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Public Speaking Workshop

This Workshop teaches public speaking practice and techniques to overcome the stage freight. This Public Speaking Course explain to you how to prepare for a speech.


  • course Chapters: 4
  • course Total Hours: 01:10 Hours


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Course Description

Public Speaking Course - Speech Art Learning Course

Learn rhetoric in a simple way

This speech art course consists of four videos.

For those who have never been on stage for a long time or who are afraid to speak at a meeting, the workshop starts at a very basic level.

Then the level of the workshop increases.

Each of these videos has a simple practical stand in front of the mic.

All the secrets and techniques of rhetoric are taught in it.

  • I want to watch a video every week and practice accordingly for the next six days.
  • I want to practice for a total of four weeks.

Changes happen to us only when we practice on our own.

Practicing this

  • Improves your body language.
  • It takes a habit to express thoughts verbally.
  • The courage to speak in a meeting increases.

How to practice?

  • After watching each video, I would practice for six days in front of my family or sometimes in front of a mirror.
  • The key is to use the presentation techniques well.
  • This technique also works in actual meetings.
  • Watch your practice by shooting on your mobile.
  • You know your mistakes.
  • Videos of the course will have to be watched frequently for practice.

What happens when you speak?

  • To speak is to persuade another.
  • Getting the job done right.

What happens when you learn the art of speaking?

  • It takes a habit to put your point in the right words.
  • It takes a habit to give logic.
  • A person who weights his speech is respected, his words are listened to attentively.
  • Talking around a topic is a challenge.
  • Accepting this challenge, we begin the study. Gathers evidence. He learns to speak well. In the meantime, we learn a lot of new things.
  • This means that your brain is slightly developed.
  • It happens all the time and starts our journey towards true wisdom.
  • Who in the world pays for the babbling of the rest?

Why learn to speak?

  • For personality development.
  • Whether it's a business or a job, you know that effective communication makes you successful.
  • But this is just information and no use.
  • What do we practice to make our speech effective and allow us to communicate well?
  • This question should be asked yourself.

Just as a painter spends years practicing on his hands to draw a picture on his head, does the speaker need to practice his mouth and voice to express his thoughts properly?

Now many will say, we can talk. What to learn in it? But friends, when we are under pressure, it is an art to speak effectively.

Empty chat is what people are doing all day long.

Wherever you apply for a job, your knowledge is tested by taking a written test first. This is followed by an important stage of the interview.

Why are you doing this interview?

  • Can you present your knowledge properly or not?
  • Can you speak freely under pressure?
  • Is your body language upbeat or depressing?
  • Many such questions are answered through interviews.
  • And how do people prepare for an interview?
  • So they see if 'recommendation' can be applied.
  • Candidates who come out with interviews are asked questions.
  • Bundles of certificates are placed in front of the interviewer.
  • But there is a real test of your personality.
  • Ask yourself this question every day, what do you do for a living? Then the other questions will automatically disappear.
  • Because not all jobs are worth living and businesses are not run based on mere identity.
  • The world still needs quality.

Why learn to speak?

  • For business.
  • Now there are fewer permanent jobs. Over the past year many journalists, teachers, professors have started businesses.
  • Some are selling raisins and some are selling sanitizers.
  • Whether the business is online or real, it doesn't seem to matter. It has to be said that there will be issues and consequences.
  • If there are ten shops of the same type, from which shop do you buy?
  • The seller who knows a lot about your product,
  • Its various uses are known,
  • We buy goods from the shop of the one who gives good advice by recognizing the need of the customer.
  • (Nowadays, even when selling online, there is a video made to provide more information. The live person talks to the customer through it. That means effective communication.)
  • That seller has created himself.
  • Is formed.
  • His brain has learned to work faster to speak.
  • All this training was given to the seller through experience.
  • Science is formed from this experience.
  • The next generation can learn this scripture early.
  • Man imparts to his children the knowledge gained from many years of experience.
  • This saves many years of a child's life.
  • By doing so, man has evolved.
  • The son of a dog is a dog and even after ten generations the dog remains a dog.
  • Not so with man.
  • Man can be a great man.

Why learn to speak?

  • To overcome hesitation.
  • Hesitation, shame, these things are natural. But why not overcome it?

What to do if these things hinder your progress?

  • The answer is ...
  • You should work hard whatever you want, but avoid hesitation, crowd, shame.
  • There is a saying "Jisne ki Sharam, uske phute karam".
  • "We don't want to get into politics so we don't have to learn rhetoric." There is such a misconception among the people.
  • The art of speaking is useful in every field in which you work. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.
  • It is a different matter if one decides to live one's life only by doing mercenary work.

Why learn to speak?

  • To eliminate the defects in oneself.
  • Leaders must learn the art of speaking to the people,
  • But those who can give direction to society should first learn the art of speaking. Such as teachers, journalists, lawyers, doctors, officers, etc.
  • Was a teacher.
  • He always taught by looking at the wall in the classroom. The children would look at them and teach them from the children's heads to the back wall.
  • Is it possible to match their relationship with children?
  • We need to be able to identify what skills we lack.
  • Very few people think that if there is a defect in your speech, it should be removed.
  • Many people speak so quickly that they do not understand what they are saying.
  • Some voices are so slow that they cannot be heard.
  • On the contrary, some keep shouting.
  • Some people just keep listening to others.
  • So some people don't even let others speak.
  • How can we expect success in life by keeping all these flaws intact?
  • We have learned a lot today. Now, if there is only one last shortcoming, make up for it.
  • Stand firm and speak from the heart.

