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Advance Digital Marketing Course

MODULATION is among the premier learning platform for career centric Digital marketing Course in Laxmi Nagar. Our institute has been teaching students in the field of Digital Marketing for the last 4 years in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi and more than 500 Digital Marketing Students are working in top MNC companies. Our institute conducts courses by making them work on live projects from day one, which increases the practical knowledge of the Digital Marketing students.

Batch List

Batch Name Date Time Days
Digital Marketing Batch 1 20-May-2024 - 20-Aug-2024 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri


  • course Recorded Lessons: 30
  • course Live Lectures: 24
  • course Recorded Hours: 4
  • course Live Hours: 60
  • course Duration: 3 months (Avg)


  • course Full lifetime access
  • course Access on mobile
  • course Assignments
  • course Certificate of Completion
Course Description

Modulation Digital is India's leading digital marketing training institute located in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. Anyone who is looking to grow their career in digital marketing should choose our highly comprehensive course, especially those seeking leadership positions.With best digital marketing course,  we have 40+ modules which are designed to accelerate your career. Modulation Digital believes to provide the overall growth to all the students whether they are looking for jobs or want to start their own marketing agency or want to start a solopreneur business as a freelancer, Modulation Digital is here to help you in every aspect of your career!

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

  •    Definition
  •    History Traditional Marketing
  •    History of Digital Marketing
  •    Advantage of Digital Marketing
  •    Future of Digital Marketing
  •    Targeted Advertising
  •    Interactivity and Engagement
  •    Search Engine Dominance

Module 2: Website Essentials

  •    What is Domain, Hosting & SSL
  •    Type of Website
  •    Website structure
  •    Create WordPress website
  •    Basic of HTML, CSS.
  •    Digital Marketing Integration
  •    Design Tools and Technologies

Module 3: Content Marketing

Content is the king in the world of digital marketing Training Institute. If you know how to write attractive content, then in every field, be it digital marketing or blog posting or social media captions or email, you can impress the audience with your strong writing skills. Can grab the attention of users and increase conversions. Without content writing skills you can’t become best Digital Marketers, so content Writing is important part of our Digital Marketing Course.

Module 4: Social Media Marketing

  •    Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  •    Understanding Social Media Platforms
  •    Creating a Social Media Strategy
  •    Content Creation and Management
  •    Engagement and Community Building
  •    Social Media Advertising

Module 5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine advertising is crucial for making sure your emblem's visibility in search engine outcomes pages (SERPs). In this module, we delve into the arena of paid search marketing, inclusive of Google Ads and Bing Ads. You'll discover ways to create and optimize search advert campaigns to maximize your go-back on funding (ROI).

Module 6: Analytics and Measurement

Data-driven decision-making is at the heart of successful digital marketing campaigns. In this module, we explore web analytics equipment and techniques for measuring and reading marketing campaigns' overall performance. You'll learn how to song key metrics, interpret facts and insights, and optimize your advertising efforts for continuous improvement.

Module 7: Strategy and Planning

Effective digital advertising and marketing requires a nicely defined strategy and course of action. In this very last module, we cover strategic planning frameworks, aim-putting, target market segmentation, and campaign budgeting. You'll discover ways to develop comprehensive virtual advertising strategies that align with enterprise targets and force measurable consequences 

Wandering for a promising chance to enter into the digital marketing industry? Well, that is possible with Modulation digital’s Digital marketing course in Laxmi Nagar Delhi. Our web marketing course can enable students to operate live projects with confident. When you have complete clarity on the online marketing course, you don’t need to be thirsty for the better jobs and client’s project. We give our internet marketing course and training with practical learning essence.

What you'll learn

  • 1.Audience Targeting: Understand your audience's demographics, preferences, and behavior to tailor messages that resonate with them. 2.Platform Adaptation: Modulate messages to suit different website sections and user journeys, ensuring consistency while catering to specific needs. 3.Clarity and Conciseness: Craft short, impactful messages that convey value proposition, benefits, or calls-to-action succinctly and persuasively. 4.Visual Appeal: Use typography, color, and layout modulation to enhance message visibility and comprehension, making it easy for users to digest information quickly. 5.Testing and Optimization: Apply A/B testing techniques to experiment with variations in messaging, analyzing performance data to refine and improve effectiveness continuously. 6.Responsive Communication: Stay agile in responding to user feedback, market trends, and website analytics, adjusting messaging strategies promptly for better engagement and conversion. By mastering these aspects, you'll be equipped to create compelling short messages on websites that capture attention, drive engagement, and ultimately, achieve marketing objectives.


