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Home Transformation Body Workout for Beginners - Week One

Home Workout Series for complete beginners which helps with muscle building, weight loss, and fat loss which energies your entire day.

Beginner 5(4 Ratings) 16 Students enrolled
Created by Madhav Maheshwari Last updated Thu, 18-Feb-2021 Hindi
What will i learn?
  • IT Burn a Lot of Calories in a Short Amount of Time. ... Your Metabolic Rate will be Higher for Hours After Exercise. ... It will Help You Lose Fat. ... You Gain Muscle Using HIIT. ... HIIT Can Improve Oxygen Consumption. ... It Can Reduce Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. ... Blood Sugar Can Be Reduced by HIIT.

Curriculum for this course
7 Lessons 02:58:20 Hours
Week 1
7 Lessons 02:58:20 Hours
  • Day 01 - 25 Minute Total Body Low Impact for Beginners 00:25:45
  • Day 02 - 25 Minute Low Impact Beginners Arms 00:27:55
  • Day 03 - 25 Minute Low Impact Core HIIT for Beginners 00:26:58
  • Day 04 - 25 Minute Toning Low Impact for Beginners 00:26:15
  • Day 05 - 25 Minute Pure Low Impact Cardio Workout 00:26:56
  • Day 06 - 25 Minute Low Impact Legs Workout for Beginners 00:27:00
  • Day 07 - 15 Minute Total Body Beginners Deep Stretch 00:17:31
  • NO Specific requirement
  • You Must Be Injury Free
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Special One week program to get you started from a sedentary lifestyle to an active person. Every day is focused on a specific muscle group targeting the right areas and making the most of practice. We have created the Practice not just to improve your health but also to educate about your fitness.

The one-week program helps to do home workouts, bodyweight workouts, and you can also make a workout plan for scheduling the workout routine in which you can do the bodyweight exercises. These exercises help burn fat and build muscle, which everyone wants a muscular body.

Our course for beginners who want to lose body fat and want lean muscle can join this series.

Features of the Program - 

1. Calorie count - you can check the ideal number of calories you can burn during the Practice.
2. All the workouts are time-based also called High-intensity interval training HIIT workouts 
3. Easy version of every exercise 
4. Upcoming exercises promo to gear up in rest time 
5. Beep- timer for start and stop 
6. Name of all the exercise
7. Easy and simple guidance 
8. Warm-up and cool down for injury-free practice

this program will help you lose extra fat, tone your body, energies your entire day. These are all home-based workouts that mean it requires no special equipment and also you can perform them anywhere.

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Hi,I am Madhav Maheshwari, entrepreneur turned athlete .At birth we were gifted with most precious gift our body, our mind and I have been working every single day to make it better than yesterday. Over the years I realised that in the run to earn basics to survive the life, we as humans have totally forgotten about the amazing body we were blessed with. My aim is to create awareness and guide people about the importance of being physically fit and healthy. What we seek is already inside us and we can reach the pinnacles of success if we understand How to align our mind and body in the best way possible. I don't believe in HEALTHY LIFE we believe in HAPPY LIFE. The idea is to Learn Something new everyday. 

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  • Thu, 15-Oct-2020
    Rudraksh Joshi
    My son's name is Rudraksh he is an 8 year old studing in 2 nd grade . We started this program for him because he is a very energetic child and because of lockdown there is pretty much nothing to do for him physical . The Program is very easy to perform and learn we don't give him weights so we rather provide one ltr bottles to him and we loved the energy that instructor able to pull out from our child. He loves taking Challenges and time based workouts help him perform his best and also push him to do more.
  • Tue, 20-Oct-2020
    Pritesh Sawant
    I am a sports teacher and I understand the need of workout in daily life but because of covid was unable to lift my student motivation. When I come to know about the online fitness program I felt this is a great use of technology specially in the lockdown times when schools are closed . The amazing drafted workout is good for every student as well as for parents.
  • Sat, 28-Nov-2020
    Aditi Singh
    My child's name is Aditi, and she loves the fitness classes online. It's her best part of the day. For her its not just workout and physical activities, but how involving it's for kids. She loves the mental games and fun rounds of play. Every class is her fav.
  • Wed, 25-Nov-2020
    Arvind Yadav
    I'm in 10th and I was really stressed out because of my studies and being at home not meeting friends and unable to play. I shared this one week routine with all my friends and we started competing with each other and it has now become an online community with friends . I never thought this could be a great way to release stress . I feel more focused and relaxed for my studies .
₹ 925
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  • 02:58:20 Hours On demand videos
  • 7 Lessons
  • Flexible any time access
  • Access on mobile and tv
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