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In this course, you understand 10 skills you need to develop: listen to your heart, risk taking, courage, curiosity, initiative, decisiveness, fast problem solving, perseverance, resilience, openness for seeking help. I teach these abilities with lots of examples so it is super easy & quick for your understanding. Dream big, take action, buy this course!

[While turning into an effective business visionary is normal for a few, others require specific fundamental abilities to begin and lead a business to progress. These abilities decide your enterprising achievement. Fruitful business visionaries have dominance over both hard and delicate abilities. Hard abilities like bookkeeping, showcasing and monetary arranging are basic for running and dealing with a business and delicate abilities like correspondence, critical thinking and dynamic assist you with increasing your business. Dominance of business visionary abilities requires practice and a devoted learning plan.

What are business visionary abilities?

Business visionary abilities incorporate different ranges of abilities like initiative, business the board, using time effectively, imaginative reasoning and critical thinking. You can apply these abilities in many work jobs and enterprises. These business person abilities are essential for advancing development, business development and seriousness. Fostering these abilities implies creating numerous abilities together. For instance, to be a fruitful business person, you might have to foster your danger taking abilities and hone your business the board abilities.

Instances of business visionary abilities

Regularly, business visionaries might take up a few jobs to fabricate and grow a business. This requires an assortment of range of abilities. The following are a couple of instances of business visionary abilities you should create and dominate:]


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  1. Entrepreneurs    
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What will students learn in your course? 

  1. 10 entrepreneurial skills
  2. 11 examples of entrepreneurial skills
  3. How to find your entrepreneurial skills score
  4. What world's best entrepreneurs have in common

Course requirements 

  1. Willingness to learn new methods
  2. Willingness to do assignment
  3. Watch all videos

  • 10 entrepreneurial skills

  • 11 examples of entrepreneurial skills

  • How to find your entrepreneurial skills score

  • What world's best entrepreneurs have in common

  • Willingness to learn new methods

  • Willingness to do assignment

  • Watch all videos

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                                 Mayur Pangrekar
Learn 10 entrepreneurial skills

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