Where does confidence come from?

  • From skill 
  • The information we get from school is the same for everyone.
  • Whether you have a BA or an MA, your market value is not high.
  • Even if it is net, set, Ph.D
  • So what is something you should do after education?
  • The answer to this question is skill development.
  • We have different skills.
  • Sharpen them, make them shiny.
  • Learn new skills.
  • A person who learns one skill diligently can easily learn another, third skill.
  • It gives you the confidence to say, "Yes, I can."I can change my world."

Life-changing skills

  • The fee for this workshop is only Rs. 299 / - has been kept nominally.
  • But the training is world-class.
  • The quality of the videos is excellent.
  • This is not just a course to watch,
  • So there is a course designed to stand up and practice on your own.
  • Only if you practice yourself will you change.

What skills required to become a good speaker?

Three skills are required to be successful in any field.

  • Technical Skills:

Technical skills required for your business or job.

This is what we learn. It is with that capital that your career begins.

  • Managerial skill:

Once you are settled in a business or a job, you start trying to grow it and it requires management skills. That is what we learn.

  • Public communication skills:

The third and most important skill is a public skill. Communication skills. Thanks to these skills, your business can last a long time and can expand worldwide in today's online world.

But we don't pay much attention to this in school or college.

So when you wake up, you should start learning the skills of mass communication.

It is my wish that your career will stand firm on these three pillars.

Why to learn from this course?

  • If you want to make a picture out of color, you have to learn to paint.
  • If you want to make a picture out of words, you have to make yourself stand out. You have to practice speaking.
  • You have to be brave.
  • Hesitation has to be overcome.
  • That requires training.
  • No matter how much you avoid it, the art of speaking has to be learned at some point in life.
  • Only then does she get to work on time?
  • The realization of where to speak and where not to speak also comes from training.
  • The brain of the learner stays young.
  • Continuous learners are not afraid of the future.
  • What have you decided?
  • Did you learn today that you were getting old slowly?


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What you'll learn

  • You will learn the techniques to overcome stage freight and build confidence. सभेत बोलण्याचे धाडस, आत्मविश्वास निर्माण होईल. प्रभावी संवादकौशल्य आत्मसात करता येईल.


  • Any passionate Student, teacher, professional can do this course. मनात जिद्द असेल तर कुणीही विद्यार्थी, शिक्षक, व्यावसायिक, नोकरदार किंवा उद्योजक हा कोर्स करू शकतील..
Course Content
3 Lessons | 01:10 Hours
    • एक विशेष सूचनाः जे लोक फारसे कधी स्टेजवर गेले नाहीत किंवा ज्यांना सभेत बोलण्याची भीती वाटते त्यांच्यासाठी ही कार्यशाळा अगदी बेसिक पातळीवरून सुरू होईल. नंतर कार्यशाळेचा स्तर वाढत जाईल. पहिल्या सत्रात तीन सोपे प्रॅक्टिकल्स आहेत. प्रामाणिकपणे वेळ काढून घरी सराव करावा. समोर श्रोते उपलब्ध नसतील तर भिंतीवर काही नेते, अभिनेत्यांचे मोठे फोटो लावावेत. त्या फोटोंचे डोळे आपल्याकडे पाहणारे असावेत. त्यांच्यासमोर सराव करावा. दररोज पंधरा मिनिटे नियमित सराव केला तरी पुरेसे आहे. सराव हीच गुरुकिल्ली आहे. त्यासाठी आपल्याला शुभेच्छा. ***
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-माजी संपादक, दैनिक आनंद नगरी, जालना,

- माजी उपसंपादक, दै. दिव्य मराठी, औरंगाबाद,

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- पीसीसी नाट्यशास्त्र,

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 माध्यमक्षेत्रातील अनुभव : 

- जालना व अहमदनगर स्थानिक टीव्ही न्यूज़साठी

वृत्तनिवेदन व लेखन,

- आकाशवाणी औरंगाबादसह अनेक कविसंमेलनात काव्यवाचन,

- राज्य नाट्य स्पर्धेत 1995पासून सतत सहभाग,

अतुल पेठे, पुणे दिग्दर्शित 'दलपतसिंग येती गावा' या नाटकात भूमिका व गीतलेखन, तीन राज्यांमध्ये प्रयोग,

- आदिवासींच्या कुपोषणावर संदेश भंडारे दिग्दर्शित 'महादू' या मराठी चित्रपटासाठी साहाय्यक दिग्दर्शक,

- अनेक शाॅर्ट फिल्म्ससाठी हिंदी, संस्कृत संवाद आणि गीतलेखन.

- अनेक जाहिरातींसाठी जिंगल्स, संगीत आणि निवेदन.