This Course: Beginner To Advanced photography

Learn how to take the kind of photograph you’ll want to print and pass on to the next generation. Manjot Singh is back to teach this updated photography for beginners' class. You’ll learn the principles of good beginner and intermediate photography and get the skills necessary to create amazing photos.

Advanced cameras are available at modest price points, but learning how to use them takes an investment.

Why we?

  • 20 years experience in Photography

  • Working with more than 10 brands

  • What You Will Learn

  • Basic

  • - What do you want to photograph

  • - The gear that you need for your photography

  • - Difference between DSLR and Mirrorless cameras

  • - What kind of lens you should buy

  • - I will show you the best settings for your camera (please send me your camera name before)

  • - Photo critique

  • Intermediate

  • - How does a camera work

  • - Explanation of the focal length, ISO, Aperture, and the Shutterspeed

  • - Explanation of the white balance, different modes, and the Autofocus System

  • - How to structure and shoot your photos

  • Advanced

  • - Photographing under and with special conditions (Fire, Rain, etc.)

  • - Finding the right locations to shoot

  • - How to retouch your photos in lightroom

  • - Special tips and tricks

  • - How to clean your sensor/camera

  • - Everything you need to know

  • - & More

  • Also, Suggest Buying cameras & Gears Manjot Singh will elaborate you the benefits of using a DSLR camera & Mirrorless. You’ll get some specific camera recommendations and learn how to choose a lens.

  • This class is ideal for beginners and intermediate enthusiasts.

  • Learn the the most essential functions of your camera

  • Gain confidence in putting new functions into action

  • Feel prepared to move on to more advanced classes

  • Learn about Aperture, Shutter, ISO & Exposure Triangle

  • Get the swing of basic photographic terminology

  • Any DSLR or Mirrorless camera will do!

  • Any Flash

The Basic Fundamentals of Photography You Must Know:

Most of us took our most memorable photographs by chance and a little bit more luck. By chance, we hit the perfect angle, captured the right expression, or got the appropriate light. Experts can tell you that learning the fundamentals of photography will increase your chances of getting that winning shot.

Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in improving their photography skills.

Mastering the fundamentals of photography has a multitude of benefits regardless of what photography is to you - a lifestyle, a desire, a pursuit, a way to share memories and stories, or a way to gain attention on social media.

A digital camera, ideally a DSLR. A typical point-and-shoot camera will do. Even if the camera cannot be set to manual exposure, the student will still benefit from the course, but will not be able to apply the information in the exposure segment.

The Fundamentals of Digital Photography course is taught by photographer Monjot Singh and emphasizes quality visuals and experiential learning. In this course, you’ll learn:

1) Learn what it takes to create a provocative image in manual mode: shutter speed, aperture, and composition.

2) What gear to choose, and how to generate an efficient workflow.

3) Discover how to identify and take advantage of stunning natural light.

In this workshop, Manjot will teach you to step back from your images and critically evaluate your motivations, process, and ultimate goals for your photography project. During this workshop, you will analyze and identify your vision for your photography. In addition, Manjot will examine the difference between the world seen by the human eye and the world seen by a camera sensor. Understanding the difference between the two will help you maximize the potential of your equipment.

About the instructor

                                 Manjot Singh
Master In Your Camera - Fundamentals Of Photography

    Course Features

  • Lectures 23
  • Attachment 15
  • Duration 43 Minutes
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English