Hello everyone


First I would like to thank you for choosing this course and I’m happy with your decision.

This course is mainly framed for the beginners, irrespective of age and health conditions.

Anyone can try this Surya Namaskara, as I have taught this with modifications and in easier way. 

This will really help a lot for the beginners.

Request you to not to imagine and do the postures, in case if you have a doubt. 

Request you to not to do incorrectly also.

Please contact me, if in case you have any such confusions or you have any queries. So I can help you with right assistance.

Thank you so much for choosing this course and believing in my teaching.

Stay Blessed

Sarve Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu



  • Reduce stress from mind and body and make you feel lighter and positive.

  • Feel confident and comfortable after the practice.

  • No Prior experience is required, Anyone can join.

  • Suitable for everyone irrespective of age and health conditions.

About the instructor

                                 Yashaswini B R

Yashaswini B R

Hello everyone,

First I would like to thank you for showing interest in my profile.

Myself Yashaswini from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. 
I worked as Supply chain Management Engineer in several Industries for 7 years. From 2018 I completely switched my profession towards teaching.

Teaching being one of my passion, especially teaching Kannada language which will be taught with utmost interest.

I have taken classes for Academic Kannada language classes for children and spoken Kannada language class for Non-Kannada speakers.

In addition to this I also teach SLOKA/STOTRAM/MANTRAS especially for children and also for adults.







My teaching experience has helped me a lot in understanding the various teaching methodologies (will be framed based on student ability and creativity) and also in better understanding of student-teacher relationship or bonding.

I have trained-training students aged from 4 to 35 years across the globe with different linguistic native speakers. This has made me confident about my teaching methodology where I can educate my students with different abilities, irrespective of their age and requirement.


I was grown up in a family where the slokas mantras were mandatory and there was no excuse to skip. Because of that training I’m here today can deliver the flawless slokas or mantra to my student.

Basically most of them opt for sloka class for their children, to make their pronunciation right and to make their mind active and energetic. Also depending the student interest and practice the meanings of the words that have used in the slokas will be shared.

There is no doubt that children will develop a good pronunciation, concentration and focus towards the many aspects by reciting slokas.

Every child is unique and showcase different abilities in learning. Let the child or yourself take good amount of time in learning and enjoy your learning phase.

You all know that Practice makes man perfect. So I request all the parent who enrol your children to any of the above class, please make sure that they practice each and everyday.

If you are a student then please make a time to practice and learn.



Thank you

Yashaswini B R



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Surya Namaskara with Bheeja Mantra for Beginners

    Course Features

  • Lectures 5
  • Duration 32 Minutes
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English