  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Educational Background
  • Motivation and Commitment
Course Content
6 Lessons | 64:00 Total hours
Advance Digital Marketing
      •    Definition:
      •    History Traditional Marketing:
      •    History of Digital Marketing
      •    Advantage of Digital Marketing:
      •    Future of Digital Marketing:
      •    Targeted Advertising:
      •    Interactivity and Engagement:
      •    Search Engine Dominance

      Importance of Digital Marketing Training in the business landscape. In today's modern era, every person has a smartphone in his pocket and every person is use internet today, due to which it is very important for the business to take the help of digital marketing. Today there are some reasons to choose Digital Marketing is helpful for business. 1. Expand the reach. 2. Increase awareness 3. Generate leads. 4. Create more sales 5. Cost effective solution. So if you wants to become a best Digital Marketers course in delhi then you must have depth knowledge of Digital Marketing and in India best Digital Marketing institute is Modulation Digital institute.

      •    Introduction to Graphic Design
      •    Design Tools and Software
      •    Image Editing:
      •    Branding and Identity Design:
      •    Design Creative post.

      In today's digital world, attraction is everything and graphic design helps in this. Graphic design becomes a powerful weapon for digital marketing Training Institute which increases engagement, brand awareness and ultimately conversion. All this work can be done with the help of graphic design and it helps a lot in digital marketing course. Image video reel created by graphic design is posted on marketing platforms like Facebook Instagram Google YouTube Pinterest on all these platforms. And the audience spends their time on it so that they get to know about our brand, hence digital marketing course is not possible without graphic design.

      •    Video Editing Fundamentals
      •    Storytelling and Content Creation
      •    Advanced Editing Techniques
      •    Optimization and Distribution

      Video editing is a very important modules for digital marketing Training Institute students. The importance of video editing in digital marketing is not just to post the video but to grab the attention of the public with the help of video and this is the biggest challenge to make your message effective with the help of video editing. With the help of video editing, the words in the video can evoke emotions and complex messages can be easily understood. You can easily explain your products and services to the public through video and your product video ads.

    • Content is the king in the world of digital marketing Training Institute. If you know how to write attractive content, then in every field, be it digital marketing or blog posting or social media captions or email, you can impress the audience with your strong writing skills. Can grab the attention of users and increase conversions. Without content writing skills you can’t become best Digital Marketers, so content Writing is important part of our Digital Marketing Course.

      •  What is Domain, Hosting & SSL,   Type of Website,   Website structure,   Create WordPress website,  Basic of HTML, CSS.,Digital Marketing Integration,   Design Tools and Technologies

      In the digital world, it is very important for every company to have an online office to design its website well and to explain its details very well on its website. It is very important for the students of digital marketing to learn how to create a website and have knowledge about the website. This is because when we do search engine optimization of the website, there are three types of work done on the website, first is technical, second is on-page, third is off-page and in doing all the three works, only the student will be successful who has deep knowledge of website designing. Only those who have knowledge of both digital marketing and website designing will be able to Learn Digital Marketing Course course in delhi.


      In today's digital time, without the help of social media optimization, you cannot build your company's brand nor can you reach your target audience. For this, it is important to know the interest of your audience, its further qualifications. If you want to do social media optimization, then it is important for you to have knowledge of marketing funnel because you should know the purpose behind doing marketing and you should also know the steps of marketing, setting up awareness campaigns, placing traffic ads, placing engagement ads. It's all part of Digital Marketing Course course in Delhi.


      •    Introduction to Social Media Marketing
      •    Understanding Social Media Platforms
      •    Creating a Social Media Strategy
      •    Content Creation and Management
      •    Engagement and Community Building
      •    Social Media Advertising


      •  SEO Fundamentals & Concepts, Keyword Research & Strategy, Content Marketing for SEO, SEO Analytics & Reporting,   Technical SEO & Website Optimization  .                               Do you want to rank your website on Google, then for that you will have to do SEO? SEO is very important Modules of Digital Marketing Course. If you understand in simple words, we can optimize our website and get it ranked on Google, in this we optimize content of product description and service page on our website so that people search queries on Google then they see our website at the top, which gives us the benefit in the form of traffic, we get unlimited of traffic for free, with the help of S, after this, our business gets enhanced and our brand is recognized. If you rank higher on Google's search engine, people will understand your brand and trust your product, which will make lead conversion easier for your business. More traffic means more leads and more customers, which directly promotes your business and earnings. So, what are you waiting for? Join Best Digital Marketing institute in Delhi Modulation Digital Institute today and take classes.
    • In Digital Marketing Course, Blog creation plays a very important role and it is the process of setting up and maintaining a blog. Blogs serve various purposes such as sharing information, expressing opinions, engaging with a specific audience etc. Blog creation is an frequentative process that involves ongoing efforts in content creation, promotion, and audience engagement.

