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Foundation In Digital Marketing

Our dedicated placement cell works tirelessly to connect you with top companies, ensuring you kickstart your career on the right foot. Whether you're a recent high-school graduate ready to begin your journey or a working professional looking to enhance your skills, SkillCircle has you covered. Join us today and embark on your path to mastering the latest skills with Skill Circle.


  • course Duration: 3 months 9 days
  • course Chapters: 12


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Course Description

Welcome to the Foundation Digital Marketing course offered via SkillCircle, your pathway to mastering the fundamental standards of digital advertising. In this comprehensive path, we intention to equip you with the important know-how, competencies, and tools vital to thrive in modern-day dynamic virtual panorama.

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

We kick off the course with an outline of digital advertising and marketing, exploring its evolution, significance inside the contemporary enterprise international, and the diverse channels and platforms it encompasses. You'll benefit a deep know-how of virtual marketing's role in reaching goal audiences and driving commercial enterprise boom.

Module 2: Website Essentials

A sturdy online presence begins with a powerful internet site. In this module, we delve into the important thing elements of website design and optimization. From person revel in principles to seo (search engine optimization) strategies, you will discover ways to create and optimize websites that appeal to and interact with visitors.

Module 3: Content Marketing

Content is king inside the virtual realm. This module explores the artwork and science of content advertising, protecting content creation, distribution, and advertising strategies. You'll discover how to craft compelling content that resonates with your target audience and drives significant interactions.

Module 4: Social Media Marketing

Social media systems offer unprecedented opportunities for brands to hook up with their audiences. In this module, we delve into social media advertising fundamentals, including platform choice, content material advent, advertising and marketing, and analytics. You'll discover ways to leverage social media to construct logo cognizance, power engagement, and generate leads.

Module 5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine advertising is crucial for making sure your emblem's visibility in search engine outcomes pages (SERPs). In this module, we delve into the arena of paid search marketing, inclusive of Google Ads and Bing Ads. You'll discover ways to create and optimize search advert campaigns to maximize your go-back on funding (ROI).

Module 6: Analytics and Measurement

Data-driven decision-making is at the heart of successful digital marketing campaigns. In this module, we explore web analytics equipment and techniques for measuring and reading marketing campaigns' overall performance. You'll learn how to song key metrics, interpret facts and insights, and optimize your advertising efforts for continuous improvement.

Module 7: Strategy and Planning

Effective digital advertising and marketing requires a nicely defined strategy and course of action. In this very last module, we cover strategic planning frameworks, aim-putting, target market segmentation, and campaign budgeting. You'll discover ways to develop comprehensive virtual advertising strategies that align with enterprise targets and force measurable consequences.

Throughout the course, you may interact in arms-on sporting activities, case research, and real-global projects to enhance your learning and realistic competencies. By the cease of the Foundation Digital Marketing path, you'll be geared up with the knowledge and self-assurance to embark on a successful profession in virtual advertising and marketing or raise your current advertising efforts to new heights. Join us these days and take the first step toward mastering the artwork and technology of digital marketing with SkillCircle.

What you'll learn

  • Comprehensive Understanding: Develop a thorough understanding of the core concepts, principles, and techniques of digital marketing, including its various channels, strategies, and tools.
  • Website Optimization: Acquire the skills to design, develop, and optimize effective websites that enhance user experience (UX), drive traffic, and support overall digital marketing objectives.
  • Career Readiness: Equip yourself with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to pursue a career in digital marketing or advance your existing marketing career to new heights.
  • Practical Experience: Engage in hands-on exercises, real-world projects, and case studies that simulate the challenges and scenarios encountered in the digital marketing industry.
  • Strategic Planning and Execution: Learn how to develop comprehensive digital marketing strategies, set SMART goals, define target audiences, allocate resources effectively, and implement campaigns that align with business objectives.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Skills: Acquire practical skills in search engine marketing (SEM) by learning how to create, manage, and optimize paid search advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Ads.
  • Social Media Proficiency: Gain proficiency in leveraging social media platforms for brand building, audience engagement, and lead generation through effective content creation, community management, and advertising.


