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Personality Development

In this Module Total Five videos are Uploaded to Discuss Personality Development In Detail. First Three Videos are on Leadership and Fourth & Fifth Videos are on Self Esteem


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Course Description

Best Personality Development Online Course - Build Leadership and Self Esteem

Personality Development will be covered in  Five Lessons of Five Videos in Total.

The Breakdown is as Under :

Leadership: Three Videos

Self Esteem: Two Videos



TOTAL  DURATION:  54 Minutes



Lesson  1  - An   Introduction To Leadership - 7.32 Min Video

Lesson  2  - Define Leadership - 10.02 Min Video

Lesson  3 -  Why  Should  You  Learn  Leadership  - 12.28  Min Video

Self  Esteem

Lesson 4  -  An  Introduction To Self  Esteem -  11.48 Min  Video

Lesson 5 -   How  To  Improve  Self  Esteem  -  12.10  Min  Video

We all are Born With Specific Personality Traits. All this is Governed by a Sequence of Factors Like Your Background, Environment, Social Set-Up, Religious or Traditional Beliefs, or by our jeans. All this gives us a Basic Personality.

But to Stand out in Life as a Leader or a Successful Person we Need Grooming our Personality By Certain Training and Trimming Our Rough Edges. 

The Glitter to the Gold Comes only after it is put through Fire and Molded into Beautiful Ornaments.

So are we as Human Beings, That's why Personality Development Training is a Must for Each one of Us.

Our Personality is the Sum Total Of Our Characters, Emotions, Intellect, Behavior, capabilities, etc.

In this Module, I will Cover the Entire Course on Basic Personality Development through Three Videos 

And Two Videos will Be On Self Esteem.

Self Esteem is an Element that Gives inner Strength to Us.

It Generates Honor and Motivates us to Stand Out with High Heads throughout our life.

It also has an Essence of Self Respect and Knowing your self angle.

At the end of the course, I shall share a Templet to Test the Personality of The Students and Give Individual  Guidance to Improve Your Personality. 

What is leadership?

What do you understand by the leadership or can we define leadership supposes I tell,  you have to define leadership, to my mind It is one of the most difficult things to define leadership. Because leadership is an attitude and that differs from person to person. each one of us is an individual personality each one of us knows how to behave differently. We have our own style and status of functioning. So each leader will be different. They cannot be copied to each other. They will take decisions in the right Spirit, but the mode of making decisions and the actions which they exhibit will be partly different from each other.

Now to understand. It is a dimensional activity or dimensional attitude, which a person has to behave or show as a leader.  Leadership is the most observed rather than understood. Because when a leader is performing number of people watch they watch for the results and not what the leader is doing. They watch what ultimate results have been achieved and how the team has performed and team under the particular leader how they have performed. So it is most observed. Now leadership is something like inspiring people or groups of people to achieve a common goal.  When I talk of a common goal any leader will not have his individual goal to achieve.  Because anybody who's having an individual goal, and he's trying to perform all alone is not a leader, because many times people feel like I can do everything myself. I don't need anybody's support, so this is not a leadership attitude.

Leadership attitude is to take along the Team. If somebody is trying to prove himself trying to gain, get credit also for himself, he is not a leader. Now next thing is when you're a leader you are supposed to have a goal that should be higher than yourself. Something like to tell bigger the Goal bigger is the size of a leader. When you have smaller goals, that means the leader is of the lower or a smaller size because your goal should be more than your hundred percent capabilities that is where you can prove to yourself that yes  I can form much beyond the expectation of my own self. That's why a leader should have a goal higher than himself and not parallel or below his capabilities. That doesn't make him a great leader.

Now next. The leadership should have very high character because without the character and knowledge leader cannot sustain himself. I'll give you an example of Ramayan which is very practical We can now discuss two leaders Rama was one of the leaders and Rawan was another leader. When Rawan was about to die, he was on death bed. Ram told Laxman to go and take some learning from him. When Laxman goes to Rawan he is not telling him anything. He is asking  RAM and Lakshman that please answer my question. And what was the question Rawan asked Rawan said I want to understand that? How did I lose the war against you?  I'm having five bigger qualities than what you are owning, but I still lost I want to understand this before I die and the questions were number one  Rawan said Say I am much much more into knowledge. My knowledge is known all around the world and everybody agrees that have the most knowledgeable man on this Earth. Second I am the most powerful person on the earth. I have shaken God also that is the power am only third is I'm having a very large army. A very capable and very dangerous Army. You have nothing against me. You have just brought some monkeys. some of the animals mustard they are not even trained to fight and you still won the war. Fourth is by KUL that is my religion,  I am higher than you. I am Brahman you are Shatriya So Brahmins are higher than Shatriyas.

