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Motion in One Dimension Class 9 ICSE Online Course

Motion in one dimension study the speed and velocity and their types and linear motion in graphical representation.


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Course Description

Learn Motion in One Dimension Class 9 ICSE

Motion is depicted as far as displacement (x), time (t), velocity (v), and acceleration (a). Velocity is the rate of change of displacement and the acceleration is the rate of change of velocity. Motion is characterized as change in position of a body after some time as for the surrounding.

What is Motion in One Dimension?

Motion in one dimension is governed by the laws of classical physics. These laws are simple, but they describe a lot of interesting phenomena. In this article, we will look at some examples of motion in one dimension.

Example of Motion in One Direction

If you stand in a straight line and then walk forward, you are moving in one dimension. However, if you were to take a step up and to the right, you would be moving in two dimensions. If you then jump up and to the left, you would be moving in three dimensions.
The reason that we can move in different directions is because our spatial coordinate system (the Cartesian coordinate system) is not pinned down at one point in space but rather moves with us as we move around. In other words, our axes of x, y and z do not stay stationary but instead rotate about an imaginary line called the origin. This rotation gives us the ability to move forwards, backwards and to the sides.

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What you'll learn

  • Speed And Velocity And Their Types
  • Linear Motion - Graphical Representation


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