  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Educational Background
  • Motivation and Commitment
Course Content
    • 1. What is Marketing? 2.What is Traditional Marketing? 3.Explain how Mobile is the Future of Marketing 4.Introduction to Digital Marketing (What is Digital Marketing along with some examples) 5. Traditional Vs Digital Marketing 6.What is Target Audience? 7.Examples of Target Audience 8. Overview of Modules of Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing SEO Web Analytics Social Media Advertising Content Marketing 9.Key Trends in Digital Marketing 10.Key Players in Digital Marketing
    • 1.What is Market Research? 2.What is a Niche? 3.Factors to find your Profitable Niche 4.What is Target Audience?, Examples of Target Audience 5.What is a Buyer Persona? 6.How to create a Buyer Persona? 7.What is Graphic Designing? 8.Important Elements of Graphic Design 9.How is Graphic Designing used? 10.Walkthrough of the Canva Platform 11.Using Templates to create design 12.How to add elements to your design? ----- -Shapes -Graphics -Allmage Generator -Tables -Photos -Videos -Audio -Charts & Stickers -Frames & Grids - Background - Resume
    • 1.Adding Text to your Design 2.Creating and using a Brand Kit 3.Uploading Media 4.How to create a Logo? 5.Key Criteria for creating a logo 6.What is Branding? 7.Difference between Branding and Marketing 8.What is Color Psychology? 9.How to select a Color Pallete? 10.Canva Color Wheel 11.Designing Instagram Profile Picture 12.Designing Instagram Post 13.Designing Business Cards 14.Creating Reels 15. Creating Reel Cover Image 16. Using Al-powered tools of Canva -Magic Write -Magic Media -Magic Animate -Create Custom Animation -Magic Edit -Motion Effects -Magic Eraser -Magic Grab -Magic Expand -BG Remover -Grab Text
    • 1.What is a Domain Name? 2.What is a Domain Name Extension? Common Domain Name Extensions 3.How to buy a Domain Name from Godaddy? 4.What is Web Hosting? 5.Types of Website Hosting 6.What is Panda Host? 7.How to Buy & Configure Hosting? 8.How to change DNS in Godaddy? 9.How is Graphic Designing used? 10. Installing WordPress from Plesk Control Installing SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate 12. Difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org
    • 1.WordPress Tour (Overview of Backend) 2.How to apply theme to your website? 3.What is Gutenberg Editor and How to use it? 4.Creating a page for your website using blocks 5.What is a Gutenberg Pattern? 6.Elementor Introduction and Installation 7.Using Elementor to create a page from scratch 8.Installing & Using templates to create a web page 9.Uploading a Theme from Third Party 10.Using Envato Elements for Additional Resources like templates, themes etc. 11. Adding Widgets to your website 12.Building Site Identity Site Title Tagline, Logo Favicon 13.How to use Elementor CSS with Al 14.How to add a Navigation Menu to your website? 15.How to create & add a footer to your website? 16.What is a Plugin and why are they used? 17.Using Essential Plugins Duplicator URL or Permalink Contact 7 Forms Flamingo WP Forms 18.What is a Wireframe 19.What is Envato Elements & how to use it to download additional templates for your website 20.Website Responsiveness 21.What is Sitemap 22.Make a Sitemap of your website 23.Setting Permalink, URL Slug 24.Setting Home Page as your default landing page
    • 1.Overview of SEO 2.How does a visitor come to your website organically? 3.How does search engines work? 4.How does Google decide where to rank your website? 5.What are Keywords? 6.Types of Keywords Head, Body Long Tail Keywords 7.How to use the following tools for Keywords Research to find out relevant keywords? Ubersuggest Google Autocomplete Quora Wikipedia Keywords Sheeter 8.What is On-Page SEO & why is it important? 9.What is SERP? 10.What are On-Page Optimization Factors? 11.What is Rank Math SEO? 12.How to optimize the On-Page SEO of your home page? Title Tag URL or Permalink Meta Description Heading Tags Alt Tag Mobile Responsiveness Images Copy Optimization 13.What is Off-Page SEO & why is it important? 14.What are Off-Page Optimization Factors? 15.What are Internal and External Links 16.Types of Backlinks Do Follow No Follow 17.How to find whether a link is Do Follow or No Follow? 18.Making Backlinks using the following Platforms Quora Medium Pinterest Guest Posting Resource Link Building 19.Script for Backlink Builing 20.What is Google Search console and how can it be used 21.How to submit your website on Google Search Console 22.What is a Sitemap and how is it useful? 23.How to create a Sitemap for your website? 24.How to submit Sitemap in Google Search Console 25.What is Robots.txt File and why is it used? 26.What Is Local SEO 27.Making a Google Business Profile 28.What are Local Search Engines
