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Trigonometry Class 11- ISC Class 11 Maths

The study of angles and of the angular connections of planar and three-dimensional figures is referred to as trigonometry.


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Course Description

Trigonometry Online Classes for  ISC Class 11 Maths

Trigonometry is otherwise called the study of connections among lengths and angles of triangles; now and then, it also deals manages circles. Trigonometry developed from a need to compute angles and distances in such fields as space science, mapmaking, studying and ordnance range finding.

Trigonometry for ISC Class 11

Trigonometry in 11th grade math is a creative math course that uses the theoretical framework of trigonometry to teach students how to think creatively and critically. The course is intended for students in grades 11 and up, but it can also be used as an introductory course for adults interested in learning more about creative thinking skills.

The course starts with an introduction to the theoretical framework of trigonometry, which provides a structure for the learning process. The rest of the lessons are based on students working with mathematical symbols to create concepts and ideas in order to solve problems and develop new ideas.


What you'll learn

  • Trignometric Functions
  • Formula Of Defactorisation


  • Class 11 Student
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27 Lessons | 2:00 Total hours
Trignometric Functions
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