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Have you ever tried painting an earthenware before?

If yes, this course would help you learn to draw a unique artwork that is one of it's kind on an earthenware plate.

If you are new to play with earthenware, this course would also help you know the materials you would need to draw and paint on earthenware. 

Basic Requirement

  • People of any age group

Skills Covered

  • Learn to paint on Earthenware

  • Know the materials needed to paint Earthenware

  • Learn a unique art form with doodle

Expert Review

Have you ever found yourself listening to something boring, then drifting off into your own thoughts, your hand scribbling random things on a piece of paper in front of you? If your hands want to be a part of a conference call or a lecture, being all ears can be challenging. Everyone experiences this at some point. 26 of 44 American presidents have doodled, from Theodore Roosevelt, who doodled animals and children, to Ronald Reagan, who doodled cowboys and football players, and John F. Kennedy, who doodled dominoes. We have traditionally thought of these doodles as an indication of distraction - that your mind was not where it was supposed to be. Recent research has shown, however, that doodling is not in fact a hindrance to attention; it may even be a friend.

Memory and doodling

As part of a study conducted in 2009, psychologist Jackie Andrade asked 40 people to listen to a dull and rambling voicemail message for 2-12 minutes. One half of the group doodled while doing this (they shaded in a shape), and the other half did not. The group was unaware their memories would be tested after the call. We found that those who doodled were better at recalling details from the call when asked to recall details from the call. 29% more information was remembered!

Furthermore, paying constant attention strains the brain, and doodling may be just the break the brain needs to keep attending without losing total interest. As long as they limit the amount of time they do it, medical students (who have to absorb large amounts of information) may find doodling helpful. Doodles help students remember information, fill in gaps in their thinking, and provide a much-needed respite from the large amounts of information they must absorb every day.

Stress relief and improved focus through doodling

Drawing spontaneously can also reduce psychological distress and make it easier to pay attention. In order to make sense of our lives, we like to make up coherent stories, but sometimes there are gaps that can't be filled, no matter how hard we try. It is possible that "doodles" fill in these gaps by activating the brain's "time travel machine," allowing it to find lost puzzle pieces of memories, bring them to the present, and make the picture of our lives more complete. We may be able to concentrate better and relax more when we feel a sense of self and meaning.

Despite the fact that doodles may appear to be scribbles, random words that make no sense or a partial face that suddenly becomes something extraterrestrial, they are not really that random. Dr. Robert Burns, the former director of the Institute for Human Development at the University of Seattle, uses doodles to diagnose emotional problems in his patients. The unconscious can be revealed by doodles, according to him. According to him, your hand also transmits brain activity in the same way as EEG leads. Many other doodle researchers would agree.

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Course creator

                                 Prateeksha Sharma

Prateeksha Sharma


My name is Prateeksha Sharma. I am an IT professional and a self-taught artist. My interest and specialization is basically in Doodles, Zentangles, Patterns, Mandala and Digital Illustration.