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This course will guide you, how you can start your journey of design with Figma And making you ready to work with Figma.

Basic Requirement

  • Basic idea of Design

Skills Covered

  • Basics and Creating screens

Expert Review

Learn Figma Tool in 30 minutes

This course will guide you, how you can start your journey of design with Figma And making you ready to work with Figma.

Basics and Creating screens

Figma is a popular application these days, and it is no wonder why. It is undoubtedly the best tool for designing mobile apps UI also many more uses.

The program is used to design user interfaces. Even though it's similar to Apps like Adobe XD and Sketch in many ways. Its ability to run in the browser and some excellent collaboration features make it unique and has thus far been very well received both as a prototyping tool and as an interface design tool.

Figma is a graphics editor that's different from others. Most importantly, it works directly on your browser. You can open your projects on any computer or platform and design from there without needing to buy multiple licenses or install the software.This course will help you to learn figma easy tools, with figms powerful tools you can design projects such as web design, mobile app Interface, ui ux designing, and user interface designing

Besides the generous free plan that lets you simultaneously store and create three active projects, designers also love Figma for its excellent free option. It's plenty for you to learn, experiment, and work on small projects.

The application is browser-based, so it is an excellent tool for individuals interested in designing and planning on experimenting and learning the process. You will be exposed to a shortlist of browser-based applications in 30 minutes during this course.

Test your designing skills using the Figma tool yourself. Figma is one of the best online tools for designing user interfaces. Aces. You will learn to create the basic design in Figma.

Key Points

Because it stands out amongst its established competitors, Figma stands out from its competitors. Here's how.

Frames and Layout Grids

Every project should begin by choosing the ideal frame size. By choosing the correct frame size, you get a better idea of how the User Interface will scale in the entire design. Frames can be launched with the "F" keyboard shortcut. By pressing "F" on your keyboard, you can access it from the top panel.

However, you will miss out on finer details like pixel snapping and pixel grid if you drag to start designing right away. You might also want to try layout grids now that we have discussed grids.

Further, Frames utilizes grid layouts, which can also help speed up the entire design process.

Besides the masking tool, frames also have a way to hide parts that stick out. Beginners might find these tips useful.

Layout grids are another feature of Figma that is easy to use. Designers can create unique web layouts by controlling negative spaces, layering elements, and layering elements over each other.

Colour Libraries

Generally, Figma simplifies the entire process of colour used for its users. A colour setting that you create and use in a design project is automatically added to the colour profile library, accessed in the "Document Color" option.Your colour profiles have all been saved and are ready for re-use. 

Having a similar color scheme can be helpful when working on a project. You don't need to save every colour manually and individually—a great way to achieve consistency without much effort.


Figma Mirror already allows switching between mobile and web view, but the Constraint feature also allows toggling between the two. This allows you to adjust your project for each perspective on the fly, giving you the best possible result for each case.

Real-Time Designing

With Figma, you can collaborate with other designers in real time on projects.After uploading your file to Figma, you're ready to start. If you do not have physical access to each other (think of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, for instance), the online collaboration tool is ideal. You want to craft solid projects with your colleagues.ngoing Coronavirus pandemic, for example).

Comments & Notifications

As Slack and Figma are fully integrated, sharing information and communicating with teammates is a breeze. Clients or colleagues add comments to a project after you send it to them. Contact them later if you need to. 

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You will receive an industry-recognized Certification from TeacherDada after completing the course. You can also share your Certificate in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, CVs, resumes, and other documents.

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