Why This Course ?

  • This course is a comprehensive, methodical, step by step guide for super speed mental math calculation. More than 7.5 hours of video contents covers tips and tricks of faster mental math calculation using ancient Vedic Maths techniques and modern day advanced calculation methods. Mental math mastery course covers Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Square, Square root, Cube, Cube root , Doubling & its application , Halfling & its application , Fastest Calculation of Fraction etc. All the topics has been discussed in detail from beginner level to advanced level in mental math mastery course.

  • Numbers are everywhere. Practicing mental math calculation will help us in competitive exam and everyday life. It will help building a better memory and faster processing of data.

  • With practice of super speed calculation skill it will help you to replace calculator in everyday calculations.

  • New content is updated regularly to keep the Mental math mastery course up to date and relevant. The mental Maths or Vedic math course is designed to optimize your learning experience hence Worksheet assignments are included to provide you maximum value out of the course.

    Each module contains Worksheet to consolidate your learning.

  • The mental math course combines ancient Vedic math and modern day advanced methods in a easily understandable format for maximum benefit. The super speed calculation method will help you to perform quick math calculation, it will help you to improve your calculation speed- boost your memory and confidence.

  • The mental math course is updated on 8th May,2021 with an Addition of 3 Lessons and individual worksheet for each sessions.

What will you learn ?

  • This course contains techniques to do super fast arithmetical calculations.

  • It will help building your confidence to do calculation without calculator.

  • It includes the following topics: Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Square, Square root, Cube, Cube root, Fraction etc.

  • It includes ancient Vedic mathematics to modern day calculation short cut techniques.

  • After completing the course and proper practice, you will be able to solve the following types of problem with super fast speed

  • a) 7649845 X 9999999 in few seconds

  • b) 682 X 354 in few seconds

  • c) Techniques to find quotient and remainder in division in few seconds

  • d) 7698457 / 525 =? in few seconds

  • e) 7941537656 / 3457823415 = ? in few seconds

  • f) Find the square of 992

  • g)Find the square root of 7396

  • h)Find the cube of 76

  • i) Find the cube root of 80457

  • Questions based on Calculation of Fractions

And many more similar big arithmetic calculations.

What Students are Saying...

Initially I was having trouble with the calculations and I would usually get wrong answers. But when I learnt these easy ways to do the calculations, I became better and more accurate in Maths and this really helped me a lot and I hope this helps you too ____ M. Peter

Amazing course with many practical tips to improve mental math skills. I am quite good with numbers, but this course has taught me a lot of new ways to approach mental calculations in different situations. I highly recommend this course _____ Riya Sharma

Interesting course! Learnt a lot of useful tricks and using whenever i get any calculations _____ Eliza

The course sequence and flow is really very awesome, very much satisfied to be the part of your students community. Thanks Sah Sir, really influenced by your art of teaching _____ Shreya

The course  is more than what I expected, Very helpful and covered all topics from basic to advanced level ____ R.  Preyol 

  • Develop your left and the right side of the brain by increasing the visualization and concentration abilities.

  • It would be very helpful if the student has basic understanding of multiplication tables upto 5.

About the instructor

                                 Prof. B.K. Sah

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    Course Features

  • Lectures 43
  • Duration 07 Hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English