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Complete Guide to Photography for beginners to shoot like a pro.

This online beginner course on Photography will guide you to shoot like a pro without technical stuff, best online photography courses in India in 2021.

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Created by Deepak Subramanian Last updated Tue, 16-Feb-2021 English
What will i learn?
  • Creative Mindset of Professionals
  • 3 Steps That Leads To Creative Photos without Technicalities
  • Photography As Creator
  • Unlock Impactful Stories with 4 Key Ingredients
  • Creative Lighting In-Cam without immersing into ISO, Shutter Speed or ISO
  • Enhancements using a Free Mobile App that is key even for Pro Softwares
  • Structuring Your Growth

Curriculum for this course
5 Lessons 08:57:31 Hours
Day 1 - Photography As A Creator
1 Lessons 01:15:18 Hours
  • The 3 Steps Approach 01:15:18
  • How To Convey Powerful Stories 02:18:57
  • Control Light without breaking your head around ISO, Shutter Speed & ISO 01:43:35
  • Enhancing Your Photos 01:56:06
  • Growth Blueprint 01:43:35
  • Struggling to click creative images using a DSLR/ Mobile Phone camera
  • No age barrier as Creativity has No Limits
  • For those who are getting started in photography
  • For anyone who is stuck with Technical Stuff but still doesn't get Creative Photos
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Developing a Creative Mindset is far more important than getting to know what is possible with your camera.
The Good News is you can click amazing photos without any technicalities with a Mobile Phone/  DSLR/ Mirrorless Camera.

Here's your roadmap for the next 5 days. 

Day 1: Know Photography As A Creator
- Finetuning your Creative Eye
- Directing Your Efforts towards 3 Step WoW photos
- Aligning to Clicks WoW Photos

Day 2: Bring Out Impactful Stories in Your 1st Photo
- Unlock Interesting Photos with 4 Key Ingredients
- Adding Impact To Your Stories
- Story Telling In 3 Shots

Day 3: Make Your Photos Shine With Light
- Simple Sliding method to Control Light
- Getting The Light Right every time
- 3 Way Opportunity to Creative Lighting

Day 4: Fingerprint your Identity in Your Photos without Editing
- 3 Steps To Choose Your Best Shot
- Enhance Your Photos. Don't Edit
- 3 Slider Method That Guarantees Pro Result

Day 5: Calibrate & Level Up Photography Game
- Structure Your Growth Cycle
- Being Motivated 
- The Big Leap Forward

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If there is one thing that Deepak is known for, that would be to enable anyone to achieve their goals in the most efficient & enjoyable way possible.

His work has been published on international magazines and TV channels. He offers premium range of photography and cinematography services across the globe.

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₹ 998 ₹ 4999
Buy now
  • 08:57:31 Hours On demand videos
  • 5 Lessons
  • Flexible any time access
  • Access on mobile and tv
  • Certificate