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Online Grooming Course: Story of Princess in Cyber World

Though this training originated in the phase of lockdown due to Covid 19 pandemic, the history of the game is very old. As we all know, computer games or internet games are played by every age group. Some people are addicted to games. Some have even adopted the games as their profession. There is a debate on the “playing of computer games”. Some parents do allow their children to play games and some parents do not allow them at all. The parents who allow their kids to play games have different categories. Some parents allow in a restricted mode while some don’t bother of the time or even if they bother they don’t know how to control their kids.


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Course Description

Story of Princess in Cyber World (Online Grooming Course)

Once there was a beautiful princess who lived with her father in a huge palace. Being a member of the royal family, although she was enjoying all the wealth and comfort, the only thing she was missing as a growing child was friends. Her father, being a king, couldn't spend any time with the princess.

He used to travel a lot, visiting other states. He was sure about the princess’s safety as it was the safest place anyone can think of. It was her 13th Birthday, and her father gifted her a laptop.

Princess was very happy on that day. One day out of curiosity and excitement the princess opened the laptop and it felt like a fairytale to her.

Soon she became laptop friendly. She could read, view anything she wanted.

Then she entered the world of magic, the world of the internet. The Internet was like a genie for her.

She was able to read Photos, Advertisements, shopping, exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing, playing online games, watching videos, sharing videos, photos, and whatnot! It was more than she could have dreamed of. And then it was inevitable that she came across the cyber genie called “Facebook”.

She opened a Facebook account. Now she was feeling like she was in heaven. She got the most precious thing in her life, online friends! Her friendliness started growing day by day but all of them were the people she already knew.

One fine day she saw a friend request.

It was from a boy.

The profile claimed that he was from the very wealthy state and their interests were identical. She was excited. Without verifying his status, without going through his detailed profile, she accepts his friend request. She started talking to her new friend.

Now, this new friend started taking interest in her personal life and she started sharing everything with him. King was happy as the princess was happy and in the safe palace. Now the princess started spending most of her time on the internet. Sometimes she used to bunk her school.

She stopped playing outdoor games in her backyard. Facebook and her new friend were a new life for her.

He was cool, charming. Everything else was so boring without him. Slowly the king started to realize the change in the princess’s behavior. He was a bit worried but he was still not bothered as his princess was still within the palace and hence safe.

But the king was completely unaware of the trap his daughter was in. Sitting in the cozy corner of the palace, the safest place in the world, his daughter was actually becoming a cyber addict. She was completely in the trap of an unknown person whom she had not met before.

She was spending her days and nights on her new laptop chatting with her new virtual friend, getting driven by an unknown force. She was completely amused by an unknown person and their virtual meeting on messenger. After a few days, the king started to worry about his daughter's strange behavior.

The princess was not able to eat her meals properly, she was not able to sleep properly, She was not giving response to the king upon calling. She was completely lost in her own world. The king concluded this as a behavioral issue and secretly became the spy of the princess.

He secretly observed the princess's moves and what she was doing on her laptop. In all his efforts he could find out that the princess is busy with somebody on the messenger. He started finding the person who could help his dearest daughter. The king announced publicly that the person who could save the princess from gadget addiction would be rewarded handsomely.

Meanwhile, the princess continued her virtual relationship. The princess was completely engrossed in an emotional relationship with her cyber friend. She was impressed by his photographs and his praise for her and was completely in love with him. She started blindly believing him.

Once he asked for a few of her indecent images. Without any second thought, she clicked the selfies and sent them to him. The relationship continued... After a few days, the king was able to find the person who accepted the challenge.

He claimed himself as a magician.

The magician was extremely brilliant.

He was well educated in the field of IT and networking. With the help of his technical knowledge, he found out that the cyber friend of the princess was actually a cyber groomer who was abusing the princess sexually because he wanted to capture the kingdom of the king.

When the king came to know about it, he was completely shocked. He along with the magician started to convince the princess about leaving the virtual relationship. But cyber grooming was so intense that it had stopped the princess's thinking ability. She didn't listen to them and wanted to marry the person irrespective of his age and without any second thought.

The groomer was actually the king's old enemy who started blackmailing the king from the indecent photos which the princess had sent the groomer. At the same time, the princess started blackmailing her father that if she would not marry her online friend she would commit suicide.

King was in a dilemma and a complete depression. Finally, the king in his severe depression gave away all his empire and his daughter to that cruel enemy who was the old king of the neighboring kingdom. This way cyber grooming completely ruined the safest place in the world. 

• Cyber grooming is winning the trust and trapping a person by goodwill, online bullying is harassment and bullying done by nasty methods. The different types of cyberbullying involve causing humiliation through hateful comments on online platforms/apps, or through SMS or messaging. It comprises posting, sending, or sharing negative, nasty, or false information/photos about another individual for causing humiliation and character assassination, triggering religious content, issuing threats, and creating fake online identities for illegal reasons.

In this session, we will discuss

1.  The concept of online grooming.

2.  The process of Cyber Grooming

3.  Types of Cyber Groomers

4.  Why is this happening/ Why are teens becoming victims in this cyber Grooming?

5.  Who is at risk?

6.  Warning signs

7.  What to do


What you'll learn

  • 1. To know everything about Cyber Grooming 2. To understand safety measures for how to avoid cyber Grooming 3. If will become victim in this then what will be the next step 4. Legal , Psychological aspects of Cyber Grooming


  • Should be aware about How to access internet
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