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उद्योग कोणताही असो प्रत्येक व्यवसायला गरज असते आगोदर पूर्णपणे माहितीची, 

तुम्ही पहिलं असेल काही लोकांच स्वप्न असत इम्पोर्ट एक्स्पोर्ट करायचं पण ज्या वेळेस त्यांना निर्णय घ्याचा असतो त्या वेळी

लोक तितच थांबतातमुख्य कारण म्हणजे इम्पोर्ट एक्स्पोर्ट बद्दल पूर्ण पणे माहिती न राहणे आणि मी हे करू शकेल का याची भीती

बऱ्यांच लोकांना वाटतं कि आयात निर्यात हा मोठ्या लोकांचा गेम आहे आणि आपण ते करू शकत नाही पण हे बरोबर नाही कारण.

तुम्ही सुद्धा मराठी माणूस सुद्धा एक्स्पोर्ट करू शकतो  फक्त गरज असते ती बरोबर माहितीची जे तुम्हाला कधी भेटलीच नाही.

एक मराठी माणूस म्हणून सांगतो यात कुठलाही प्रश्न वेबिनार पूर्णपणे केल्यानंतर तुम्हाला पडणार नाही

मग योग्य माहिती घेण्यासाठी तयार रहा

आयात निर्यात या प्रवासात आम्ही तुमच्या सोबत आहोत 

[In English]

No matter what the industry, every business needs to be fully informed beforehand,

You may be the first Some people dream of importing and exporting but at the time when they want to make a decision

The main reason people stop is that I don't know much about imports and export and I'm afraid I can do it.

Many people think that import and export is a game of big people and you can't do that but it is not right because.

You too can export a Marathi man, all you need is the right information which you have never met.

As a Marathi man, you will not have any questions after completing the webinar

Then be prepared for the right information

We are with you on this journey of import and export


We are with you on this journey of import and export

Web-based business (otherwise called computerized trade) alludes to the demonstration of selling and purchasing by means of the Internet. This definition remembers exchanges for which not all of the movement happens on the web. A site might assume a part in illuminating a purchaser about an item or proposition for which the buy happens disconnected. That is a typical model that isn't commonly caught in online business measurements. Also, the maker or distributor of a product might rely upon merchants or retailers in different nations to offer merchandise to clients utilizing their own web-based business channels.

Web-based business is basically a fundamental methodology for both enormous and private companies since practically all items and administrations are on the web. Having a solid web-based business presence can expand effectiveness and usefulness while bringing down costs. Without a doubt, assuming that you haven't effectively moved at minimum a portion of your business activities to a web-based model, you could confront significant dangers from those contenders who are now doing as such.

The accompanying segment expects that your business is now a likely exporter of labor and products through the Internet.

Online business has numerous applications, including deals, client relations, finance, statistical surveying, market insight, and acquirement. A portion of the advantages these applications can bring to exporters are:

decrease of the time expected to convey and refresh data about items or administrations

adaptability and flexibility of web-based promoting and publicizing

client admittance to your items or administrations 24 hours every day, 365 days of the year

quicker reactions to clients' necessities

more proficient requesting and request handling

simpler admittance to knowledge about send out fundamentals like socioeconomics, market qualities, and contenders

electronic rather than the actual conveyance of specific items and administrations

admittance to world business sectors and, subsequently, more product openings

Obviously, you'll in any case need to manage the customary side of sending out—delivering, customs guidelines, and work licenses—similarly as you would on the off chance that you were carrying on with work without the Internet. From this point, e-business hasn't changed trading all that amount. What it has done is make a wide range of product-related correspondences and associations a lot simpler.

By definition, sending out is the act of sending or moving labor and products to a far-off country for exchange or deal. In correlation, e-trading is the act of getting and handling orders online from clients situated in far-off nations. The Internet offers some advanced benefits over customary trading draws near. Not exclusively would you be able to arrive at countless possible clients from around the globe without expecting to build up an actual presence in different nations, yet you can likewise:

Modify your item or administration contributions dependent on the client's area by offering exceptional connections on your site for various business sectors (for example give data in the language and money of the objective market).

Offer electronic client service through a rundown of as often as possible posed inquiries (FAQ) on your site or through email help, rather than by working an exorbitant and tedious complementary number.

Feature the elements and advantages of your items or administrations utilizing pictures, depictions, specialized subtleties, valuing, transportation, and merchandise exchanges, just as incorporate client tributes and video showings.

Advance your organization and construct your image with likely clients by educating them really concerning your organization's set of experiences, staff, area, accomplices, etc.

Work with correspondence with global clients through email. React to questions in a split second, advise your clients of their item shipment status and send them the most recent news or data on exceptional contributions.

There are seven chief advances when you are thinking about e-trading:

Assess your e-trade potential. Prior to investing a lot of energy, exertion, and cash on e-trading, set aside some effort to consider your present activities and item contributions. This evaluation stage will assist you with keeping away from cerebral pains later and will teach you what you really want to do to prepare to e-send out (allude to area 10.4).

Foster an e-send out the arrangement. Assuming that you are being proactive and pondering effectively promoting your items in unfamiliar business sectors, a commodity plan is a distinct must. An e-trade plan will assist you with handling the advanced parts of the business.

