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Best Online Stock Market Course by Azan Shah

We at The Stock Wizard Academy provide courses on Stock Market, from beginner to pro level. In our journey so far, we have trained over 2500 students through our paid classes & over 20,000 learners through our free seminars & webinars. 

This course offering the best concept to start and provide you with a complete understanding of stock markets, from the very basics to the advanced level. You will learn the stock market from scratch with this course. There is no prior knowledge required & this course is for everybody, even for students from a non-commerce background. 

Contents of the Course:

Basics of the Stock Market -

What are Stocks and other Tradable Assets, Basics of Financial Market, Primary Market vs Secondary Market, IPOs, FPO,s, Right Issues, Short Selling, etc. You’ll also learn about other basic concepts such as Market Capitalization, Market Index.

Basics of Technical Analysis & Dow Theory -

Get a better understanding of the Dow Theory which was propounded by Mr. Charles Dow, also known as the Father Of Technical Analysis, the video lecture will explain his theories thoroughly which will strengthen your technical analysis base as a result of which you will be able to analyze markets better.

Price Action -

It is the essence of Technical Analysis, Learn different price action concepts such as Trends & Trendlines, Channels, Candlesticks, Reversal patterns, Continuation patterns, Support/Resistance, etc. After this module, you will be able to judge the direction of the financial markets professionally & enter at the right time.

Technical Indicators -

Indicators are tools to help you confirm your trades, there are various indicators that help in understanding trends (Eg. Moving Average), momentum (Eg. RSI) & volatility (Eg. ATR), learn important indicators which will help in reducing the noises in the market. Indicators confirm your price action and help you make profitable trades.  

Risk Management & Trading Psychology-

This is the most important concept of stock markets, without a proper understanding of risk & rewards you won’t become a successful trader/investor. In this course you will learn proper Risk management, You will learn how to set Targets & Stop-loss. You will also learn how many quantities to buy according to your risk appetite. This concept will help reduce your losses and manage overall portfolio risk.

Fundamental Analysis -

Know about important basics of fundamental analysis like Financial Statements, Important ratios, Valuations, etc. You will be taught value analysis theory which was propounded by Mr. Benjamin Graham and later used by Mr. Warren Buffet to make a fortune in Stock Markets.

Derivatives (Futures & Options) -

As a bonus lecture, get to learn about derivatives; a kind of asset class where there is huge potential for making profits, Learn about different derivative products(Forwards, Swaps, Futures & Option) & how to trade in them. 

Telegram Channel Membership - Get a free lifetime membership of our telegram channel where we discuss stocks & other assets with other traders. 

Requirement for joining the course-

You need to have the three P's in you: Patience, Perseverance & Passion to learn to trade & investing.


Students (from any academic background)

Working Adults (from any field)

Retired Professionals


Anyone who is interested in financial markets

Basically Anyone!

So, don't wait and get the best online stock market course to start a new journey in stock trading and learning with us from best stock trading courses. 

An online stock market course from TeacherDada will help you explore the world of investment. You will learn the fundamentals of the stock market and stock trading in the simplest possible method with the aid of contemporary trading techniques from experts with this certification course.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Can I learn about the stock market online?

Online stock market classes are available for free to get you started. You may learn everything about trading and investing in equity with the aid of these stock market courses.

2. What is stock trading?

The term "stock market" refers to the public markets that are used for stock buying and selling such as stock issuing, purchase, and selling. Stocks signify a company's partial ownership. Trades in stocks take place on the stock market. The stock market has two key functions. It offers businesses a chance to raise funds to fund and grow their operations. It gives stock traders the chance to profit from the success of publicly traded businesses.

3. Why is it important to learn about the stock market?

The stock market's capacity to contribute to the creation of personal wealth in the economy is one of its most significant advantages. The stock market gives individual investors a way to invest their money in order to receive a cut of the profits made by the companies.

Basic Requirement

  • You need to have the three P's in you: Patience, Perseverance & Passion to learn trading & investing.

Skills Covered

  • This course will provide you a complete understanding of stock markets, from the very basics to advance level. There is no prior knowledge required & this course is for everybody, even for students from non-commerce background.

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