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How to Create Resume Online Course

A guide for effective Resume and CV writing. Resume & CV Writing online course will help any candidate to learn how to make a Resume or CV which can get them better job opportunities.


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Course Description

How to Create Resume Online Course

Resume Writing & CV Writing Online Course: How to Make a Resume & CV is a course that everyone should do who is looking forward to going for interviews. This course will help a student to know everything regarding:

What is a resume/CV?

Why is a resume needed?

What is a CV?

Requirement of CV?

What is the difference between a cv and a resume?

What are the various tools and platforms to make a resume and CV?

All the sessions have an activity attached to them that needs to be done on the same day.

This course explains to you a systematic way of drafting a resume or CV : 

About this Resume Writing Online Course

Do you know there are so many people who are not even called for an interview, just because their resume is not made correctly? Many of the students even get it made by copying some other resume. This course will help you to know that a resume is a very important document and it needs to be made by yourself.

I designed this course because while interacting with many employers, I found out that the problem is more with the resume or CV and not with the candidate. Despite the fact that this particular document is so important, in the education system today, there is no training that is practically training you on a resume or CV writing.

Even in my interactions with the students, I found out that the students are not aware of what to put in resumes. Whether we should give a resume or CV for the interview. How a resume impacts our interview. There are candidates who just copy a resume or get it made by somebody. 

This is what employers do not like at all. An employer wants to know you and does not want anything which is untrue. In fact, it is the first thing employers check in candidates with the help of a resume whether the candidate is true to what he/she has written in the resume.

Forget selection, If the resume is copied you will not be able to justify your answers in the interview. Students give more importance to the interview than a resume or CV which is practically not true. This needs to be understood by the candidates. If your resume format or CV format is convincing and matching as per the job title and description, then only you will be called for the interview.

Remember, when we go for a job interview one thing which reaches even before you reach the employer is your resume. This is one thing that decides whether you will be called for the interview or not. So, one should focus on a resume and its components while applying for a job. If the resume or CV is made by you by putting the right components, it will help you to acquire a job of your choice with the salary and designation also of your choice.

You can make your resume or cv by adding these bullet points. Select resume or cv templates; add education section, work experience section, skill section, and hobbies & interest section to understand the hiring manager to be your work experience, skills, and hobbies.

What is a resume?

A resume is a formal document that showcases a person’s career, background, and skills. It helps the candidate to showcase his/her talent to the employer even before he reaches the job interview. It also helps employers to shortlist candidates by looking at their resumes of the candidate.

What is a CV?

A CV is a formal detailed document that showcases a person’s professional, and academic details. It helps the candidate to showcase his/her talent to the employer even before he reaches the job interview. It also helps employers to shortlist candidates by looking at their resumes of the candidate.

Difference Between a Cover Letter And a Resume

A resume tells the employer where you go for an interview about your past experience. A cover letter helps you to explain to the employer where you go for an interview and why your experience is relevant to their position. In this course, I'll show you how to write a professional resume or CV that convinces the employer to consider your resume and it helps you to increase your chances of being called for an interview.

It is very important to do your self-analysis before you make your resume or CV, so in this course, you will also know about your self-analysis and how to do it.

The best resume or CV which is preferred over others are:

  •   Easy to read and understood well.
  •   Fit 2-3 pages on 1 and have quality.
  •   ATS-compatible optimized.
  •   Formatted to highlight essential contact information & email address of the candidate.
  •   Attractive with or without a photo.
  •   With a cover letter.

Requirements for the writing a resume online course:

  • Anyone who is willing to learn and wants to make a selectable resume or CV.

Who should do the course:

  •   Any student or Junior employees who are looking forward to job interviews.
  •   Anyone who wants to learn about resume or CV writing.

About the Instructor:

The instructor for this course is Ms. Anju Jindal who is a career growth specialist and an entrepreneur. She is part of the industry for the last 15 years having experience with career development.

For queries:

If you have any queries, just be sure I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don't respond. Well, I do because

1) I take responsibility of student all the time.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money's worth from the course.

Course methodology

This course is a complete screen-sharing walk-through so you can do the things with me by doing it with me itself. The course has got theoretical concepts for which you have ample time to take notes through screen sharing. The whole course is divided into various lessons where every session needs to be done on the day with the activity mentioned. If you do the activities which are part of the session, you will learn better by doing the things practically.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

1. Know the real purpose of a resume.

2. Know about yourself for making your resume.

3. Differentiate between biodata, resume, and CV.

4. Write strategically your knowledge, experience, accomplishments, and soft skills in a way that will help you to convince your employer and get you selected for the interview.

