Hi Everyone! I believe you and your loved ones are doing well.

In this course I will take you through the foundation of Yoga.

We all know the benefits of Yoga on overall wellbeing, and we all want to practice - will help you practice with correct alignment & details of Sun Salutations with its individual asanas.

I want my students to practice along with, so I have included basic warm up in the beginning and cool down sequence at the end. I am sure you will benefit from the course with correct alignment.

What you’ll learn

    Correct alignment of Asanas of Suryanamaskar / Sun Salutations : Plank/Chaturanga Dandasana, 8 points/Ashtangasan, Upward facing dog/urdhwa mukh swanasan, Downward facing dog/Adho mukh swanasan

    Basic Warm up and Cool down - Include all major joints & muscles in warm up, and effective cool down

    Basic Tree Pose (Vrikshasan) and how to apply more depth to the Tree pose to align the hip joint and stretch the side body

    Basic of Goddess Pose/Utkata Konasana, and how it can be enhanced

    Enhanced Sun Salutation / Surya Namaskar with a balancing detox pose

    Learn how to correctly practice the basics of Yoga asanas so you can build your advanced practice from here

    Regular practice will help with optimising your energy, stamina, strength in addition to flexibility and elasticity

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

    A Yoga Mat

    Open Mind

    Willingness to apply correct alignment in daily practice

Who this course is for:

    Yoga Beginners

    Yoga Practitioners looking for correct alignment

    Yoga Students aiming to become Yoga Teachers

  • Correct alignment of Suryanamaskar

  • None

About the instructor

                                 Ajay Daga

Ajay Daga

Software Engineer turned Yoga & Fitness trainer and Certified Dietician, I have been practicing Fusion Yoga for over 10 years in London and Pune, online and offline.​

Yoga & Fitness is not just my passion, it's my vision for everyone - Adults & Kids.

I strongly believe - Human Body is Donkey. Human Mind is a Monkey. Let's move that Donkey. Let's Tame that Monkey. Donkey likes inertia and rest. Monkey rarely sit still. We need Yoga to move the body, and we need Yoga to calm the mind.

Certified dietician, and I believe in no-nonsense balanced diet for everyone, not influenced by commercialisation of food and I say NO to supplements. My diet advise derives inspiration from our Ancient Food Wisdom.


I encourage kids to start into the realm of Yoga & Fitness to aid their physical health, and Pranayama for their Focus, Concentration and Mental Health. Get them Young into Yoga for body and for mind.

Foundation of Yoga

    Course Features

  • Lectures 30
  • Duration 02 Hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English