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Become a Smart Parent - Learn Cyber Parenting

Introduction about our Training program

Smart Cyber Parenting

The last 2 years have been quite an extraordinary period for all of us. We have been going through a sequence of events that we have not even thought of. Right from complete lockdown to work from home, from RTPCR to vaccination and what not! It was surely a challenging period for all of us.

Being a parent of 2 kids, it has been intriguing to see how kids are coping with these challenges. For them, it must be quite harder to get used to the new world.

There has been a complete paradigm shift in our parenting concepts and completely changed the whole perspective.

From no mobile/laptop to hours of online schooling. From “Go and play outside” to “not allowed to go outside”, this list goes on.

Out of these, the most striking change from my perspective is the forced exposure to the cyber world. The cyber or virtual world is no more a matter of choice now. With online classroom via zoom, teams, etc, online assignments, School, college WhatsApp groups, even online birthday celebrations.

While I am sure all of us are very diligently following all recommendations related to not only covid but the overall health of our kids, the question is are we providing required attention to mental, physical, and digital health recommendations related to this exposure to the cyber world?

During these unprecedented times, one should ask himself/herself: Are we aware of health issues? How does it impact our eyes? What kind of psychological issues a child could have? Is my child safe in this virtual world? What are the legal provisions? What kind of hygiene we should follow? How does it impact the child’s body overall and are there any simple techniques/routines we can follow?

The best way to find answers to all these questions is to seek help from experts from each area and this is exactly what we have aimed in this course. We have engaged experts in each area, pediatricians, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Yoga gurus, cyber law, and Cyber security. These experts will enlighten us with valuable insights into each area.

These all aspects are key pillars of what we call “Cyber Parenting”.

This training program is specially designed for all ages parents and grandparents.  How you will gain from this course is very important.  You will be aware of the risks of the cyber world and how to tackle these threats, rules, and regulations of the cyber world. You will be empowered with skills to manage the physical, Psychological, academic issues of your child and  You will be able to proactively minimize these issues.

Introduction of Modules-

Module 1-

  • Children have become netizens. Due to “not allowed to go outside” It's obvious they got attracted to screens, the Internet, social media, Whatsapp. It has already affected them. In module 1 the expert is Dr. Suneel Godbole, who is a renowned Developmental Pediatrician in Pune. He is going to discuss the health problems in children due to excess screen time. He will enlighten us with some Tips to tackle health issues due to excess screen time and Guidelines to allow screen viewing for children.

Module 2-

  • As excess screen time, Overuse of the internet, social media is common among children. Children are facing some issues due to this like academic issues, concentration, and hyperactivity issues. In this module, our Expert Dr. Ashwini Godbole who has completed MBBS, MD(Biochemistry), PG Diploma in Child & Adolescent Psychology and working as a Consultant in Child Development & Diet for the last 25 years, will guide us on Tips to tackle academic issues due to excess screen time and Digital detox.

Module 3- 

  • Overuse of digital devices leads to a number of eye problems that have the potential to affect the future of your child. In module no 4, the expert is an eye specialist so she will be talking about the effects on the eyes of children due to excess use of screens and the solution for that.

Module 4- 

  • The last two and half years were a big challenge for all of us and we have acquired many unhealthy patterns as far as our daily routine is concerned. This is not only related to the kids but for parents as well, be it eating habits, stress level management, increased screen timing, digestion-related problems we can address this by taking out time for ourselves at least half an hour daily incorporating yoga as a lifestyle.
  • By following this yoga module you will be able to overcome many small health-related issues and can able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This module no 5 is based on Solutions for our physical, academic, psychological stress.

Module 5-

  • As we learn more about the effects of digital media on our children, we get more concerned if our child is having excessive screen time. is this also impacting their emotional wellness? what are the danger signs of Internet addiction? more importantly, to whom to address our concerns too, psychologist or psychiatrist? What will they do as part of treatment, how long will treatment take? This module discusses how to talk to the family, what are the various strategies used by the team, and gives some important take-home messages.

Module 6-

  • As a parent, we are always concerned about many aspects of our child's life but sometimes we may miss the most important but basic aspect.
  • In this module, we are going to address one such dimension which will play an important role that is correcting our POSTURE while accessing digital media.

Module 7-

  • All age people are Netizen as all are connected to the internet. We are living in 2 different worlds. Real-world and Cyberworld. To make aware of rules and regulations, threats, and Hygiene to avoid the threats in the cyber world is our primary responsibility to become responsible netizens. We will discuss the same in module 7.

Module 8 –

  • Prevention is better than cure. In this module, the expert will be talking about Cyber Security measures and Cyber Hygiene to avoid becoming victims of cybercrimes and to learn how to protect.

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Basic Requirement

  • Should be aware about How to access internet. Should able to read English

Skills Covered

  • This course will enlight us with some Tips to tackle health issues due to excess screen time and Guidelines to allow screen viewing for children. This training program will guide us on Tips to tackle academic issues due to excess screen time and Digital detox. It will be talking about the Effects on eyes of children due to excess use of screen and solution for that. This training program is based on Solution for our physical , academic, Psychological stress. It discusses how to talk to the family, what are the various strategies used by the team, and gives some important take home messages.IT also trains the parents about Legal aspects of Business and Cyber Security

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