If you are serious about your career progress, developing Leadership Skills, turning into a Respected & Inspirational Leader, gaining wisdom, and not missing out on those career promotions for ‘weird’ reasons, this course can help.

Comprising of 5 fascinating Stories with incredible Leadership & Life Lessons that dates back to over 5000 years. Discover the possible secret on why Google, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, MasterCard, Novartis, Nokia, and many other Giants are opting for Indian-origin CEOs!   Learn how these 5 and such other Indian stories might have shaped the early lives and ‘Thought process’ of these CEO.

The time has come for the World to benefit from these lessons.

The Wisdom you can extract from these stories is so powerful, that it will support you develop your Leadership Skills, possibly become a Respected & Inspirational Leader and perhaps even your next Promotion! The condition however is-

1. you need to catch and truly understand the wisdom!

2. apply the wisdom at your workplace (and in your lives)!


If you can, I guarantee you, your lives will turn for the better. If not, give me a call and we can see what might be coming in the way. In fact, I am offering you one coaching session complimentary to discuss/explain the wisdom. 


Please note that unlike a typical course, here I have made a conscious effort and have refrained from suggesting any take-aways. Therefore, the onus of extracting value/wisdom/learnings is on you. This really is the key to building wisdom. 


5000+ years later, Indians continue to grow up with such stories. Isn't that absolutely baffling? Could the secret behind the rising cases of Big companies preferring Indian origins as their CEOs, their ‘wisdom’ and ‘leadership skills, be such stories?

Consider these 3 mentions:

A peculiarity highlighted in a Forbes article way back in 2009, titled, "Eight Indian CEOs At Big U.S. Companies” noticed that Indian-origin CEOs are preferred. The article quotes, “The chief executive of PepsiCo, Indira Nooyi--is an Indian immigrant (and female, in case you've been living under a rock) makes her all the more noteworthy. At the age of 53, Nooyi is one of eight chief executives of large U.S. corporations (with revenues of at least $2 billion) who are of Indian origin".

A book in 2010 by Harvard Business Press, “The India Way”, revealed how the 'India way' differs from ‘Western management practice'. The authors identified how managers from other countries can learn from these Indian practices and adapt to their own companies. The authors of this book are Professors and directors of the Wharton Centre for Human Resources, Mac Centre for technological innovation at the Wharton school, and Wharton Centre for leadership and change management.

More recently, a February 7, 2020 article in The Juggernaut- a New York-based digital publication, "The Rise of the Indian origin CEO” - and an article in The Blue Circle, ”What Makes Indians Become Global CEOs dated March 2, 2020, once again raked up the topic. As quoted in the Juggernaut article, “A wave of Indian CEOs is getting the world buzzing.”


… therefore is, HOW do these Indian-origin CEOs get their WISDOM? Be it in running a business, gearing up for the future, leading teams, or managing diverse people & cultures- just how have they excelled?


While there are several reasons that go behind acquiring the Wisdom, I feel the secret lies in "the LEADERSHIP & LIFE LESSONS from stories they got to hear when they were little”.

These lessons have been passed on to Indians for generations- by parents, elders in the family (remember Indians have mostly lived in joint families), and the teachers.

This is my attempt to offer you a sneak peek at the wisdom. You can benefit from these 5 such carefully selected stories.

  • Through stories, the course supports you build your Leadership persona. This will not only support you in your career eg. not missing out on those Promotions for ‘weird’ reasons, build excellent relationships and turn into a Respected & Inspirational Leader, but also this course will support you build an excellent climate at home.

  • Open for all

About the instructor

                                 Harish Walavalkar

Harish Walavalkar

Harish is an Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker, ACSTH Certified from
International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited Coach Training Academy.


He also is an Author of book on a CEO who realised, "Leadership is everything NOT what you think it is!", a

Wikipedia contributor, and

has featured in “Marvelous Men” blog ( https://t.co/b6ILiaa64q?amp=1 )

Trained in Neuroscience - study of the human brain, how it controls our behaviour and thereby our Results at Work.

Harish coaches internationally on Leadership Skills, Communication & Executive Presence, Public Speaking, building Credibility & Respect at Work, Emotional & Social Intelligence, Positivity & Resilience, Collaboration, etc.

Informally identified as “amongst the best coaches in the country” by a billion dollar club Global Management Consulting firm, nominee 2020 “India’s Most Influential Coach” Award, Global Excellence Council and 2020 “Indian Achievers Award”

With about 27 years of work-experience in organisations such as TATA Unisys, Konica Films, Walltracts LLC in Leadership role with P&L responsibility, and having worked with 2 of the WORLD’s TOP 20 Training & Consulting mega firms, Harish brings rich experience in his courses.


Those benefited include:

- BTech/Engineering GOLD medalists, 

- a 5 PATENTS holder CEO, several elite

- IIM, IIT alumni leaders, International BD Heads, 

- CA’s including K.V. Chandramouli Memorial award winner, and 

- All India CA Final 1st Ranker.

Fascinating Leadership & Life Lessons from Ancient Stories

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  • Duration 22 Minutes
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