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Become an Expert - Social Media and Facebook Mastery Course

Social Media is the most powerful tool that users create content and is web-based, People using social media every day, there is more than 3.960 billion social media accounts, in this course, we use social media for Digital Marketing as a marketing tool and has become compulsory for all brands to have their presence on social media channels. Learn the skills to engage your audience by creating awesome content, increase brand awareness, reach and how to leverage different social media channels by making the brand popular on social media sites like Facebook and twitter

Basic Requirement

  • 1. Knowledge of searching /browsing on Google.

  • 2. Passion to learn

  • 3. Internet Connection

  • 4. Account on Facebook

Skills Covered

  • Introduction to Social Media, it's evaluation and purpose?

  • How one social media marketing is different than another

  • Facebook & Instagram Marketing

  • Understanding Facebook and Instagram marketing

  • Creating Facebook page and Instagram

  • Page and connecting for cross posting

  • Increasing fans/ followers/ engagement

  • Facebook and Instagram advertising

  • Types of Facebook advertising

  • Best practices for Facebook and Instagram advertising.

  • Creating different types of post with good effects on Instagram

  • Understanding Facebook and Instagram best practices

  • Creating Facebook advertising campaign Targeting in ad campaign

  • Payment module- CPC vs CPM vs CPA Setting up conversion tracking

  • Creating re-marketing campaigns

Expert Review

In the world of today, social media is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach consumers and a large audience. In recent years, many brands have harnessed the power of social media to increase sales and stay engaged with their customers.

What is social media?

A social media platform is an internet-based form of communication. Users can have conversations through social media platforms, exchange information, and create web content. A wide variety of social media platforms are available, including blogs, microblogs, wikis, social networking sites, photo-sharing websites, instant messaging, video-sharing sites, podcasts, widgets, virtual worlds, and more.

In what ways can social media be beneficial?

Globally, social media is being accessed by billions of people to share information and make connections. Social media gives you an opportunity to stay in touch with friends and family, learn new things, develop your interests, and have fun. Social media can be used on a professional level to broaden your knowledge in a particular field. It plays an important role in digital marketing.

In addition, you can build your professional network through networking with professionals in your field. Using social media at the company level does several things. It allows you to communicate with your audience, gather feedback from your customers, and elevate your brand.

Benefits of Social Marketing and Facebook advertising:

1. Establish brand recognition 

A company's most important marketing goal is to gain brand recognition. Consumers prefer familiar brands because they are more likely to buy them. Brand building is now easier and more effective with social media.

It is easier and faster to use social media than traditional media to get your brand in front of people. Additionally, your brand catches the attention of your audience even when they aren't thinking about it.

2. Boosts sales

Social media has been found to have a higher lead-to-close rate than any other form of marketing. You get more opportunities to convert potential clients into actual customers by being visible on social platforms. 

Therefore, businesses can benefit greatly from using online platforms for marketing.

3. Using analytics to measure success

The performance of your marketing tactics on social media cannot be determined without tracking data. 

It is possible to use Google Analytics to measure which social media marketing efforts have been successful and which ones should be abandoned.

Your social media platforms may be measured to find out which content and posts perform best with your audience.

4. Use social listening to connect with your audience

Social listening is the process of monitoring social conversations on specific topics. You can use it to identify trends that are relevant to your target audience and determine what is important to them.

Your content will address their problems if you learn about their problems. Additionally, you can learn about their tone and language.

Check out Burger King's Twitter account. To express themselves in a humorous manner, they use the same lingo the younger Twitter audience uses. 

Social listening can assist you in matching your tone and style to your audience.

5. Affordability 

Marketing through social media may be the most cost-effective part of an advertising campaign. The majority of social networks allow you to create a profile for free, and any paid advertising you decide to invest in is relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing techniques.

In addition to allowing you to see a higher return on investment, being cost-effective also lets you keep more of your budget for other marketing and business needs. 

Make sure you start small when using Facebook and Instagram advertising and marketing. Experiment with expanding your budget as you gain confidence.

You can substantially improve your conversion rates and earn a return on your investment by investing some time and money. 

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Course creator

                                 Shraddha Somani

Shraddha Somani

I am a passionate Digital Marketing Trainer, Consultant, Strategiest and Subject Matter expert. I have diversified knowledge in Digital Marketing domain. Not only I provide trainings but I have worked with many Institutions where I helped with my expertise in creating course content, auditing the courses and provide advice as subject matter expert. I am one of the Google Ads certified partners who have access to attend their webinars on Digital Marketing, which helps to be aware of the latest trends and which I incorporate in my trainings.

Along with my freelancing digital marketing and WordPress Website development agency, I thought to provide a real-world digital marketing knowledge to the enthusiast about learning Digital Marketing, by giving training on different digital marketing domains, where I share my knowledge, experience and live projects with my students and this is how I started with digital marketing trainer 8+ years from now.

I believe in teaching real scenarios with real examples so that the concept is understood. I have provided trainings in the best and well known digital marketing institutations. As I have vast knowledge, while designing the course, I have tried to fill in the gap which learners faced while learning. Making it easy and more practical 

My trainings have helped the students and glad to share that 99% have rated me their best coach, mentor, trainer. 

If you have a business or profession, or in need to build an online presence, Looking for a good carrer,  work from home, setting up your own agency,  I have built a best training modules to achieve your goals.