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Although painting is very enjoyable activity for all ages but in this course I have designed a basic 5 activities for specific age group of 5 and above. Which can train you to think out of the box and think creatively and come up with more creative ideas. 

This course is designed in two levels creating foundation for basic idea of art. Like basic and advanced with five different activity which can help child to jell-up with colours and various things like for example candle, vegetables, sponge, scrubbers, leaves etc.  all the best!

Basic Requirement

  • Basic idea of painting

Skills Covered

  • Different Creative art of painting

Expert Review

Are you looking for a creative activity that will boost your confidence and encourage your creativity? 

This course is recommended for anyone above 5 years old. We have online art classes or painting classes. Or, we can provide other extracurricular activities to fill those last weeks of summer for those who have started school all across the country. This is a high-quality, affordable art class for kids and toddlers available online, so you've come to the right place if you're looking for some fabulous teachings.

You might just find what you are looking for with this Beginner's Drawing Course! The method of teaching used in this drawing course is a step-by-step method that will motivate and inspire students to draw! It involves arranging shapes and lines until a recognizable end result is achieved. As a result, beginning artists are able to create unique masterpieces utilizing the knowledge they gain through each lesson. Beginning artists are provided with the tools they need to begin their journey into self-expression, reflection, and creative thinking in this Beginner's Drawing Course.

A parent or guardian should purchase this course for use by a beginner artist or novice art student. Supervision is recommended. As per course policy states that those under 18 years old may only use the services if a parent or guardian opens their account, handles any enrollments and manages their account usage.

Drawing develops your kid’s problem-solving skills

When drawing, a child is faced with multiple decisions- whether it’s ‘what colour should I use here?’ or ‘How do I draw an animal and connect one part of its body to another?’ All these questions require them to solve problems. Try asking them why they drew certain parts the way they did or why they used certain colours, and see what solutions they came to.

It lets their imagination run wild!

Drawing enables your child’s imagination to become more active. Each time they draw they access their imagination and make physical representations of what’s in their mind. People’s imaginations have allowed them to create all of the things that we use and are surrounded by every day. Our sister companies Nobrow and Flying Eye Books publish some fantastic books, of which one of our absolute favourites is ‘Nightlights’ by Lorena Alvarez. It’s a charming story of a young girl’s boundless imagination, with beautiful illustrations.

What are the benefits of drawing for your child's development?

A child can pick up a pencil and start drawing right away. The new technologies are making it much easier for children and their families to learn important creative skills as they are becoming much more accessible. Drawing is among the most fundamental of these skills - here are some of the reasons why...

Drawing makes children more expressive

Children can't always express themselves through words or actions, so drawing is another important mode of communication. By looking at their drawings, you can learn a lot about your child. Children's emotional intelligence is also boosted by being able to express themselves.

We have Professor Astro Cat activity sheets for you to colour, and you can make your own Astro spaceship and suit. They are available here.

Your child's motor skills will be enhanced by it

You can begin teaching your child to draw as early as possible, whether it's a simple scribble or a masterpiece that hangs on the fridge. By starting as early as possible, children can improve their hand-eye coordination, and their finger muscles will be fine-tuned. To help you with this, try our dot-to-dot app Artie's Magic Pencil. Little ones can learn to be confident in their creativity with our lovable artistic hero. Simply paint these shapes and anything is possible!

Your little ones will be ready for school with this drawing

Logic and abstract thinking are largely derived from drawing. Drawing helps your child prepare for understanding more difficult concepts, regardless of whether he or she is still at home or already in school. Early exposure to these creative thinking methods prepares a child for future education. Don't forget to give your kids a variety of materials to draw with, such as crayons, paint, and chalk - and don't forget to give them a variety of digital media tools, so they can get used to computers and tablets that they will likely use frequently in the future.

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Course creator

                                 Veena Lekhi

Veena Lekhi

I am graduate and ex of art and craft school teacher. I learned painting at very young age, as I had a flair for painting it slowly become my hobby.

It’s been the love and passion for creativity that keeps the art always going on! Love & passion for art made me to always keep trying new things always with every medium like acrylics, water colours, oil paints, crayons, etc. and I do it on base like paper, colour paper, hard board, canvas or any base. I like to do experiment in this way. I got an opportunity to try different ideas.

 There are no rules in creativity all need is feeling for art, and passion to create your ideas and bring it out. If it catches your mind and you feeling to create it, do it!!

Painting I would describe as to be a stress buster, a mi9nd soother, and it actually keeps mind happy and calm because when I use colour I feel happy and calm.

 I want all my students to become very good artists, expert precisely. And I would feel proud when you complete each course and so you and so you should be part of each and every course which I will put up in future.