    • Local SEO is very useful for the businesses who are looking for a targeted audience in a specific locations. The primary goal of it is to attract the more and more local customers to the local businesses. It also helps the businesses to get appear in Local Map. Basically Local SEO is a process which is done to optimize a business's online presence and to enhance the visibility in local search engines. It is and ongoing effort in which the businesses must be stay updated of the changes occurs in search engine algorithms.

    • In digital marketing, SEO tools are the indispensable resources for individuals and businesses to enhance their online presence. These seo tools helps the digital marketers, website owners and SEO professionals just to optimize their websites, analyze the data of their website and business to rank higher on search engine results pages

    • In Digital Marketing, Google Analytics is a very useful tool provided by Google which provide power to the marketers, and website owners to analyze the performance of their websites. It also provides valuable insights for user behavior, website traffic, and other important metrics. Google Analytics helps users to make informed decisions for the improvement in their online presence and to achieve their business goals.

    • Basically GTM (Google Tag Manager) is a tool which is provided to us by Google to make the process of adding and managing the tags on website in a better and simple way. Google Tag Manager is work as a Central Hub in managing the tags without the need of direct code modifications on the website. Google Tag Manager is widely used by digital marketers, website owners, and analytics professionals to make the process of implementing and managing tracking codes in a far simple way on their websites.

    • Google optimizer is a platform that is provided by Google for testing and experimentation. It give the power to individuals, digital marketor and website owners to perform various experiments on their websites. For Digital Marketors, it is a very useful platform given by Google to optimize user's experience by attempting various experiments on Website

    • Google Page Speed Insight is a tool that is developed by Google and it is a web performance tool which help's the web developers and website owners to estimate the performance and loading speed of website pages. It is available for both desktop and mobile devices. This tool give recommendations and provide the insights for the optimization of website to faster the loading speed of pages and give much better experience to their user's. This tool can also improve our search engine ranking

    • Basically the term Google Adwords is changed to Google Ads in year 2018 and for online advertisements Google Ads is stand as a powerhouse. For Digital Marketors, Google Add performs a very important role to make their advertisement more effective and for businesses it helps to reach their targeted audience.

    • Display ads stands for online advertisements that contains images, videos and graphics to make your advertisement more attractive and to convey a message. These ad can be displayed on apps, website, social media platforms to get the attentin of users. Display ads is a very powerful tool for Digital Marketors to capture the attention of their targeted audience.

      •    Introduction of Mobile Marketing
      •    Benefits of Mobile Marketing
      •    Advantages of Mobile Marketing in Digital Marketing

      Mobile Marketing is a very powerful startegy which is used for businesses to reach on top and engage with their targeted audience. In the era of smartphones, the Mobile Marketing is the Modern Marketing ToolKit.

    • Email Marketing is also a very useful and powerful tool for businesses and allow them for building relationships with their audience and to connect with their audience. Email Marketing is also known for personalized and direct method to engage with the targeted audience. A various range of benefits is given by the Email Marketing in Digital Marketing Landscape.

    • Reporting play a very important role in Digital Marketing and it is also called the backbone of the Digital Marketing Strategies because effective reporting provides a very good path to the marketor towards its success. The dynamic process of reporting is to measures overall performance, unveil the insights etc. For a digital marketor reporting can also be a forward-looking guide for the better future of Digital Marketing Strategies.

    • Basically dropshipping don't need a store to keep the products in it, dropshipping comes under the part of e-commerce in which the product is purchased from a third party and then shipped directly to the customer. Dropshipping is a very innovative business model. When a customer place a order then the product is purchased from a third party and then directly send to the customer, this process is known as Dropshipping and it a very innovative as a startup.

    • To get a successful job in any field you must have to give an Interview first of all, and many of us are still not be able to crack the interview after cracking the enterance exam in any job, but now you don't have to get worry about it because the Modulation Digital Institute is here to help you in the preparation of your Interview. We teach you the essential steps and strategies to help you in showcasing your skills and qualifications with full confidence to crack the Interview.

      • Definition of Personality Development
      •    Importance of Personality Development


      Personality Development is a process to perform your overall development whether it is your behaviour, dressing sense the reason is same to take your personality from basic to top. The importance of Personality Development can't be denied as it guides you in increasing your self confidence, self-improvement and in Modulation Digital Institute will help you in your this transforming journey from bottom to top. Moduation Digital will help you to make your development in both personal and professional terms.

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