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Personal SWOT analysis: Swot Analysis Personality Development

Learn from a life coach who has taught more than 10000+ people worldwide through video courses.

Perhaps you are starting your career or you have worked for few years and now you want to grow in your career. In both cases, this course is going to be very beneficial to you. The name of the tool taught in this course is SWOT analysis. Previously, SWOT analysis used to be conducted for a business but it is beneficial to our personal life and career also.
A personal SWOT analysis provides insights based on your personality strengths and weaknesses, what challenges you see ahead of you, and what opportunities are present around you now and in the future.
SWOT analysis provides you with a good foundation for personal growth. Career does not move forward automatically. For that, you need to think, plan and implement new methods.

Why choose this Personal SWOT analysis course?

  1. Why knowing strengths & weaknesses are important

  2. 9 questions to find your strengths and weaknesses

  3. Know opportunities and threats you face

  4. Solid action plan for personal growth

  5. Your complete SWOT analysis

  6. Helps you to know and prioritize your important goals

[Organizations regularly utilize an investigation called "SWOT" to decide their qualities, shortcomings, openings and dangers. You can utilize a similar procedure on yourself when you need to settle on an educated choice subsequent to evaluating all perspectives regarding a circumstance. Figuring out how to utilize a SWOT investigation might assist you with framing obvious end results as you handle various choices in your vocation. In this article, we will examine what an individual SWOT examination is, the reason it is significant and how to compose your own investigation.

What is an individual SWOT investigation?

A SWOT investigation thinks about all elements, regardless of whether positive or negative, outer or inside. You can utilize this investigation as a rule, for example, deciding a lifelong way, making a compelling exhibition assessment or choosing how to plan an item. In a self SWOT examination, you survey yourself exhaustively, with regards to a given circumstance.

The inner variables are those that you add to the circumstance, like your qualities and shortcomings. These might identify with things like delicate and hard abilities, individual propensities, aptitude or experience. Then again, the outer elements are those that the circumstance contributes, like freedoms and dangers. These might identify with things like the business, work culture, possibilities or the impact of different experts like collaborators, bosses and contenders. SWOT represents:

  • Qualities
  • Shortcomings
  • Openings
  • Dangers

To make a standard SWOT investigation, bring a case and separate it into four squares. Each square contains one of the SWOT themes: qualities, shortcomings, openings and dangers of a circumstance. Utilize the squares to make your rundowns under the various classes. You can incorporate however many things in the squares as you really want to shape an exhaustive end. Follow these five stages to make a careful self SWOT investigation for an assortment of expert circumstances:]

Target audience

  1. Entrepreneurs    
  2. Aspiring entrepreneurs     
  3. Working professional    
  4. Students 

What will students learn in your Personal SWOT analysis Course? 

  1. Importance of SWOT analysis

  2. How to find your strengths & weaknesses
  3. How to find your opportunities & threats
  4. How to convert strengths & opportunities into real results

Course requirements 

  1. Willingness to learn new methods

  2. Willingness to do assignment
  3. Watch all videos

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Basic Requirement

  • Willingness to learn new methods

  • Willingness to do assignment

  • Watch all videos

Skills Covered

  • Importance of SWOT analysis

  • How to find your strengths & weaknesses

  • How to find your opportunities & threats

  • How to convert strengths & opportunities into real results

Expert Review

What Is SWOT Analysis?

The SWOT analysis analyzes a company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to assess its competitive position and develop a strategic plan. SWOT analysis evaluate internal and external factors as well as current and future potential

It is designed to give organizations, initiatives, or businesses an accurate and factual look at their strengths and weaknesses. By avoiding preconceived beliefs and gray areas and focusing instead on real-life circumstances, the organization can keep the analysis accurate. It should be used as a guide and not necessarily as a prescription by companies.


1) A SWOT analysis is an assessment tool used in strategic planning.

2) In order to produce fact-based analysis, fresh perspectives, and novel ideas, it is necessary to identify core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

3) A SWOT analysis is most useful when a diverse group of individuals or voices within an organization is allowed to provide realistic data as opposed to a prescribed narrative.

To identify opportunities for your business and the challenges that it faces, perform a SWOT analysis. You should note, however, that it is only one method, not a prescription.

The benefits of SWOT analysis

SWOT analyses are relatively inexpensive, and anyone who understands your business can perform one. SWOT analysis can also be used when you don't have much time to address a complex situation. Consequently, you don't need to hire an outside consultant or business adviser to improve your business.

SWOT analysis also has the advantage of highlighting the most significant factors affecting your business. SWOT analysis can be used to:

Learn more about your business

By addressing your weaknesses

So that you can avoid threats.

Make the most of opportunities

By leveraging your strengths

Set business goals and strategies to achieve them.

SWOT analysis has limitations

It is important to remember that SWOT analysis is just one part of the business planning process. It is usually necessary to conduct further research and analysis for complex issues before making a decision.

It is important to keep in mind that a SWOT analysis only considers strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. With a SWOT analysis, it is difficult to address uncertain or two-sided factors, such as factors that could be strengths or weaknesses (e.g. you might have a prominent location, but the lease will be expensive).

SWOT analysis may be limited by the following reasons:

1) Prioritizes issues in the wrong order

2) Does not offer solutions or alternatives

3) Offers a lot of ideas but does not help you decide which is most appropriate

4) The internet produces a lot of information, but not all of it is useful.

Now that you have a better understanding of swot analysis you can join our course and learn how to use it.

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