantities. The area is the measure of space in two dimensions (length * width). so you always measure it in square units like square feet or square meters. For instance, when you calculate the area of a garden bed using feet, you should provide the solution in square feet or ft^2 using an exponent.

Now I m telling you about 8th level exponents. In this, we will discuss----

How can we change negative integral to positive integral?

How can we solve the multiple inverse problems?

We can also discuss all laws of exponents like the law of addition, the law of subtraction, the law of multiplication, law of division.

Next, we can learn how can simplify the questions with multiple laws or multiple signs.

We can also learn in this the uses of exponents to express the numbers in the standard form.

I give my best to understand exponents to children with two or three examples. Those children interested will enjoy and learn through videos.

If you have any queries towards sums or concepts please ask me about that. I will try to solve that. And give me the suggestions also that how can more easy this.

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