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Excel 2016 Essential Training Online Class

Start mastering Excel 2016, the world's most powerful and popular spreadsheet program, with Excel expert Sam Parukar. Learn how to perform calculations, best enter and organize data with simple functions, work with multiple worksheets, format the appearance of your cells and data, build charts and Pivot Tables. Other topics cover the powerful VLOOKUP, IF, and COUNTIF group of functions. The automating tasks with macros.


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  • course Total Hours: 04:40 Hours


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Course Description

Excel online course on Teacherdada | Excel 2016 essential training

Start mastering Excel, the world's most popular and powerful spreadsheet program, with Excel expert Sam Parulekar. Learn how to best enter and organize data, perform calculations with simple functions, work with multiple worksheets, format the appearance of your data and cells, and build charts and PivotTables. Other lessons cover the powerful IF, VLOOKUP, and COUNTIF family of functions; the Goal Seek, Solver, and other data analysis tools; and automating tasks with macros.

This is a very easy-to-learn course as it is taught in a simple step-by-step manner.

Example files have been provided for practice.

What is this course about?

By the end of this course, you would be able to comfortably work in excel, do data analysis, and be able to present your data in a presentable format.

Background or Experience requirements.

This course does not expect any previous background of Excel. It starts from scratch and makes you comfortable with Excel.

Who this course is for?

This course is ideal for Data Entry Operators, MIS Executives, MIS Analysts, Data Analysts, Business Analysts any person who wants to enter and maintain his data.

  • Ideal for Students, Home Makers, and Teachers as well.
  • Contains advanced options like Introduction to Macros and Mail merge as well.

How can this online course help you?

  • This course can help you to organize data and perform financial analysis.
  • It can be used across all business functions and at companies from small to large.

The main areas where this course can help you would include:

  • Data entry
  • Data management
  • Accounting
  • Financial analysis
  • Charting and graphing
  • Introduction to programming
  • Time management
  • Task management
  • Financial modeling
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Almost anything that needs to be organized!

Why is it Important to Learn excel? (4 reasons to know)

Excel is a spreadsheet that functions similarly to a database. It is made up of separate cells that may be used to create calculations, tables, graphs, and functions that make it simple to organize and analyze massive amounts of data.

Your information is arranged in Excel's rows, which are represented by numbers, and columns, which are represented by letters. With this format, you may present copious amounts of facts and information in a clear and understandable way. In the business world, Microsoft Excel is the most popular piece of software. 

Almost all professions use Excel on a regular basis, whether they are entrepreneurs, business analysts, scientists, bankers, or accountants.

Top 4 reason why learning excel is essential

Excel can help you in many task

Perhaps you used Excel in school to enter a few number tables or combine two cells. Excel, however, is a lot more intricate than that. Did you know that the application can perform all of the following, for instance:

  • Organize data in a user-friendly manner.
  • Perform both simple and advanced mathematical operations so that you won't have to.
  • Convert data sets into useful graphs and charts.
  • Make forecasting predictions based on data analysis

Excel facilitates task completion.

Excel's abundance of tools and functions are made to save you time in addition to organizing data. For instance, Excel performs the arithmetic for you so that you don't have to manually add up columns for task. You can trust Excel's calculations.

Its improve you job pay 

Did you know that having a knowledge of Excel can immediately improve both your career prospects and your starting pay? Any hiring manager is aware of how important Excel is as a transferable ability. It gives you options, which is one of the benefits of learning such an ubiquitous computer programme.

Excel will improve your Career - Because it used everywhere

In addition to investment bankers and accountants, Excel is used by a wide range of other professionals, including scientists, instructors, business owners, and graphic artists.

It just requires figuring out how Excel may assist you in doing your job more effectively, regardless of what you do in the office.

With this excel online course you will be master in using excel. So don't wait register today for getting this Excel Coursr online.  

What you'll learn

  • Excel Introduction
  • Understanding the Excel Interface
  • Goal Seek
  • Scenario Manager
  • Data Table
  • Autofill Series and Flash Fill
  • Data Validation
  • Pivot Tables
  • Mail Merging with Excel Data


  • Basic Computer Fundamentals and Terminologies
  • A Computer with Windows or MAC OS and Excel 2016 installed
  • Minimum 8 GB RAM
  • Internet Connection
Course Content
51 Lessons | 42 Downloadable material | 04:40 Hours
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