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Course Description

Learn Forex Trading | Online Course for Forex Trading

So whether you're interested in learning more about forex or simply want to learn some new skills, then this course is perfect for you. Forex Trading Course - Learn how to trade currencies online. In this Forex Trading Course, we will explain the basic trading strategy to how to put the best bid and earn money with daily trading online while just sitting at home.

  • We will explain various factors of forex trading and how to cover them while trading.
  • We will explain how to use our strategies and Risk & Money management in our forex trading course online.
  • We will also give some tips on forex trade which will help to trade better in this online forex trading course.

The Forex Trading Course Will Cover the Following Topics

1. Account opening and trading process in forex

2. Forex trading basics

3. basic step in forex trading

4. Forex trading difference

5. Good strategies in forex

6. Impacting factors on forex trading

7 Bid, Ask spread in forex trading

8 How to use the economic calendar in forex trading

9. Different trading strategies for forex trading

10. Tips for forex trading

11. Forex trading general queries

12. Forex trading session and taxes

13. Tips for forex trading

14. Forex trading advantages and disadvantages

15. Forex vs regular trading

16. How we can choose the best strategy in forex trading

17. Money management in forex trading

18. Risk management in forex trading

19. Technical Indicators and candlesticks

20. Pivot points, Fibonacci, and trendlines

21. Volatility management in the forex market and put-to-call ratio for swing trading

22. Trading phycology and qualities of good trader

What is Forex Trading?

Forex is a combination of foreign exchange and foreign currency. The process of converting one currency into another, usually for commerce, trade, or tourism, is known as foreign exchange. In its triennial report for 2019, the Bank for International Settlements (a global bank for national central banks) reported that forex trades reached $6.6 trillion daily in April.

Forex, or foreign exchange, is the process of exchanging currency between buyers and sellers at a predetermined price. Forex is the process by which individuals, companies, and central banks exchange one currency for another - if you have ever traveled abroad, it is likely that you have transacted in forex.

Advantages of Forex Market

It is Flexible

FX markets provide traders with a great deal of flexibility. It is possible to trade because there are no restrictions on the amount of money that can be used. The markets are almost unregulated. Together with the fact that the market operates 24 hours a day, traders have a lot of flexibility. The weekends and late nights are also ideal times for people who work during the week to indulge in Forex trading. If they trade in the stock market or bond market or in their own country, they cannot do the same! This is why part-time traders prefer Forex trading since it offers a flexible schedule with the least interference with their full-time jobs.

A huge Forex market crosses several time zones and is highly transparent. In spite of this, Forex market information is readily available. Furthermore, no country or Central Bank can monopolize the market or rig prices for an extended period of time. There may be a short-term advantage to some entities due to time lags in information transmission. This advantage, however, cannot be sustained over time. It is also fair and efficient because of its size.

Get Various Trading Options

Traders have a wide range of trading options available to them on forex markets. There are hundreds of currency pairs available to them. Alternatively, they can enter into a future agreement or enter into spot trade. To meet the needs of Forex traders, futures agreements are also available in various sizes and maturities. Thus, the Forex market offers an option for every investor's budget and appetite for risk.

Furthermore, the Forex market has an enormous trading volume, which needs to be taken into consideration. It is the largest trading market in the world. Due to this, Forex offers unsurpassed liquidity to its traders, enabling them to enter and exit the market in a matter of seconds, whenever they wish!

Low Transaction Costs

Compared to other markets, the forex market offers low transaction costs. Forex trading has extremely low transaction costs compared to other markets on a percentage point basis. This is due to the fact that the Forex market is largely operated by dealers who provide a two-way quote after reserving a spread for themselves to cover their risks. There is very little pure-play brokerage in the Forex market.


Forex markets provide the highest level of leverage of all financial asset markets. As a result of the arrangements in the Forex markets, investors can leverage their original investment by up to 30 times and trade! Loss and profits are magnified by this. Because of leverage, even though movements in the Forex market are usually small, traders can end up gaining or losing a significant amount of money!

How will this course help you to become a Professional Trader?

The true reason so many Forex traders lose money is that the forex market is inflated. Now consider the advantage you would have if you could spot market manipulation. By learning the indicators, this course teaches you how to spot market manipulation.

This course allows you to learn the forex trading along with providing useful guidance to become a professional trader. Also it covers some basics of foreign exchange market so you will get an ideas about it. Learn from basic to advance level with expert in forex trading who will teach you forex trading strategy with this course.

Who this course is for?

  • Anyone interested in making money online should take this course.
  • This course is for you if you're interested in earning additional money or learning how to work from home full-time online.
  • If you want to improve as a trader and discover a method for understanding the forex market that fewer than 1% of traders utilize.

What you'll learn

  • Trader should be able to learn forex trading


  • Any one who is willing to learn forex trading in financial market
Course Content
25 Lessons | 07:38 Hours
    • This video will tell about the content of Forex Trading Course
    • This video will tell trader about forex trading basics.
    • This course will tell account opening details and trading process in forex trading.
    • This video will tell Forex market terminology, access, Lot and future trade concepts.
    • This video will tell different type of orders which are used in applications for trades and how can be used in risk management.
    • This video will tell forex trader for Currency pair , pip, points, Leverage , Lot in forex market and this will be helpful for forex trader to build up basic concepts in trading.
    • This video will tell bid ask spread details in forex market.
    • This video will cover good strategies in forex trading to build up basic concepts in forex trading.
    • This video will tell forex trader about forex trading session and taxes details.
    • This video will give trader major difference between forex and regular trading.
    • This video will tell forex trader economic calendar basics , its application for implementation in trading forex market .
    • This video will cover factor impacting forex market.
    • This video will cover different type of forex trading strategies which will be helpful forex trader in doing his trade. however trader can use which is comfortable in doing trade as own set up.
    • This video will cover forex trading advantages and disadvantages in forex market.
    • This video will tell trader tips for forex trading and by following these, trader can have better trade and be profitable.
    • This video will tell trader about risk management  in forex trading and need to follow strictly in his trades always.
    • This video will tell trader for money management  and he must implement in trades to save capital and be profitable.
    • This video will cover different kind of technical indicators which will be helpful trader to build up and develop own strategies in own set up. 
    • This video will cover different kind of technical indicators which will be helpful trader to build up and develop own strategies in own set up. 
    • This video will tell forex trader for different type candle sticks patterns which he can use in price action trading.
    • This video will tell about basics of pivot points, Fibonacci and trend lines which will helpful trader to have forex trader to be profitable.
    • This video will tell traders about patterns formed in stocks , commodity or forex. trader can be profitable by identifying patterns and this makes profitable and more successful trader.
    • trader will able to know volatility, liquidity , different kind of volatility and trading strategy for doing trade volatility in forex market.
    • this video will trader for PCR and its application in swing trading.
    • This video will tell trader about Trading phycology and qualities of good trader in forex, commodity and stock market trading.
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