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Our world is rapidly changing, the climate is degrading, Eco-systems & habitats are depleting. We the humans are the major factors in this context.  The forecast for humans is not that optimistic if we continue in this fashion.

The world needs to adopt a lot of newer and innovative technologies and methods for saving our planet from heating a lot and causing damage to itself as well the life that is living on it. As per the scientist’s view, if the rate of climate change is going to continue at a similar phase, within the next 3 to 4 years, a lot of coastline cities will be disappearing under the water, due to the rise in the sea levels. Not only this, but humans also will have to face harsher and harsher climatic conditions. This is true in the case of both cold and hot weather as well. If we don’t react right now, we will be the generation that made climate change worse. In addition to this, we have to take the responsibility of not reacting in time to slow down environmental degradation. 

So, what can you do about this as a "Designer" or "Engineer" or “Technical Person”?

Can we change the situation of the "Environment" and the “Climate Change”?

Yes - You can change this situation and this is the right time to react. As a "Designer", you are responsible for changing the world to be a better place. You are the right person to create a long-lasting positive impact on the environment, through the necessary actions that you take. This is also true for all multinational companies. If they step up,  then all the necessary and crucial steps can be designed and implemented for slowing down climate change. 

You can design products that are more "Environmentally Sustainable" or follow a concept of Eco-design. The concept of eco-design is nothing new. In ancient times, when such types of material and manufacturing technologies were not available, people used to use raw natural resources to design and manufacture their needed products. But, here in the modern era, we have to search for ways in which we can make use of the existing manufacturing technologies, but, also reduce their environmental impact.  So, for achieving the same, we can change how our products are being designed and manufactured. This way we can reduce our environmental impact and preserve the existing nature for future generations as well. 

For, taking action you need to know the basic concepts of "Sustainability & Sustainable design".

This course is all about learning how to analyze the environmental impact of products and reduce their effect using the Solidworks 2018 software.   

Here, in this course, you are going to learn about the basic concepts of  "Sustainability & Sustainable design", "Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)", principles and guidelines for sustainable design,  Eco-labeling schemes, Input factors & Impact factors calculated for assessing the environmental performance of a product, Industrial procedure adopted by the designers for producing sustainable products...etc., in the theoretical sessions.

Then in the Solidworks training sessions, you are going to learn about how to assess the environmental sustainability of your designs, using practical product problems inside Solidworks 2018, from which you are going learn how to apply Solidworks 2018 Sustainability tools for producing an Eco-friendly design.

Knowing about such an advanced module in Solidworks software will make you stand out from the crowd of basic Solidworks users.

Hope you are excited to join me on this journey & Happy Learning.

Basic Requirement

  • Basic Engineering (Mechanical or Aerospace or an field related to design) knowledge.

  • Solidworks Design Basics. ( Basic info about interface of Solidworks is enough).

  • Access to Solidworks 2014 and above.

  • Main requirement is the curiosity and interest to learn especially sustainability theory and Solidworks software. to apply these concepts for producing environmental friendly projects for their college studies using solidworks software.

Skills Covered

  • Will be having knowledge on different concepts , Guidelines & Principles of Eco-friendly product design and implementing the same in Solidworks software.

  • Can efficiently use Solidworks Sustainability tools for producing eco-friendly designs. (additional skill set for solidworks users, Engineers)

  • Will have the knowledge on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) , Sustainability standards & Guidelines, Eco-Labeling, Implementation of LCA...etc.

  • Will be able to apply these concepts for producing environmental friendly projects for their college studies using solidworks software.

  • Will be able to apply these concepts for conducting research into Sustainability & Sustainable Design.

Expert Review

What is a Green Product? 

1. These criteria include products that give environmental protection, such as replacing artificial ingredients with natural ingredients, or products that are non-toxic, energy and water efficient, recyclable, and biodegradable. 

2. A product that consumers prefer because it helps to protect the environment in its manufacture, use, and disposal. In general, ecological, organic, ecological, recyclable, and energy-efficient.

3. Packages can benefit both customers and the environment, and their green qualities are an essential aspect of the product.

Eco-friendly products have many advantages

1) Access To New Markets: 

The development of green products opens up new markets of green consumers who buy only green products and even pay more for them.

2) Competitive Advantage: 

Currently, going green is a big competitive advantage in the market.

3) Positive Public Image: 

An organization's brand is enhanced when it does something good for society and the environment.

4) Brand Loyalty: 

By offering green products over conventional non-environmentally friendly products, companies automatically gain a loyal customer base.

The benefits of going green for customers

1) Cost-effective products: 

Green products last longer than conventional ones. Moreover, these products require less energy and other resources, which saves the users money on their bills. Solar speakers, for instance, can be charged by the sun for 10 hours.

2) Low maintenance: 

If operated responsibly and maintained properly, green products are low maintenance. Green buildings are an example. Their marketing emphasizes environmental friendliness as well as low operating costs.

3) Improves health: 

Because eco-friendly products are made from materials that are free of harmful chemicals and components, they not only improve physical health but also mental health. Large windows are found in green buildings, which allow plenty of fresh air and natural light to enter the building. It improves mental health and reduces stress.


The combination of robotics, electronics, computers, and control systems has resulted in a range of amazing products, such as smartphones and self-driving cars. It is necessary to digitally model and develop those products in order to create them. SolidWorks is one of the most popular computer-aided design and engineering programs for mechatronics engineers.


To develop mechatronic systems from start to finish, SolidWorks is required. A software program is used in the initial stage to plan, visualize ideas, model, assess feasibility, prototype, and manage projects. Mechanical, electrical, and software elements are then designed and built using the software. Lastly, the software can be used for management, including device management, analytics, data automation, and cloud services.

SOLIDWORKS software solutions connect mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineers. Programs are designed to keep all engineers in communication and able to respond to design changes.

Take my course to understand the Solidwork software better.

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