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MS WORD The material was captured on a Windows computer with Microsoft Word 2013 but is relevant to users of Word 2010, 2013,  2016, and Word 2020. : Because the video was taken with a Windows version of Microsoft Word, the user interface is slightly different.

Register now to become a pro user of Word. This course will guide you through a comprehensive understanding of the most popular word processing tools on the market. As your instructor, I use my years of experience in Microsoft Office training to help you progressively develop your Microsoft Word skills. Even if you are an experienced word user, you will be amazed at the techniques and tools you choose to be more productive and effective in Word.

After completing this course, you will have learned about the most popular Microsoft Word tools and can do many Word tasks with efficiency and elegance. Here are some topics that you will be good at:

Creating dynamic Microsoft Word documents

Formatting the document styles effectively

Preparing of documents to print and export

Manage large documents

Working with page and Section Breaks

Alignment of Word pages

How to Create and manage Table layouts

The use Tab stops to align content correctly

Insert media and images in Word documents

Creating labels and Forms Letters by performing Mail Merge

Create and use Word forms

Management of Microsoft Word Templates

Protection of documents from Edits

Track and accept/reject changes to documents

How to Create a dynamic table of contents

and much more ...

  • This course is designed for students who want to broaden their knowledge of Microsoft Word

Basic Requirement

  • 12th Pass

  • take notes , remember to pause the video in the areas of practice, all the rest of material will be provided to students in the lecture

  • Microsoft Office desktop version for Windows must be installed and ready to use on your computer.

  • Microsoft Word 2010, Word 2013 or Word 2016 must be installed on your computer

  • Any sort of previous knowledge in Microsoft Word is not required

Skills Covered

  • Will able to manage word documents

  • You will learn how to maximise your skills in Microsoft Word

  • Start with the basics of creating Microsoft Word documents

  • The Preparation of documents to print and export

  • Will learn control page formatting, Flow with sections and page breaks

  • The use of Tab Stops to align content correctly

  • Create and use Word forms

  • Track and accept / reject changes to documents

  • Microsoft Word Tutorial

  • Various techniques for creating dynamic layouts in Microsoft Word

  • How to Format documents efficiently in Word using Microsoft Word Styles

  • How to create and manage spreadsheet layouts

  • How to create Mailing labels and Form Letters by Performing Mail Merge

  • Templates Management In Microsoft Words

Expert Review

The Word 2010 software allows users to create various types of documents such as letters, papers, flyers, and faxes. You can use Microsoft Word to create, edit, and check all kinds of text on your computer. Besides being compatible with all popular formats, it also supports saving documents as PDFs or sending them via email directly from within Outlook.

How Do You Use Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a widely used commercial word processor. Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software, but it is also available as a standalone product.

Launched in 1983, Microsoft Word has been revised numerous times since then. Both Windows and Apple users can use it.

Microsoft Word is often referred to as Word or MS Word.


No matter if you compose a text from scratch or use one of the many templates included, Microsoft Word offers a wide array of tools to help: tables, text formatting options, color schemes, support for inserting images and clipart, and more. Microsoft Word also comes with a powerful spell checker and tools for revising documents that include markup. The software does not yet support video.


Microsoft Word is an excellent tool for text processing from a simple note to a complex report with images, graphs, and tables.


The reason why Microsoft Word is so popular is that it's both user-friendly and packed with advanced features.

Word shortcut keys

Ctrl + A -- Select all contents of the page.

Ctrl + B -- Bold highlighted selection.

Ctrl + C -- Copy selected text.

Ctrl + X -- Cut selected text.

Ctrl + N -- Open new/blank document.

Ctrl + O -- Open options.

Ctrl + P -- Open the print window.

Ctrl + F -- Open find box.

Ctrl + I -- Italicise highlighted selection.

Ctrl + K -- Insert link.

Ctrl + U -- Underline highlighted selection.

Ctrl + V -- Paste.

Ctrl + Y -- Redo the last action performed.

Ctrl + Z -- Undo last action.

Ctrl + G -- Find and replace options.

Ctrl + H -- Find and replace options.

Ctrl + J -- Justify paragraph alignment.

Ctrl + L -- Align selected text or line to the left.

Ctrl + Q -- Align selected paragraph to the left.

Ctrl + E -- Align selected text or line to the center.

Ctrl + R -- Align selected text or line to the right.

Ctrl + M -- Indent the paragraph.

Ctrl + T -- Hanging indent.

Ctrl + D -- Font options.

Ctrl + Shift + F -- Change the font.

Ctrl + Shift + > -- Increase selected font +1.

Ctrl + ] -- Increase selected font +1.

Ctrl + [ -- Decrease selected font -1.

Ctrl + Shift + * -- View or hide non printing characters.

Ctrl + (Left arrow) -- Move one word to the left.

Ctrl + (Right arrow) -- Move one word to the right.

Ctrl + (Up arrow) -- Move to the beginning of the line or paragraph.

Ctrl + (Down arrow) -- Move to the end of the paragraph.

Ctrl + Del -- Delete word to the right of the cursor.

Ctrl + Backspace -- Delete word to the left of the cursor.

Ctrl + End -- Move cursor to end of the document.

Ctrl + Home -- Move cursor to the beginning of the document.

Ctrl + Space -- Reset highlighted text to default font.

Ctrl + 1 -- Single-space lines.

Ctrl + 2 -- Double-space lines.

Ctrl + 5 -- 1.5-line spacing.

Ctrl + Alt + 1 Change text to heading 1.

Ctrl + Alt + 2 Change text to heading 2.

Ctrl + Alt + 3 Change text to heading 3.

F1 -- Open help.

Shift + F3 -- Change case of selected text.

Shift + Insert -- Paste.

F4 -- Repeat the last action performed (Word 2000+).

F7 -- Spell check selected text and/or document.

Shift + F7 -- Activate the thesaurus.

F12 -- Save as.

Ctrl + S -- Save.

Shift + F12 -- Save.

Alt + Shift + D -- Insert the current date.

Alt + Shift + T -- Insert the current time.

Ctrl + W -- Close document.

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