5. Use the tools to make delectable and powerful resumes.

6. Align your resume with the job title and also add the job description.

7. Know all the tools for resume or CV writing.

8. Know the right formats to be used in resume and CV writing.

9. Know the rules to be taken care of while resuming or CV writing.

You can use free resume templates available online for designing.

How to write a good resume

A recruiter will be attracted to you if your resume presents your qualifications clearly, concisely, and strategically. It should emphasize your skills, work experience, and assets. Your resume describes what you can accomplish professionally in a way that illustrates what you can do for employers. Opportunities can arise at any time. The key to success is to update your resume frequently. The following are some tips for writing a good resume and what to include.

Resumes are used by employers throughout the hiring process to learn more about applicants and determine if they might be a good fit. Make sure your resume is easy to read by summarizing your accomplishments and skills and emphasizing relevant experience.

Even though there are a few commonly used resume styles, your resume should reflect your unique education, experience, and relevant skills. If you're applying for multiple jobs, you might consider tailoring your resume for each one. Listed here are a few tips for writing a resume that will help you to organize and design it. The following tips will make it easier for you to construct an effective resume.

Contact information needed in resume:

Name: First name, last name (middle name optional).

Phone Number: Personal cell phone preferred over the home phone number.

Email Address: Today's preferred means of communication.

LinkedIn URL: Include your LinkedIn profile (hiring managers will spy on you anyway).

How to write a Resume/CV

The following is an example of a combination of Good CV.

Rishabh Mehera


(022) 230009122




Professional graphic designer with expertise in industry-leading design tools and software.

Skills: Adobe Photoshop (expert level) Adobe InDesign (expert level) CorelDraw (intermediate level) Self-motivated Creative Hardworking

Professional History

Next Up Press

Associate Graphic Designer, August 2018–Present

Created graphics for both print and online publications

Ensured that designs are accurate and functional by collaborating with editors

Developed key software application skills to overcome unique challenges in print graphic design

Level 10 Designs

Intern, June 2013–June 2014

Utilized my designing skills to create graphics for clients

Key skills for Adobe Suite of products

Delhi University Newspaper

Graphic Designer, September 2020–May 2022

Designed graphics for online publication

Designed graphically unique profiles with writers and editors

Applied and developed Photoshop skills


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What you'll learn

  • • After the Resume & CV Writing Online course you will be able to do resume and CV writing using various tools.
  • • Transform your present resume or CV into a visually appealing and marketable document.
  • • Create a CV that will help you stand out from the crowd.
  • • Make a strong case for yourself as a valuable employee.
  • • Show your specific, marketable skills and traits through Resume or CV writing
  • • Make a list of the experiences and areas you want to include.
  • • With examples, teach others how to make a resume or CV.


  • • Anyone who wants to give interviews can do this Resume & CV Writing Online Course: How to Make a Resume & CV.
  • • Pull out your current resume or CV and prepare to take some notes before beginning the Resume & CV Writing Online Course: How to Make a Resume & CV course. If you don't have a current resume or CV, making a list of your experiences and talents will help.
  • • To modify or resume or CV writing, you'll need access to a word processor.
  • • A CV or resume that has already been written and is ready to be transformed.
  • • OR you're prepared to start from scratch the resume and CV writing.
Course Content
11 Lessons | 9 Downloadable material | 02:12 Hours
    • What is the course? Who should do this course?
    • In this lesson you will get to know about What is resume Why do you need resume? What is the difference between Biodata, Resume and CV?
    • Activity for the day.
    • In this lesson you will learn about: What you need to do before you make resume? What is SWOT analysis? How to do it?
    • Download the swot analysis format.
    • Activity of the day
    • In this lesson you will learn about: What are the various componnents of the resume?
    • In this lesson you will learn about: What are the various rules for making a resume?
    • Activity of the day
    • In this lesson you will learn about: Various formats of resume.
    • Activity of the day
    • In this lesson you will learn about: How to make resume using Ms Word?
    • Activity of the day
    • In this lesson you will learn about: What is CV? Why is CV needed? What are the contents of CV? What are the rules to make CV?
    • Activity of the day
    • In this lesson you will learn about: How to make CV using Canva?
    • Activity of the day
    • Activity of the day
About the instructor
Anju Jindal


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I am a trainer by profession, a career growth specialist having more than 15 years of experience with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Team Building, Training need analysis, Providing individual and group training.

Have loving husband, one son and extremely supporting family.

Highly inspired by my father and my husband.

A firm believer in God, education, family values and law of karma

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