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Geography class 6th Syllabus according to CBSE PATTERN My Country

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  • course Chapters: 7
  • course Total Hours: 00:31 Hours


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Course Description

Geography is the study of places and relationships between people and the environment, Physical geography is the study of earth, seasons, climate, atmosphere, soil, water bodies, and landforms, so Geography is important and fun.


It is necessary to learn Geography to know where the places are and also some facts about those places on Earth and their relationship with each other. It becomes very important to increase the knowledge and focus on globalization. Geography covers the relationship between human beings and the environment and how the natural systems work, as it helps to understand them. Students will be able to acquire, understand and appreciate the relationship between geography and culture.  He will be able to read, interpret and generate maps, comprehend the variation in culture. He will have an understanding of physical geography, different landforms, and the Ecosystem, and the role of the environment on human beings. There will be no Rote learning. In fact, students will have a general understanding of the subject along with scientific and critical thinking.

The topic My Country will contain the following content.

1.Lofty Himalayas in its north separate it from rest of Asia.

2.In terms of area India is the 7th largest  country in the world.

3.India is located in the Northern hemisphere.

4.The Tropic of Cancer[23 degrees 30' north] passes through the middle of the country.

5.The east- west extent is about 2933 km.

6.The difference between eastern most point in Arunachal Pradesh and western most point in Gujarat is about 2 hours.

7.India shares land boundaries with seven countries.

8.The Park Strait  separates India and Sri Lanka.

9.India is divided into 28 states and 8 union territories.

10.India is a land of high mountain, Mighty rivers, fertile plains, large plateaus and dense forests.

11.The Northern  Mountains.

12.The Northern Plains

13.The Peninsular Plateaus

14.The Great Indian Desert

15.The Coastal Plains

16.The Islands


What you'll learn

  • After the completion of the topics covered in the lesson My Country,the student will be able to familiarise themselves with the concept of mountains ,plains, desert, plateaus, Coastal Plains and Islands. The student will be able to identify and interpret various characteristics of various physical features of India , to interpret the map and the location of the places , to identify the characteristics and important features. The student will be able to identify the places and Virtually be moving around the places making a real geographer. The student will be able to acquire the knowledge and skills and can create a collage showing the different physical features of India.


  • Class 6th NCERT COURSE BOOK, Physical and Political maps
Course Content
5 Lessons | 2 Downloadable material | 00:31 Hours
    • My country its location, extent and Physiographic division
    • India's Location, extent and neighbours
    • The three ranges of Himalayan mountain and The Northern plains
    • The Peninsular plateau and its 2 divisions
    • Different time zones of different countries.
    • Multiple choice questions
    • Fill ups and True \False
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