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 Independent Trader Program is a strategically designed stock market training program, with 20+ hours of recorded videos, lifetime access to TTM stock market community on discord and 8 live doubt clearing sessions over weekends with mentor Om Sharma. 

If you are starting out in the markets and are looking to build your foundation to the intermediate level, then Independent Trader Program is the one for you. We build your foundation in the stock market and eventually take your skill and knowledge from novice to advanced level to ensure you can earn consistently from stock market.

Our trainer has learned from multiple renowned traders after spending lakhs and now he shares his knowledge among all, so that no one gets trapped by paying those extremely high fees for learning basics.

Our mentorship is helpful for those who are already trading in market and want to restart trading and recover losses and start making consistent profits.

It is an initiative for every individual, who is keen in making more and wants to be an extra ordinary. Those who are willing to move forward and wants to achieve financial freedom. 

We provide the art and science of stock trading step by step to make sure you are getting best knowledge for trading so that you don’t have to take years to master trading . Generally, trading is considered as a business that is not suitable for everyone, but this is just a hoax that we clear by making you learn about the strategies that can provide a huge profit.

We focus on helping you understand markets better & learn to analyze charts on your own & not just sell you a strategy which is not enough on its own. We help you design your own Trading Plan which is crucial therefore you will always have an Entry Plan & Exit Plan.

We are not giving you the fish, but teaching you how to fish for yourself and also giving you the fishing you net. 

We will make you that much capable that you will be able to generate decent amount of profits from market in any scenario. We provide every aspect of trading so that we can give a future to your thoughts rather than just investing and waiting for things to happen, with us you are ready for your next step based on the outcome of your last investment. 

Trading has always been considered as a dicey career. A small investment can give you a huge success, but to gain such a success you need proper knowledge of what you are doing and what is the right time for which kind of strategy. Success doesn’t have a formula. It is achieved by taking the right decisions at the right time. So we have prepared a course module that will help you to learn about the Share Market/Stock Market.

We take you from “AMATEUR” to “PROFESSIONAL”.

Basic Requirement

  • 12th Pass

Skills Covered

  • After completion of course, you will become independent enough to bear your own expenses. The course is capable enough to make you a Profitable Trader & generate decent amount of money from market.

Expert Review

Who Is a Stock Trader?

Trillions of dollars are invested in the global stock market. Trade equity securities to make a living if you're ready to give up your nine-to-five job or change careers. Traders are stock market professionals. If you want, you can work either for yourself or for a company or investor.

It may seem exciting to trade for a living, but it is not without its challenges. You could lose everything if you lack the skills and knowledge needed to trade stocks. This is a high-risk business that requires an in-depth understanding of the stock market, supply and demand, price patterns, and other key aspects.

One or more publicly-traded companies are the stocks you will purchase as an independent stock trader. A short-term price fluctuation is intended to generate a profit. OTC (over-the-counter) markets and major stock exchanges allow investors to buy and sell shares. You can also trade bonds, pension funds, mutual funds, and other financial instruments.

Stock Brokers vs. Stock Traders

Stock traders and brokers operate differently despite their similarities. Brokers buy and sell shares on behalf of large investment firms, banks and other companies. They work in different markets, such as Forex (foreign exchange market) or stocks. Some of them work from home full-time as traders.

Investment banks and brokerages employ stock brokers. They are similar to sales representatives. These professionals do not purchase shares themselves, but arrange for them to be traded; they help clients manage their investments.

You will work independently as an independent stock broker. Customers will inquire about your services if you have an established track record of success. Brokers also assist their clients with financial planning and portfolio management, negotiate the best deals on their behalf and hold seminars on investment topics to attract new customers. Stock traders may use brokers to assist them in making the right decisions.

Aspiring traders' education requirements

It may come as a surprise to some, but stock brokers and traders do not require any formal education. Many companies, however, prefer to hire traders with an MBA or a Bachelor's degree in finance or business, as well as a stock broker's license. Most employers provide training on the job as well.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) issues stock broker licenses. Trading and brokerage professionals who pass the FINRA's Series 7 exam and meet licensing requirements are permitted to work in this industry. A license is necessary for any job that involves the purchase and sale of shares, bonds, and other securities. Many organizations and schools offer online courses for traders and other financial services professionals, such as the College for Financial Planning and The American College of Financial Services.

Having a BA or other certifications isn't necessary if you plan to trade on your own. Nevertheless, continuing education is imperative since this is a high-risk business that requires a lot of research and analysis. Study the different markets and learn trading strategies. Familiarize yourself with the most important stock market terms.

Now that you have got the basic knowledge of independent trading, join our course today to learn this topic in detail.

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