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You will learn start from basics to advanced concepts in Microsoft Excel including Charts, Data Reports, Lookup Functions, Analyzing Data, Preparing Dashboard Reports and Macro's 

Basic Requirement

  • Anyone with laptop for Excel practice may start learning the course

Skills Covered

  • Basic Level of Concepts in Excel

  • Intermediate Level of Concepts in Excel

  • Advanced Level of Concepts in Excel

Expert Review

The importance of MS Excel

Microsoft Excel plays a key role in many industries, which makes it one of the most significant computer programs. In many companies, classrooms and even personal data storage organizations, Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet program. Excel's first version was released in 1985. Calculations based on formulae and other tasks requiring mathematical calculations have been performed with it.

Because of Excel's versatility and ability to serve as a visual basis for a variety of applications, it has become popular among corporations, individuals, and institutions. Below is a list of departments where MS Excel is used, which illustrates its relevance:

Data organization



1. Data Organization

Data is a raw, unprocessed form of information that needs to be organized and stored correctly. It is necessary to use Microsoft Excel to accomplish this efficiently by buying Ativan 2.5 mg. In Excel, users can create tables in which their data is organized and keys are updated.

Admins who have a lot of information that needs to be updated on a regular basis will be able to benefit from using Excel for data organization. Excel tables can be used by administrators to monitor the growth of single and combined statistics like report trends and product complexity.

2. Graphing

The key feature of MS Excel which is highly used for data representation. 

For graphing, this package is crucial since it can generate a wide range of charts that can be used by many departments to represent statistical data more visually. With the included formulae and procedures, creating charts is always simple and time-saving.

Excel serves a variety of functions and can be used for a variety of purposes, making it significantly more cost-effective than other graphing programs.

3. Programming

If we talk about programming, we'll discover that MS Excel is compatible with practically every programming language available for creating macros. This makes complex functions easier to solve, thus enhancing programming efficiency. Finally, modern businesses require expertise with Microsoft Excel in order to be efficient.

In most organizations, it is important to keep track of their products, programs, and operations in an organized and up-to-date manner. Individuals who can create or invent Excel macros are, therefore, considered assets to a company.

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