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Hello friends, I am Dhanraj Sonar, your teacher, friends, I have tried to make full use of the education and experience I have gained in the field of video editing for the last seventeen years in this course.  Even if you are not familiar with video editing, I am sure you will become proficient in video editing after completing this course. 

You watch the video of the course every day.  Watch this video step-by-step.  Don't rush to skip the video and watch the next video.  After watching the video, practice what you noticed.  If you try to watch the next video, your knowledge will decrease, so watch the whole video in its entirety, watch it step by step, act on it, do what you have learned and master it.  Because with practice man becomes perfect

While watching the videos, you will find the videos you need for practice on various websites. The videos that you are watching in this course are downloaded for free from the Mix Kit website.  You can do it or you can practice whatever you have on the video as it is. Even if the video is different, you want to learn what you want to do with it.  Practice on video so that you will not have any problem in your field while you are doing video editing.

Basic Requirement

  • Laptop Or Destop Pc

  • Filmora Softwere

Skills Covered

  • You can become a video editing professional

  • You can make advertisements

  • You can make short films

  • You can work as a freelancer for YouTube channels and much more

Expert Review

In the film industry, video editing is a critical part of post-production. You will gain an understanding of the process by taking this video editing course. Due to the availability of free software and online information sharing, editing videos has become more accessible for people today.

In this online video editing course, students will learn video editing fundamentals, jargon, processes, resources, career options, etc. With an introduction to video editing and examples of its use in different industries, you can learn video editing skills.

 The video editing course will walk you through Premiere Pro's features and how to create a video in the program. Great Learning offers a free certificate of completion for the Video Editing Basics course, which you can share in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile or on printed resumes, CVs, and other documents.

There are 11 sections in the course, and you'll learn everything about video editing in them. Using the software Filmora, you may use any other application or software you feel comfortable with.

In addition to being financially rewarding, learning video editing can also be personally fulfilling. Video editing is both a rewarding profession and a useful skill. Even outside of professional work, video editing skills can be used for personal projects. This includes family occasions to sporting events that are captured on video, with editing skills allowing higher quality projects to be shared.

Learning video editing provides professional opportunities

In film and television production, video editing plays a prominent role. However, these are not the only industries that employ video editors. The need for video editing in-house at companies as well as freelance video editors for specific projects is growing as businesses need content for training, marketing, and presentations. In an era of increasing digitalization and accessibility, videos are an easy way for companies to convey messages, and they can be used in place of printed materials or long text descriptions on a website.

Learn Essential Terms

You will need to learn a lot of lingo in the video editing industry as you will communicate with other editors and clients. Some terms used in video editing can be difficult to understand for those who haven't heard of them, which is why you'll want to learn them early on. You should learn the following terms:

1) Jump Cuts – Cutting out portions to skip boring or predictable moments and preserve visual interest.

2) J Cut – Audio precedes the video.

3) L Cut – Video precedes the audio.

4) Montage – Sequence of clips showing the passage of time, usually for a transformation or character development.

5) Cutting on Action – Cutting when the subject is moving instead of after each movement to create a more interesting and fluid scene.

6) Match Cut/Match Action – Cutting together two visually similar shots or scenes

7) Cutaways – Adding transition pieces that don’t include the main subject or action to show the surrounding environment. This will set the mood, add meaning to the scene, or aid dramatic tension.

Get Certified

You will receive an industry-recognized Certification from TeacherDada after completing the course. You can also share your Certificate in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, CVs, resumes, and other documents.

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