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EXCEL Course

Excel is a spreadsheet program. It is one of famous software related to back office. In every job sector, we can see the use of EXCEL.


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Course Description

EXCEL Course:-

In this  course, we will start from basic of excel and we will learn practical & official use of excel.

also we will review some tricks which having videos.

If i talk more about excel,

MS Excel, also known as Microsoft Excel, is a widely used software in most companies or businesses worldwide. It provides various tools, functions, and features to make this software profitable for global companies in various fields. Therefore, to learn and properly organize data using Excel, we must know the definition and basics of this powerful software.

n simple words, MS Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program included with Microsoft Office and is mainly used to record data in tables. It consists of several rows and columns, which can be used to enter data. The program is considered helpful for various tasks, such as calculating weekly expenses, making payslips, accounting, and interactively sorting/filtering data by various criteria.

Excel played a crucial role in performing various financial operations for the enterprises, including bookkeeping and record-maintaining. However, it has received several updates over time, which typically helped in making excel a must-have software for business processes. The latest version of Excel comes with a wide range of features.

MS Excel is widely used to organize data and perform easy to complex calculations for getting outputs for financial analysis. It is preferred in almost all business sectors and at companies from small to large scale.

Despite this, it is also used for managing expenses and other data-based things for home requirements. It is not wrong to say that the uses of MS Excel are almost infinite. Different people use this powerful software as per their needs.

Some of the essential uses of MS Excel are listed below:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Modeling
  • Accounting
  • Time Management
  • Task Management
  • Programming (VBA)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Charting, Graphing, and Reporting

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