    • 1.Overview of SMM and its benefits 2.Creating Instagram Account 3.Instagram Post Types 4.Writing the perfect BIO to attract clients 5.Reels Fundamentals 6.How to Plan your Reels? 7.How to add captions to Reels? 8.How to edit Reels using Inshot? 9.Recap of Tools we used till now like canva 10.Recap of color theory and how people Read 11.Using Single Image/Video 12.Using Carousel 13.Using Story 14.Using Highlights 15.Using Live 16.Using Hashtags 17.How to bring Organic Traffic to Instagram? 18.Resources for Stock Images, Videos etc 19.Promoting Posts from Instagram
    • 1.What is Facebook marketing & why use it? 2.Setting up your Facebook business page 3.0ptimizing your Facebook business page BIO Profile Picture Cover Image 4.Adding content to your Facebook business page 5.Connecting Instagram Account with FB Page 6.What is Meta Business suite & how to use it? 7.Scheduling your Posts 8.What is Linkedin and making a profile 9.Setup and complete Linkedin profile - (Homework) 10.Finding Target audience on LinkedIn 11. Applying Jobs through Linkedin 12.Content that works on linkedin 13.What is Content Strategy 14.Make a Content strategy for SMM including all SMM platforms we covered - (Homework) 15.Creating carousel posts 16.basics of video editing 17.What is Publer and How to Post through Publer 18.Make as many Posts for SMM and Schedule them with PUBLER
    • 1.lntroduction to Meta Ads 2.Structure of Meta Ads 3.Setting Up Meta ads Manager 4.Setting up campaign Name Special Categories Buying Type : Name Campaign Spending Limit 5.Understanding campaign objectives 6.What are Adsets? 7. How to Setup Adset Level? 8.Understanding Demographic Targeting, Detailed Targeting, Budgeting, Scheduling, Placements etc 9.How To setup Ad Level? 10.Creating First Ad Creative & Copy 11.What is Meta Ads Library 12.Find out the best performing ads from ads library 13.How to Setup different Ad Campaign Objective - Lead Ads and Leads Forms 14.What is Meta Pixel & how to set it up? 15.What are Remarketing and Lookalike Ads? 16.How to setup Remarketing and Lookalike Ads?
    • 1. Creating & Optimizing a YouTube channel 2.Understanding YouTube Studio & its tools 3.Branding your channel with consistent visuals & messaging 4.Finding out the most famous videos of any channel 5.Planning and Scripting Video Content 6. Use ChatGPT or Google Bard to write a compelling video script for your Ist Video 7. How to Record, edit, and optimize videos? 8. How to Upload videos on YouTube? 9.Optimizing video titles, thumbnails, descriptions, and tags for search 10. How to Use VidIQ to get Tag 11. How to Use Chat GPT to Write Compelling Titles 12. Making Thumbnails using Canva 13.Analyzing video performance and audience insights 14. How to create YouTube ads from Google Ads Manager 15. Setting up targeting and Adcopy for Ads
    • 1.Understanding the concept of influencer marketing and its benefits 2.dentifying different types of influencers (celebrities, macro, micro, nano) and their impact 3.Case studies showcasing successful influencer marketing campaigns 4.Outreaching the Right Influencers for Collaboration Opportunities Explain the full process
    • 1.Introduction to Google Ads platform 2.Types of campaigns objectives and Ad Formats 3.Campaign Structure 4.Making your first ad Campign for traffic 5.Setting up a campaign 6.Adset and Bidding 7.Targeting and Keywords 8.Types of Keywords - Broad, Phrase and Exact Match Keywords 9.Negative Keywords 10.Different Parts of Google Ad Copy 11.Writing an Effective AdCopy with the help of Chat GPT
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