Adjust your items for unfamiliar business sectors. Prior to entering an unfamiliar market, you should be certain your items are reasonable in their present structure. You want to consider both the preferences and inclinations in your unfamiliar business sectors, just as the particular unfamiliar guidelines that apply to your items. Note that these will fluctuate by country, so you might need to restrict the unfamiliar business sectors where you sell or plan to sell your items.

Research the legitimate issues connected with e-trading. Likewise with most deals, illuminating yourself about the laws and guidelines that administer e-trading exchanges is basic. Counsel an attorney spend significant time in global law to ensure you are consistent with the different homegrown and unfamiliar guidelines.

Influence your site to sell abroad. The Internet addresses a basic deals apparatus for SMEs with restricted assets. Think about fostering a multilingual site, one that offers content in more than one language. This will be important in the event that you are expecting to arrive at clients in numerous nations where various dialects are utilized.

Transport your items. Whenever you have made a deal, you want to get your items to your client. The global delivery interaction can be convoluted, best case scenario. To facilitate the weight of delivery items abroad, you can call upon the help of cargo forwarders, customs dealers, and satisfaction houses.

Get compensated. Sorting out for online installment before the products are transported will assist you with trying not to need to gather installment later the merchandise has been delivered. Online installment choices incorporate outsider charge card handling organizations, online asset move administrations, and pre-loaded credit benefits, all of which permit installments and cash moves to be made through the Internet. The administrations these organizations offer are not accessible in all nations.]

Basic Requirement

  • If you are a fresher in Import Export Don't worry in few days after completion of this cource you will be an Exporter

Skills Covered

  • After completion of this cource you will be able to work in Import Export

Expert Review

Export-Import Training online provides this information

Having explored information technology, we now have access to information anywhere in the world. When I browsed through different topics on the web, I realized that, like everything in society, the internet also has its good and bad aspects. My surprise was that I could not find any good quality free tutorial programs to help me start a good business specifically in international trade. Furthermore, the improper guidelines lead readers of the internet to spoil their caliber.

In this way, the productivity of the individual is wasted, resulting in failure to achieve, and thereby a loss of contribution to society. After twenty-four years in international trade, my experiences led me to provide free educational and awareness programs on import and export throughout the world.

How to Improve Your Export-Import Business

Export-import business has been one of the fastest-growing industries in recent years. Through the use of the internet, export-import businesses are gaining more and more business enthusiasts each year. This industry sector was not only attracting large players but also smaller and medium-sized businesses.

Nevertheless, advanced technology doesn't make it easier for businesses in the industry to make money. Most export-import companies fail because they ignore market trends or international political issues. However, you need not worry about that. You can improve your business by following these five tips.

Run-on the global time

People said that running an export-import company from 9 to 5 is not enough. Your customers from other countries are just beginning their daily routines as you sleep. You don't need to run your company round the clock. You only need to develop the best strategy to cater to customers from other countries.

As a first step, you can run your business or manage your workflows in the cloud. Use an inventory system with a cloud server feature, or use supply chain management software to track shipments easily.

Second, use the same chat platform as your vendors or customers. Installing WeChat is a must if your customers live in China, Facebook Messenger for those living in the United States, LINE for those in South Korea, and WhatsApp for those in South East Asia and Europe.

You will have better communication with your vendor or customer this way. You won’t need the good old email anymore. Exchanging photos and files are now easier with those chat apps. If necessary, you can do a video call anywhere and anytime with ease.

Study the other’s culture

Understanding your customers’ or vendors’ active hours is only the first step. Next, you have to study the cultures within your vendor or customer countries. By doing this, the road to a prolonged and better relationship with your vendor will be smoother.

For example, if one of your vendors comes from Japan, avoid handshakes and do a polite bow or exchange business cards instead. People in Japan consider staring as an aggressive and rude act, so bear that in mind and avoid looking at people’s eyes for too long.

Business cards are important in other Asian countries. Use both hands when distributing yours. The same goes for receiving them. It's considered rude by many Asians to put it in your pocket or wallet right away. Look at the business card you receive carefully and treat it with respect.

Manage multi-currencies

The fact that your vendors and customers are from different countries means that you have to deal with a variety of currencies in your export-import business. Don't limit your business opportunities by only processing US dollar transactions.

Your customers and vendors will be more likely to do business with you if you accept their currency. You will drown in spreadsheets and documents if you still do business manually. To make any purchase easier and faster, you need software that has a multi-currencies feature, such as HashMicro's purchasing software. Using the multi-currency feature, you'll be able to work more efficiently with vendors or customers.

Improve your export-import business efficiencies

You have to work quickly when you run an export-import business. In order to prevent overstock or running out of stock, orders must be processed as quickly as possible and stock must be reordered just in time. These are only a few examples of tasks you have to do every day that will take a lot longer if you do them manually.

Always check your export-import business’ cash flow

At times, you should focus your attention on the cash flow of your business. A healthy cash flow indicates that your business is running smoothly and without any major hiccups. Negative cash flow, on the other hand, indicates that something is amiss within your business operations that require immediate attention.

Owners of small businesses need to be able to monitor their cash flow more quickly. By doing so, he/she can make the right decision at any time and anywhere. A company that does exports and imports needs accounting software with cloud storage functionality.

By using the software, you can access your cash flow data directly from your phone. Manage your business flexibly with the help of accounting software.

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