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If you want to start the flute learning this course is best for you. You can learn very easily and enjoy.

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Created by Anjani Kumar Gupta Last updated Sat, 01-May-2021 English
What will i learn?
  • You can learn Bansuri very easily

Curriculum for this course
16 Lessons 01:44:26 Hours
Beginners Bansuri Tutorial
16 Lessons 01:44:26 Hours
  • How to Blow On Flute 00:02:40
  • How to play in lower octave on c natural Flute 00:06:18
  • How to play sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa 00:04:16
  • Tounging practice 00:14:08
  • How to play twinkle twinkle little star 00:03:53
  • How to play Hare krishna hare rama 00:06:10
  • How to play Achutam keshavam 00:05:12
  • How to play Hey Ram Hey Ram 00:05:56
  • How to play Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo 00:08:21
  • Basic Alankar Sargam Practice 00:10:49
  • How to play Om Jai Jagdish Hare geet Bansuri tutorial 00:06:26
  • How to Hold G Bass Big Flute Holding Tips 00:02:18
  • How to play Happy Birthday Song 00:06:02
  • Fast Finger Practice for Begginers 00:06:55
  • How to solve Ma To Pa Transition for Beginners flute player 00:06:49
  • How to play Ek pyar ka nagma hai 00:08:13
  • You must know Hindi and English
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This course is specially designed for the absolute beginners who want to start their musical journey but not getting enough time for offline classes the course is for them. In this course, you are going to learn the Flute from the very begging( i.e., How to blow in flute, how to hold the flute, which flute is suitable for you, etc.) to an intermediate level. You must have to watch all the videos in a sequential manner and have to practice the whole course for at least 3 months. After completing this absolute beginner course you can go for the intermediate course. And I personally assure you that you can easily play the Flute ( which you have learned in this course ) after completing this one.

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I am Anjani Kumar Gupta from Patna Bihar. I have been a music-savvy since my childhood who always got support from mother and brothers support for music. My journey with flute began in 1980 when I was in 7th standard. I got the golden chance to learn from Mohammad Fahimulla Khan Sahab who was one of the best flute player in Bihar.

For 1 year, I also got guidance from his brother PirBaksh Khan Saheb, who was a Shahnai player in Patna radio. In 1985, I joined Guru Rama Raman Bihari Ji, who was one of the great flute player in Bihar. With music as my passion, I completed my master's degree in Music and flute in 1995. Music is very special to me. I knew it is my ultimate destiny. I have been teaching flute since 1990. With the world getting digitalized and the Internet is the best way to get connected to people. Keeping this thing in mind, in 2014 I decided to come to this online platform and Teach Flute / Bansuri Online.

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  • Fri, 25-Dec-2020
    Dheeraj sharma
    Sir, you really teach very well I understand what you are saying I had to learn the flute thank you so much
  • Fri, 25-Dec-2020
    Hardik Mehta
    Amazing video and amazing teaching skills
  • Fri, 25-Dec-2020
    Geeta lad
    Amazing flute Lessons Thank you for valuable information
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