Python Application Development(Beginner Level)

The Course " Python Application Development" is a Beginner Level Course. This course is targeted at people who want to quickly learn python from scratch(Level 0). A person who has zero knowledge of Python can understand this course. This course is student-friendly. The entire course can be completed in 9 hours 38 minutes. The course has 11 Video Lectures that can be easily understood by anyone.

Examples of executing the python commands are shown in the videos. For coding, Idle Editor is used. Some of the other popular Editors available to code in Python are Jupyter Notebook and spyder Editors.

First of all, let us understand why we need to learn a python course?

There are several reasons to learn this course

1. Huge and Ample Support for Web Development: A lot of inventions are happening in the area of web DevelopmentPython supports Web Development as it has a vast collection of frameworks that makes it much easier for developers to develop web applications. Some of the web frameworks are Django, Flask, and Pyramid.

2. Python is a scripting language: As python is a scripting language, it executes line by line, which will help us to find errors easily. Debugging a program becomes easier, which will aid in faster application development.

3. Python helps in automation: As python programs are in the form of scripts, they can be easily automated. Once automated, we can execute it faster without a person's intervention in between.

4. Vast Support of libraries, packages, and Modules: Python has a very large collection of libraries, packages, frameworks, and modules that are helpful in advanced operations like data manipulation, Calculations related to statistics, Concepts of data science and Machine Learning, also concepts related to web development. Some of the modules learned in this course as os, sys, random, print, re, etc. Some of the other advanced python packages are NumPy, scipy, pandas, scikit learn, flask, Django, etc.

5. Portable and Extensible: Python is a language that is compatible with most of the other platforms. Python can be easily integrated with other programming languages like C, C++, Java, C#, etc.

6. Python is very Comfortable to use: The syntax of python is very easy to understand and learn. Hence it is very comfortable to use. The chances of making errors related to syntax are very less. A person with little or no experience in the program can master this language quickly.

7. Very Huge full-time working and ready-to-help Community: Python is a very large colossal community that can help us in clearing errors related to programming or serious problems faced due to software uncertainties. Here we can post our queries in community forums and people who are present in the community are ready to help all the time. They respond to us quickly at the right time.

8. Ample Employment opportunities: As python is easy to learn and it is well established, many companies are using python for doing their projects in service-oriented companies and products in product-oriented companies. Some of the service-oriented companies working with Python projects are TCS, Infosys ETC. Some of the product companies are Microsoft, Google.Amazon, Netflix, Nasa, etc.

9. Provides High Salaries: Companies working on Python projects and products provide a very high salary. Career growth is also very high in Python. We can become millionaires in a very short time by working on a platform that supports Python. Most of the Major giants work with Python.

10. Provides the best support for learning DataScience and Machine Learning. Python Frameworks are required to learn Data Science and Machine learning which is required in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This course will help us to learn the basic commands of Python which will be helpful later.

11. Testing Frameworks: Python supports many testing frameworks which are very important for testing the developed Code.

12. Automatic Memory Management: It does not use pointers. So it is less prone to errors as users need not work on points. It automatically allocates memory, so we don't need pointers and concepts related to memory management.

Role of this course in learning Python

1. This course will make us experts in knowing the very basic commands related to Python. These basic commands are very much required in implementing the intermediate and advanced concepts of python.

2. This course will give us a thorough knowledge of all kinds of flow statements like if, elif, else in Python

3. this course will make us perfect on using loops and also using breaks and continuing statements with loops. The loops used in this course are for and while.

4.This course also gives us hands-on knowledge on various concepts in python like loops,flow statements,functions,lists,tuples,strings,sets,dictionaries,regularexpressions and FileHandling concepts.

5. This course will teach us how to develop our own functions which will help in organized coding.

6. This course will tell us to use scopes in the correct way.

7. This course will tell us the importance of python Data structure concepts like lists, tuples, sets, and Dictionaries. These concepts create wonders in the area of programming.

8. This course helps us in learning File Handling mechanisms like opening a file, Reading a File, Writing a file, Appending Data to a File, and Deleting a File.

9. This course helps us in learning regular expressions which makes our life easy in Pattern matching in strings.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in handling of Flow Control Statements, loops and creation of functions.

  • Identify the methods to create and manipulate lists, tuples, dictionaries and Sets.

  • Discover the commonly used operations involving regular expressions and file system.

  • Idle(Open Source) editor needs to be installed for executing the programs.

  • Anyone can code,but having Basic Knowledge in coding will be a Plus point.

About the instructor

                                 Anala Ballullaya

Anala Ballullaya

Assistant Professor. 8 years into teaching technical courses related to computer science.

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Python Application Development(Beginner Level)

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