Although painting is very enjoyable activity for all ages but in this course I have designed a basic 5 activities for specific age group of 5 and above. Which can train you to think out of the box and think creatively and come up with more creative ideas. 

This course is designed in two levels creating foundation for basic idea of art. Like basic and advanced with five different activity which can help child to jell-up with colours and various things like for example candle, vegetables, sponge, scrubbers, leaves etc.  all the best!

  • Different Creative art of painting

  • Basic idea of painting

About the instructor

                                 Veena Lekhi

Veena Lekhi

I am graduate and ex of art and craft school teacher. I learned painting at very young age, as I had a flair for painting it slowly become my hobby.

It’s been the love and passion for creativity that keeps the art always going on! Love & passion for art made me to always keep trying new things always with every medium like acrylics, water colours, oil paints, crayons, etc. and I do it on base like paper, colour paper, hard board, canvas or any base. I like to do experiment in this way. I got an opportunity to try different ideas.

 There are no rules in creativity all need is feeling for art, and passion to create your ideas and bring it out. If it catches your mind and you feeling to create it, do it!!

Painting I would describe as to be a stress buster, a mi9nd soother, and it actually keeps mind happy and calm because when I use colour I feel happy and calm.

 I want all my students to become very good artists, expert precisely. And I would feel proud when you complete each course and so you and so you should be part of each and every course which I will put up in future.

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Easy Drawing and Painting online course for Kids and Ages 5+

    Course Features

  • Lectures 10
  • Duration 27 Minutes
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English