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Excel Full Course - Course for learning Key skills for business

Stay home & Learn Excel through this online Excel course!

This is a unique Fun Excel Course where you play games, solve puzzles & learn Excel!!

Master Excel quickly in a fun way to open new career options or grow fast in your career.

​We make learning Excel fun and exciting. 

Learn how to use FULL power of MS Excel to achieve high performance & accuracy in your Job, grow fast in your career or Open new career paths

Faculty who has studied in IIM-Ahmedabad & NIT-Surat will be taking this course.

Master Excel quickly in a fun way to open new career options or grow fast in your career.​

We do not offer the regular boring Excel training course. What we offer are puzzles and games. 

Whether you are a beginner in Excel or an advanced Excel user, one thing is for sure: You are going to have fun solving these puzzles and playing these games! 

You also learn Excel along the way! 

Here is a Sample Puzzle

Who is the Real DarkLord? - Text & Date Functions

In Koramangala, Bangalore, the police caught a gang doing movie-piracy.

The police wanted to find out their leader, known by the nickname of DarkLord and quickly narrowed down the suspects.

The police reached out to you to help them crack these clues, as you are the Excel & Data Analysis expert in town.

You have to help the police in finding out the real DarkLord using your Excel skills!!


Here is what you'll learn in this Course:

• Learn and add a key business tool to your CV while solving puzzles & playing games

• How to Master Excel to become a key resource in your company

• Learn the full power of Excel, the most popular Business Insights & Data Analysis Tool and get an early lead in your career

• Impress your managers with attractive charts & dashboards. Get that salary raise that you want!

• Open new career options like Data Science, Digital Marketing or Financial Analysis using the full power of Excel

• Save time by Automating repetitive Tasks with Excel Macros

• Hands-on skills by solving fun Excel puzzles.

• Improve your Efficiency, Accuracy & Productivity

Feedback from Class X Student - Sivansh on 'Fun with Excel' Course

Here is the feedback about the "Fun with Excel" Course by one of the youngest participants.

Feedback from Sivansh (Student in Class 10th)

Sivansh is in Class 10th and completed 'Fun with Excel' Course. He enjoyed the unique way of teaching Excel by using fun puzzles and activities, where he learnt Basics of Excel and moved up to advanced topics like Macros, Pivot Tables, Conditional Formatting etc and much more! 

The Microsoft Excel Training Course covers the following topics:

  • Learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel

  • Expertly navigate the Excel user interface
  • Perform basic calculations with formulas and functions
  • Professionally format spreadsheets and Conditional Formatting
  • Create visualizations of data through charts and graphs
  • Text and Date functions
  • Logical Functions 
  • Working with Data (filtering, sorting etc.)
  • Intermediate formulae
  • Lookups (VLOOKUP , HLOOKUP )
  • Data validation, Dropdown lists etc
  • Advanced conditional formatting
  • Pivot Tables

See you in the class soon!  

Full Syllabus of the Course

1. Perform basic calculations with formulas and functions

a. Addition, Subtraction and other Mathematical functions

b. Min & Max functions 

c. Absolute & Relative Cell reference 

d. Basic IF statements 

2. Text and Date (in text format) functions 

a. Working with Text

b. Date functions 

3. Logic & Conditional formulae 

a. Logic functions (AND, OR etc.) 

b. Conditional Functions - SUMIF / COUNTIF etc. 


4. Lookups (Both) 



5. Working with Data (filtering, sorting etc.) 

a. Filtering

b. Sorting 

6. Graphs & Charts 

a. Different Types of Charts

b. Making charts practically 

7. Data validation, Dropdown lists etc. 

a. Validation of Data 

b. Dropdowns  

8. Pivot Tables

a. Create basic Pivot tables

b. Apply Filters 

c. Auto-refresh 

9. Professionally format spreadsheets

a. Basics of Formatting 

b. Number Formatting

c. Date Formats 

d. Tables 

e. Conditional Formatting


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Basic Requirement

  • New students can join the course as we start from the basics

  • Basic familiarity with using computer

  • Laptop/Desktop with MS Excel installed as it is a Hands-on practical Course

Skills Covered

  • Learn And Add Another Tool To Your Cv While Solving Puzzles & Playing Games

  • Master Excel To Become A Key Resource In Your Company

  • Learn The Full Power Of Excel, The Most Popular Business Insights & Data Analysis Tool And Get An Early Lead In Your Career

  • Hands-On Practical Ms Excel Skills By Solving Fun Puzzles.

  • Improve Your Efficiency, Accuracy & Productivity

  • Impress Your Managers With Attractive Charts & Dashboards. Get That Salary Raise That You Want!

  • Open New Career Options Like Data Science, Digital Marketing Or Financial Analysis Using The Full Power Of Excel

  • Learn via Our Unique 'Fun With Excel' Course Which Makes Learning Fun & Exciting

  • Save Time By Automating Repetitive Tasks With Excel Macros

Expert Review

Definition of Microsoft Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet program created by Microsoft that organizes numbers and data using formulas and functions. For financial analysis, Excel is used by businesses of all sizes around the world.

What are the uses of Excel?

Excel is commonly used to organize data and perform financial analysis.  Businesses of all sizes use Excel.

Excel is primarily used for:

1) Data entry

2) Data management

3) Accounts

4) Analysis of finances

5) Charts and graphs

6) Software

7) Pertaining to time management

8) Project management

9) Financial modeling

10) CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

11) Organization of almost anything!

MS Excel has the following features:

Excel is the most widely used application due to the following features:

Excel's Graphical Features

Charts and pictorial representations of data are available in Excel. Charts, Shapes, Smart Arts, Clip Arts, etc.

Excel's database features

Excel can be used as a database and used to perform a variety of data operations. Pivot Tables, Slicers, Tables, SparkLines, Databases, Sorting, Filtering, Data Validation, Grouping, and so on.

Features of Microsoft Excel

Excel Tools and Functions allow you to perform powerful calculations and enhance the Excel Application Features. Formulas, VBA Macros, Add-Ins, Hyperlinks, Conditional Formatting, Spell Check, Protection, etc.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet and data analysis program. The best way to learn Excel quickly and efficiently is to attend a live course. We will discuss four reasons why you should learn Excel and how it can benefit your career.

Excel increases your value on the job market

Excel skills are highly valued by employers due to the variety of ways they can be utilized. Taking Excel classes will allow you to gain a competitive edge on the job market by learning advanced ways to use Excel.

You become more efficient with Excel training

Excel skills will enable you to accomplish a variety of projects and tasks more efficiently. 

Excel training prepares workers for financial positions

Good Excel skills are essential for many finance-related positions.

Excel classes are also beneficial for non-traditional workers

Journalists frequently have to deal with large amounts of information, which Excel can help them handle efficiently. Excel can be used by sales professionals to manage leads throughout the sales funnel. Excel can help freelancers manage their time, finances, and jobs.

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