This is the fourth power. I have got and the fifth and most important power which I am owning is you came to my land and you're fighting at my land in my house. You're trying to you have rather defeated me in my own house, which is the most difficult thing for any army to happen. So for these reasons, I am not able to understand how I lost the war. Shri Ram gave a very simple and perfect application to this person that is where I was telling the leadership has these two quantities one is the character second is the knowledge. Ram told Rawan that Rawan I agree you have got all powers against me. What you told is true, but you are a characterless person and I am having a very neat great character. That is why I won.  So remember a leader must have great character if you really want to gain mileage above others. You lose your character, You lose your knowledge, You will not be a good leader.

Next thing I would like to discuss any leader doesn't demand followers. Now you'll be surprised that if there are no follows then how come he is a leader either doesn't demand followers themselves because of his Magnetic Personality. They start following a leader. That is the essence of a leader carriage with him. You must have seen in several gatherings number of people are there. but movement one particular person enters He's having some Aura all around him and everybody for sure tries to look at him and get some positive way as he enters. That means he's a different person. He is a Leader.  He is different from others. So this is what is leadership.

 The next thing is leaders for performance sake first thing he is supposed to have the focus, next as I told you he should know. He should have Vision. He should have the capability to accept the challenges and face them successfully. Then he should have a decisiveness. You should make a decision at the right time and utilize the time as per the requirement and finally, a leader will always try to be like a winner  he will  always win and ensure a positive result comes out of his efforts his Affairs are never wasted out that is what is leadership

We shall be talking about the body language which great leaders generally adopt. the body language he does is totally different from the normal crowd as we all understand that leaders stand out from a crowd as they enter any area or any Gathering they can be rightly spotted that he is.

On the first body gesture, which is a little careless he walks in a very confident manner. He doesn't walk briskly. He walks slowly and with a calculated piece. He's not in hurry. He had shown that while walking he keeps an eye over the crowd. Or the people to whom he is either addressing or he's trying to read.

Snitches always carry themselves as a dominant personality. So to say a leader will always be well dressed. He'll try to show himself as different from others. Maybe his dress code will speak that he is different from the ground and he will be always. Weis formally dressed and dressed to the occasion. He is never in public with a casual dress or with a casual attitude.

This thing is he can always look very very confident and professional his loss will be meaningful. Look which means he wants to deliver something very positive to the public or the audience and he is not in a mood to gossip or chitchat on the ground. He never does that. The next point which a leader does is in always look into the eyes when he's talking to somebody else, but then the cash into this when a leader is talking he will look into your eyes and incidentally when you are asking a question or you're interacting with the leader even look at you and so when you guys left and right he will constantly.

Not look at any audience. That is a special quality a leader has and is looking is not glaring not staring. It's a decent look if you look at the public and when he's talking to a crowd Ian shows that equal proportion of look this disturb distributed all around that makes sense. Great quality. The next is a leader who has a special body language that he will very rarely smile.

Even though smile and every small thing because he thinks that smiling is a subordinate attitude and he would like to avoid that and his smile also will be very very brief and especially on a specific reason he would get a small smile that particular T denotes that is accepting or is nagging with the point, which you are talking and not

As a pleasing smile. The next thing is nodding his head. A leader will rarely not easy head or he will very very we rarely nod head and that is very typical when he knows the head. It will be almost price like this. He does it and he doesn't do it very frequently. Why because Nodding the head means an agreement in total, which also gives an insubordinate attitude.

See next thing which great little carries with him are that he will always have a firm handshake means he will have a firm handshake, but he will not squeeze the hand. He will give his dominance. I thought by placing his hand or the hand or even having people and shake with the firm grip without squeezing.

Steve another dolphin his hand as a subordinate hand like Palm up or a dead fish hand which indicates subordination or the attitude of surrender or Infinity attitude. So these are the things which generally a leader carry with him while talking to the audience on this stage, even if he has to move left and right he will ensure

He switched the crowd with his looks and he will not stand behind the bar a diets or even not hide behind something. He will always adapt and an open gesture means he will have an open Palm gesture while explaining something or an open arm gesture when he is welcoming somebody. this will not be closed off something like this. You will never do because that means it defensive attitude which any leader will avoid so these are certain qualities and body gestures and body language of a great leader. I want you to drive down these points to you so that you try and practice this do not overdo this you have to softly practice this

You may practice these things in front of a mirror and reverse and do everything softly now just to give me a rundown when you are nodding your head. Do not do it too frequently or to shop. It has to be a very slow answer when looking into somebody's eyes. Don't give a glaring look or a look that you're trying to stare at him. Just look turn your rise and again can look when you're smiling and sure either you avoid showing your teeth.

just give us off my and maybe a small portion of your teeth is visible. next as I told you the handshake you should give your hand better to a person to whom you're reading. That means you're trying to show your equality or superiority to the person to whom you are busy. So try and practice these things it will help you to grow and groom yourself as a leader.

If you want to be a good leadership in workplace, career or in Life. This course will help you alot. So get this course to know and learn everything about leadership and self esteem.


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