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Online Video and Mobile Marketing Course

Mobile and Video Marketing with the right approach and in a correct way, you can influence your audience, grow your business, and reach the next level of success. Whether you are starting from scratch or eager to increase the performance of your existing assets, this course will train you with the all video marketing techniques that most of the business owners practice driving results. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand the basic overview of Mobile and Video Marketing and how businesses are using this technique to reach new customers.


This course will allow you to add new technical skills in your resume and thoroughly you will be able to observe the changes within you after the course. This course is aimed at people whether you are a student, working professionals, freelancer, small business owner, or anyone with a general interest in the creation of a website or Landing page. We’ll start here from the beginning and work through step by step.


If you wonder why many people are coming online and creating videos and placing advertisements on youtube? Also, how businesses are leveraging Mobile to reach the new customer? If so then this is the perfect course for you, this will help you get all the basics of Mobile and Video Marketing. Here you will explore.

What you will learn from this mobile and video marketing course?

  • Mobile Marketing Fundamentals
  • Importance of Mobile Marketing
  • Insights of Mobile Marketing
  • Creation of Mobile-Friendly website
  • Video Marketing basics
  • Benefits of Video Marketing
  • Video Production Tips and Techniques
  • Video Advertising Advantages

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Basic Requirement

  • • Find a quiet place

  • • Focus & Attention

  • • Treat study as a job

  • • Set a Goal

  • • Pen and Paper

  • • Persistence

Skills Covered

  • • Establish your own career

  • • Discover a new you

  • • Multiple career option

  • • Flexibility in your work

  • • Skill Development

  • • Better Earning

Expert Review

What is mobile marketing?

Marketing activities that are carried out on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, are referred to as mobile marketing. Marketing campaigns are tailored based on the location of individuals by using modern mobile technology, such as location services.

The term mobile marketing refers to a way in which technology can be used to market a product or service to a person constantly connected to the internet.

Key [Points] :

1) Text promotions and push notifications via apps, for example, are examples of mobile marketing.

2) The mobile marketing audience is segmented based on behaviors instead of demographics.

3) Essentially, mobile marketing is mobile advertising.

4) Data collection poses privacy issues for marketing.

5) Traditional marketing on television and radio is considerably more expensive than mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing: How It Works

Mobile marketing includes promotions sent through SMS text messages, MMS multimedia messages, push notifications set up in apps, in-app or in-game marketing, mobile websites, and QR codes scanned with a mobile device.

Using proximity systems and location-based services, users can be alerted when they are near a service provider.

As mobile devices have become ubiquitous, mobile marketing has become an essential tool for companies of all sizes. The key players in this market are the brands (and the companies they represent through advertising), and service providers that enable mobile advertising.

While demographics play a role, such as the age and wealth of iPad users, mobile advertising targets audiences not so much by demographics but by behaviors.

"Snacking" is a mobile marketing behavior in which users check in to media or messaging for short periods of time. Instant gratification increases marketing points of contact.

Users of smartphones and iPad tablets react differently to mobile marketing depending on the device (especially screen size).

Users of mobile devices tend to find informative content to be most relevant, while iPad users prefer interactive advertising that uses rich media presentations with eye-catching imagery (the message of the content is secondary).

In a nutshell

The majority of people spend the majority of their time today on smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices, which makes mobile marketing an affordable way to reach your target audience. Low-cost mobile marketing can be tailored to the company's specific needs based on the company's inputs.

You now know What is Mobile Marketing? How does it work? Join our course today to learn how to implement it.

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