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Online Gaming Vs Make your own Computer Games

This course is specifically designed for the teenager. This course will encourage the teenagers to make their own computer games instead of playing online games.


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Course Description

Learn to develop computer game instead on playing - Online course for Game Development for Kids

This course help your kids to learn how to develop online computer games instead of playing.Explore and get this course to teenager to learn game development with simple steps.

About the trainer :

 Dr Deepti Lele is a trainer and consultant in Cyber Law.She is a Human Resource Management professional and has done doctorate on "quality of work life of police employees" ,MPM in Labour Laws and LLB.She is also an author of noted research papers.

Dr Deepti is very Closely associated with many reputed schools, colleges and organizations as an Enthusiastic Academician and trainer since last 10 years.She has also given consultation related to cyber safety and security to the corporates from various business sectors.This inspired her to think about a training program for today's Netizens and help India to reduce cyber frauds.

Through her programmes like Responsible Netizens and Cyber Pathshala she has helped many students , parents and teachers to know the insights of internet  usage and safety. Her training always includes the live cases of cyber frauds and explanations about the precaution the victim should have taken in that incident.This truly helps the trainees.

Dr Deepti’s training on cyber awareness are for everyone who uses the internet. But according to the needs of her audience she customizes the delivery of the content in a beautiful way which makes the training interesting.

She has conducted hundreds of workshops in the schools in Pune and the places near Pune like Panchgani.She has also spread the cyber awareness in the villages of Konkan.Her mission is to make India cyber frauds free.

Need of the training “Online games Vs make your own computer games”:

Though this training originated in the phase of lockdown due to Covid 19 pandemic , the games history is very old.As we all know , the computer games or internet games are played by every age group.Some people are addicted towards the games.Some have even adopted the games as their profession.There is a debate on the “playing of computer games”. Some parents do allow their children to play games and some parents do not allow at all. The parents who allow their kids to play games have different categories.Some parents allow in a restricted mode while some don’t bother of the time or even if they bother they don’t know how to control their kids.

This program is derived to spread the awareness of different aspects of the online games within kids and their parents and even grandparents.The training has a very positive note to take from.How the strength of playing games can be productively utilised and how the online games can be enjoyable instead of raising it as a family and social issue , how the kids can create their own games , what steps they should follow is the gist of this training.

More About the training :

With the word “online games” there is a great amusement within few people.From kids to senior citizens anybody can  be the fan of online games.It has been widely observed that Grandparents do play online games for hour and hours. Even parents play games in their free time. Some parents don’t play games but hey allow kids to play games , in this scenario the parents should be aware of the games which their kids are playing. The playing should be for entertainment and nobody should become addict of the online games.

The famous example of addiction to online games is “Pub G“ , we have been reading many horrifying news about this game. 

So the overall awareness  of online games should be increased and we must observe the safety of our family members in this concern.There should always be an agenda of how you and your family members are going to spend your free time.When it comes to online games we should have questions like which games,for what time and what each level of the games targets at. These are all important questions to decide if the specific online game is going to entertain or going to create the stress for the family. One game addict in the family disturbs the routine of the entire family. So the online games should be played after analysing and deciding the plan of the play.

We must motivate our kids to become smart kids.We must teach them to utilise their potential in a positive way.Ralph Bear was the father of online games.The first computer game is generally assumed to be the game Spacewar!, It was developed in 1962 at MIT ,USA.older games were played with special instruments but now a days it’s very easy with smart phones. Kids should be motivated towards such innovation and history.

New features of the online games have following elements  :

  • Voice calling
  • Voice controlling
  • Guesture sensor
  • Graphical advancement
  • Virtual reality
  • Muitiplyer options
  • Portable gaming
  • 3D visuals

These features definitely are amazing and we get amused by them but at the same time there are hidden dangers in these new features.

Following are the Security measures which we should observe while playing the online games:

  • Nickname should not include your personal data
  • Update antivirus
  • Authorised version of the game
  • Don’t share personal
  • Strong passwords
  • Take care from the cyber crimes
  • Beware of webcam attack

What parents should remember

  • Teach kids to update softwares
  • Set ground rules
  • Create family email id for online game
  • Teach them to use print screen option if something goes wrong
  • Verify authenticity of downloaded files
  • Use parental control app
  • 2 step authentication should be enabled
  • Report and block
  • Break from online games
  • Understand the game
  • Age appropriate games
  • Tell them about cyber safety

Advantages to grandparents

  • Online games make them active
  • They become tech savvy
  • Their eyesights get improved
  • They get some brain activity
  • You get smart grandparents

Kids should know these points about their grandparents.

Make Your Own Computer Games :

  • Sometimes kids dont like color combination , equipments , points  of few games etc. Its the best option to create your own computer games.
  • Make your own computer games with customization.We must remember the following points.
  • Analyse the scope of your game
  • Don't compare your game with professional games in the market
  • Think your first game as a learning experience
  • Take your own time to create your own game , play your own game
  • Give it to your friends to play
  • Take help from professionals
  • Take help from social media
  • Coding
  • Keep it simple
  • Don't give up

Following 5 steps and skills are important  to create your computer game:

1) Do research

conceptualize your game

features of the game

attand few online courses

2) Design document of the game

game designing requires following skills

 creativity,artistic vision,sound knowledge,story telling , analytical frame of mind ,logical thinking,creative writing , programming,patience


4)Start programming : coding

5)Testing: command testing , run time testing (score , key functions , events)

functions settings , settings , character attributes

Decide Gamification for your game in further step : winning prize , points (rules are told) to motivate users

Finally :

promote task management , increased motivation ,enforced desirable learning behaviour

Games should be excited for everyone. 

We must remember to utilize our potential when it comes to games.Designing your own  game to play is a great achievement and it really is thrilling. Please follow all the cyber safety and security norms as per the training.

What you'll learn

  • 1. Create awareness among Teenagers , benefits if they will make their own computer games. 2. To understand the negative aspects of online gaming


  • Should be aware about How to access internet
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