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Are you eating all the wrong types of foods and are in desperate need of an effective diet plan? Wave goodbye to unhealthy eating habits and say hello to a healthy new you with the Diet and Nutrition course. 
This Diet and Nutrition course introduce the key components required to adopt a healthy, balanced diet. You’ll explore the effects of poor eating habits on the body, and how the body stores fat and convert food into energy.

Basic Requirement

  • Fitness Professional

  • Health Oriented

  • Gymming

Skills Covered

  • Becomes Certified In Level 1 Food and Nutrition

  • Able to Schedule Diet

  • Earn as Freelance Nutrition Expert

  • Updates Are Free for same Course

  • Attend Classroom Lectures Paying Extra Classroom Fees

Expert Review


This year-long course covers the vast area of Nutrition and Dietetics specialization. Students will obtain an in-depth knowledge of nutrition skills that will make them sought-after professionals in the field of nutrition. There will be a wide range of nutrition analysis topics like the management of weight, ways to cook, exchange list & menu planning, food commodities and safety, and many other areas that will enable you to craft a rewarding career as a Nutritionist and Dietician for numerous fields like Healthcare, Nutrition, Sports Arena, Dietetics Healthcare as a Health Coach, Nutritional Therapist, and others. 

Come and explore a rewarding Nutrition career in the booming Healthcare industry by joining our Nutrition experts.

Scope of the course

Dietetic jobs require specialized and customized care for patients and clients. 

The answer to ‘Is Nutrition and Dietetics a good career choice?’’ boils down to how lucrative and well-paid it is. When one is well-known and excels in the field, a dietitian's salary in India is quite high. Nutrition and dietetics professionals who are highly compensated include the following:

Certified Nutrition Specialist

1) Clinical Dietician

2) Dietetic Technicians

3) Health Coach

4) Health Educators and Community Health Workers

5) Holistic Nutritionist

6) Licensed Nutritionists

7) Nutrition Specialties

8) Registered Dieticians

9) Registered Nurses

10) Rehabilitation Counsellors

11) Sports Nutritionist

By teaching about health and promoting wellness, they promote people's well-being. It focuses on improving the health of individuals and communities through the development and implementation of strategies. Additionally, as Registered Nurses (RNs) or Rehab Counselors, they assist in the caregiving sector. Furthermore, they provide sportspeople with proper nutrition in order to achieve successful results in sports.

Careers in food and nutrition can be found in schools and hospitals. Other medical facilities, such as rehabilitation or help centers, also hire health and nutrition specialists. Furthermore, nutritionists and dieticians can also find employment in long-term care facilities, corporations, food manufacturing industries, community and public health organizations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, making this a thoroughly rewarding career choice.


In answering the question, Is Nutrition and Dietetics a good career option, the answer is that a career in nutrition and dietetics will lead to a brighter future and will gradually advance the field forward. As a result, it would be a wonderful and unconventional pathway for students interested in such careers after the twelfth standard

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