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Excel Automation Mastery

This course will give you exposure to all the techniques which will enable you to design anything in Microsoft Excel


  • course Recorded Lessons: 15
  • course Total Hours: 05:03
  • course Duration: 6 days (Avg)


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Course Description

The Excel Automation Mastery course is designed into three phases - Basics, Interfacing and Development.

Each phase has five videos which can be viewed on daily basis. The videos and the exercises have been designed in such a way that it can be finished in a single day along with practice on Microsoft Excel. 

With each video you also receive TEMPLATE FILES to DOWNLOAD. These files contain the same examples as shown in the video for reference and easy understanding. All the SCRIPTS which have been shown in the videos are also available in these downloadable files. Also, at the end of each day, there is an EXERCISE and a QUIZ which the user can undergo.

By the end of the course you will learn a lot of techniques by which you can make your daily tasks easier and efficient. You can also combine the knowledge of multiple days and design your own short codes/apps as per your requirement.

 There is NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of CODING required.


This is a must attend course for people from the following industries :

- Finance

- IT

- Education

- Automotive


- Manufacturing

- Hospitality

- Banking

- Engineering

- Software

- HR

- Marketing

- And many more...


The content for the course is listed below :

Phase I : Basics

Day 1 : Macros & Settings - Learn how to use macros in Microsoft Excel

Day 2 : Developer Tab - Learn all options on the developer tab

Day 3 : Auto File & Folder System - Automate files and folder using VBA

Day 4 : Auto Data Management - Copy, Paste, Move, Delete using VBA

Day 5 : File Protection - Auto Protect cells, files using VBA


Phase II : Interfacing

Day 6 : Loops & Formulas using VBA - Learn the IF and FOR loops and make your own formulas

Day 7 : All About Forms - Use forms to make your sheets interactive

Day 8 : Formatting & Shortcuts - Autoformat your sheets and create your own shortcuts

Day 9 : Pivot Tables - Create Pivot tables from scratch

Day 10 : Charts & Dashboards - Create charts and Interactive dashboards using Google Data Studio


Phase III : Development

Day 11 : Reporting & Printing - Do reporting and printing on a single button click

Day 12 : Google Forms & Sheets - Introduction to Google forms and sheets

Day 13 : Email - V Card  - send emails from Excel, create v cards 

Day 14 : Excel - WhatsApp Link - Send WhatsApp messages from Excel

Day 15 : Control Any Application - Control Mouse and Keyboard using VBA

What you'll learn


  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel
Course Content
15 Lessons | 14 Downloadable material | 05:03 Total hours
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