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Photography Online Course for Beginners

For years, I thought Photography was about Creativity, Professional Cameras & Editing Softwares.

Well... I was wrong.

After having spent 21 yrs & 46 Lakhs by Exhaustive Experimentation, Buying Unnecessary Equipment, Shooting Celebrities, TV Shows, Premium Events & Helping 1000s of photography enthusiast, I've realized that Photography is not about Creativity but all about Identifying where am Making Mistakes & Fixing it which is later followed by Creativity. With this Photography online course you will learn photograpy at pro level by following expert advices.

No one tells that you need to direct your effort ONLY in these 3 areas.

1. How you Show Something.

2. How you Control Light.

3.And How you Edit Photos.

Yes, you don't need to know technical stuff like Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO and all the other boring stuff to GET STARTED.

If you want to start clicking amazing photos AT WILL Digging Deep into these 3 areas, hop into my 5-Day Class & I'll make you a BETTER PHOTOGRAPHER even if you are a Non-Creative Person.

Here's your 5 Days Roadmap to WoW Photos.

Day 1:- Know Photography from a Creator's Perspective (in a not technical way)

Day 2:- Implement the 4 simple steps to Bring Out Impactful Stories in Your Photos

Day 3:- Make Your Photos Shine with Light

Day 4:- Fingerprint your Identity with Enhancements

Day 5:- Learn the Steps to Calibrate & Level Up your Photography Game

Here’s why I am telling you all this:-

If you are like me - if you demand fast, not slow results with Online Courses - I know I can help.

If you are serious about Clicking WoW Photos with just 3 Steps, then this a Class you should not miss.

Your WoW Photos Architect,

Deepak Subramanian.

Basic Requirement

  • You should be enthusiastic about learning photography and ready to get started!

  • It is not necessary to have a fancy camera; getting a camera (even a smartphones) will assist you in learning as we prompt you with practise activities.

  • This course is designed for complete beginners and assumes no previous knowledge of photography.

  • Photographers who want to develop their skills as amateurs

  • Anyone who wants to develop their photography skills.

  • Beginners who want to learn how to become professional photographers

  • Photographers who want to make a living of their talents

Skills Covered

  • Creative Mindset of Professionals.

  • 3 Steps That Leads To Creative Photos without Technicalities.

  • Photography As Creator.

  • Unlock Impactful Stories with 4 Key Ingredients.

  • Creative Lighting In-Cam without immersing into ISO, Shutter Speed or ISO.

  • Enhancements using a Free Mobile App that is key even for Pro Softwares.

  • Structuring Your Growth.

Expert Review

Many visitors to the Photography Course describe themselves as beginners - So here is a beginner-friendly course for you. You will find this course a perfect fit for your requirement as you can sit at home and access this course.

Read below the description of the course and some tricks: 

The art of photography is more than just taking pictures, but it is one of the most effective ways to communicate your message, to create an impact, and to communicate directly with your audience. News stations, magazine articles, or book covers, we see that photographs have power. This comprehensive tutorial explains the fundamental concepts you should know about photography from start to finish, enabling you to harness that power and take the best possible pictures.

How to Get Started

Photography Basics is written like a book, from start to finish. There is a clear progression from one chapter to the next. The information will flow naturally and in the right order if you start at the beginning and work your way through. 

You will learn:

How to do photography as a creator?

With the advent of social media, a new kind of digital photographer has emerged - the content creator. Anyone who produces media - writers, bloggers, photographers, and videographers - with a specific audience in mind can be considered content creators.

Easy tips for camera settings?

A beginner photographer's ability to master photography camera settings is fundamental to hone their photographic skills.

Even so, the camera settings can be confusing since there are so many different names, functions, and camera buttons, dials, and wheels. Does that sound familiar to you?

Here is a guide to camera settings that will help you understand what the best camera settings are.

How to convey a powerful message through pictures?

The use of photography in marketing collateral can help you convey important messages to your target audiences. 

This guide will explain how to consider lighting, atmosphere, and composition when using a photographer or taking your own pictures. 

Using photos effectively will allow you to tell your organization's story, as well as increase interest and engagement from your audience.

Enhancing photography skills?

With the creative flexibility offered by photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, many rely on post-processing to improve their photos. Even if you are not interested in getting all techie and learning all about photo editing tools, you can still take nice photos.

The Growth Cycle and Blueprint are the few more skills you will learn.

Course Advantage :

⦁   Convenience and comfortable learning from home

⦁   Friendly personal tutors and one to one interaction

⦁   Structured learning system with modules containing a specific number of lessons

⦁   24x7 availability of online course

⦁   Step by step professional guidance

⦁   Rapid learning method comprising of photo lesson study, practice and quiz

⦁   Lifelong mentors to offers tips and suggestions

⦁   Downloadable course content

⦁   Certificate on Course Completion

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Course creator

                                 Deepak Subramanian

Deepak Subramanian

If there is one thing that Deepak is known for, that would be to enable anyone to achieve their goals in the most efficient & enjoyable way possible.

His work has been published on international magazines and TV channels. He offers premium range of photography and cinematography services across the globe.


                                 ANUP NAIR


Day 3 and Day 5 are same